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Tower Ability Wishlist

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The reason we don't have that is because it would take away from the skill required to use them. Part of the fun with towers like those is either proper placement (so it fires the way you want it to) or micro (making it fire the way you want it to).

there are quite a bit of towers to micro, personally i'd just simply not use them. i suppose the jet tower has it, but the others dont b/c....? can't think of anything.

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My first post here Hi everybody. I like this map very much i wanted to add something from myself hope it will be usefull. This is my few ideas that came to me right of the bat i will write some more if these will have some impact and sorry for my english ;p.

1.Napalm tower,very slow tower that unleash straight line of napalm from a spaceship maybe ;p. Monster take some minor initial dmg and than the longer it stay's in area the more increment damage will receive for example:

Tower spray napalm it burns for 2 seconds.

Unit stay in napalm for 0,5 second will receive 20 dmg

Unit stay in napalm for 1 second will receive 60 dmg

Unit stay in napalm for 1,5 second will receive 180 dmg

Unit stay in napalm for 2 second will receive 540 dmg

Because of that tower placement will be especialy important.

2.Portal tower Tower with no attack whatsoever with this turret you placing a portal and here are two ideas in idea ;p

2.1 Tower have a chance (better the more hp monster have) to teleport to

(2 option i dont know with one is better)

- random place before turret

- you choosing the place in inside the range (this will suit better because placement will be more imortant)

Basic idea is that you have almost none chance to teleport weak one and good chance to teleport units that penetrate your defence without taking a lot of damage.

Every units can be teleport by one teleport only one time.

2.2 This is tricky one you can set up a health level for example 30-40%

Units with full hp will penetrate right throught portal but if throught portal came monster with level of health remaining(30-40%) the instant teleport will occur. Teleport to (2 option i dont know with one is better)

-random place before turret

-you choosing the place in inside the range (this will suit better because placement of towers will be more imortant)

More dynamic game you must observe level of hp and react on time

3.1 Force tower Very slow tower i mean like 5 that have no damage it send a wave that pushes monster back making them closer together, really bunched up, this will make splash tower to be way more effective.

Every units can be hit by force tower only once

No dmg tower with good synergies with other towers this game needs something like that

3.2 Force tower Slow tower with huge range. Basic idea is that force passes throught enemy gets a momentum and destructive power. Basicly is charging on enemy and one more thing you could add in incremental slowing effect. For example

level 1: 0 enemy hit- projectile speed 1 dmg 10 slow effect 5% for 2 seconds

level 2: 1 enemy hit- projectile speed 2 dmg 20 slow effect 9% for 2 seconds

level 3: 2 enemy hit- projectile speed 6 dmg 30 slow effect 13% for 2 seconds

level 4: 3 enemy hit- projectile speed 24 dmg 80 slow effect 17% for 2 seconds

level 5: 4 enemy hit- projectile speed 120 dmg 130 slow effect 21% for 2 seconds

and so on


You could add a charge belt that will charge whenewer tower struck a monster. If charge belt is full "projectile"will start from level 3 or half full than next attack will start with level 2

Placement extremely important it makes tower uselles or godlike micro very important but satisfing reward for it.

Btw: It is lame name for this idea beacause when you struck something usually you slowing down not speed up ;p. Velocity tower is in the game i believe it charge dmg differ from a distance to enemy than mby momentum tower or something like this

4. Tesla tower mention before from red alert is very good idea. This idea grant you a posibility to build a network on map where there is no save place for creep and give you a opportunity to struck enemy with full power whenewer he is. But if we twist this idea a little making limit for tower and range not so great for example 3 towers limit maybe add a charge range too this will be great.

You have to posision this tower good to cover all the angles.

Im thinking of another twist better if i make example:

3 towers radius 8 charge radius 12(distance to another tesla tower must be 12 to make a network) Tower is charging another towers when are no enemy in her range.

1 level: tower have no charge from other towers prism dmg 10 no splash no slow

2 level: tower is charged from another tesla tower prism dmg 30 minor splash no slow

3 level: tower is charged from another 2 tesla tower prism dmg 120 huge splash minor slow

This will be so great you will be making everything that only one tower from your tesla tower's can attack. For gameplay it will be tought to place 3 towers at once

when playing all pick mode you will have to plan when is the best moment to place them and not die in the process. Upgrading them to for example tesla reactor

will be even greater chalenge because you have to spend a lot of credits and upgrade them in the same time,because tesla reactor cannot synergize with tesla tower.

5. Zombie tower tower spawn a zombie on the way of monster whenever enemy passing he gets exp and with levels he gets bigger. Attack can be the same on next level but he gains some new abillities, like slow curse of increase dmg on small aoe an so on. Im thinking about how to make it more dynamic. Mby whenewer he lack enemy to attack he lose exp and can be deleveled, not eating means you can become smaller xd. Or Maybe whenewer you lost your live your zombie gets delevel that will make this tower high risk high gain tower, if you playing perfectly it will make great use but if you screw up you will get ass kicked even more. Another twist will be whenewer you gain level you can chose which skills upgrade of your zombie for example

Zombie max level is 5. On level one you have all skills level 0 this mean when you spawn zombie you have weak attak weak curse weak slow on small area an from this point you can upgrade your zombie whenewer you like.

level 1-3 attack(power of your attack)

level 1-3 slow (slow dmg in aoe)

level 1-3 curse (increase dmg in aoe)

level 1-3 splash(radius of splash)

Splash is skill that will affect all of your other skills

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for the jet tower, why is there such a huge delay between canceling its position and giving it a new position to attack? wish it was faster.

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for the jet tower, why is there such a huge delay between canceling its position and giving it a new position to attack? wish it was faster.

Attack Ground is not a function that is innately present in SC2. We had to be rather creative in implementing a work-around and that's likely the source of what you're seeing.

Of course, if it's not functioning adequately, we can definitely take a look at it :)

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What will the Radius tower be like?

(lol at the name, upgraded radius tower is diameter tower hahahahha)

I had a concept to toss up for it, which fit the name "Orbit Tower" more so than radius/diameter tower


The orbit tower sends out a ball projectile (a red-plasma "moon") that will target a unit.

The "moon" will essentially latch onto that target and the animation will be that it orbits that unit.

That unit will take damage over time, and nearby creeps will take damage every time the "moon" makes an orbit around the target (or for simplicity, damage over time as well)

When the unit being orbited dies, the moon and/or unit does a burst animation and the moon.

The idea is that for every orbit, the damage pulse will increase somewhat exponentially.


The orbit can stay locked on, even outside of the tower's range.

The tower's range will only determine what it can initially target.

If the unit being targetted dies, the moon is called back, and a new creep is targeted. Of course if there are none, the moon will circle around the tower until something comes in range..


you can manually call back the "moon" even before the current targeted unit dies and set it to orbit another creep that is within range.

Role: It has small AOE, but it's really a single-target DPS tower that has benefit the longer you leave it on one target.

It will be decent against bosses, since you can just leave it on the boss, while doing a bit of dps to whatever surrounds the boss.

You can utilize it as clean-up somewhat.

The interesting thing is that the moon essentially acts on its own, at least visually.

perhaps this concept can simply modify the ephemeral tower or the celerity tower, since all three have somewhat similar mechanisms. The clerity and ephemeral two are kind of boring atm imo, and not nearly as visually appealing as something like this concept. The micro will be less demanding, but will require good judgement b/c you'd want to take advantage of exponential dps.

In order to make it for more with nature (celerity or ephemeral), the "moon" can be changed into a .... flying insect or something. mosquito tower? lol. somethign more badass probably. Thus the increasing dps over time makes sense and so does having nature element.

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"Orbit Idea #2"

a ball projectile that does damage while in transit.

A tower is constructed, and it serves as a latching point.

The idea is that you make a few of these relatively cheap towers (since you need a few to establish the network), and you pass the projectile between these towers. The ball does damage while in transit between the towers.

MICRO? oh man, you can place your "node" towers, and start microing to make the ball go in the path you want.

You can creatively and very flexibly send the ball all over the place.

More node towers will increase the ball damage, but will do so in a logarithmic fashion. There will be an optimal # of towers, or at least a range of #. say, like 4-7. After that point, the damage doesnt increase that much and it wont be worth it. This prevents spamming a ton of node towers that you wont even use. The constraint also kind of limits what paths you want it to take, so you have to think about things.

Naming wise, i wouldn't say orbit fits this concept best. maybe transmission tower? projectile tower? ballistic tower? network tower? yeah. I think this is the kind of micro and visual diversity that would boost gameplay experience.

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We've actually got the Radius tower mostly built already.

Those are some cool ideas though - I especially like the second one :)

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for the jet tower, why is there such a huge delay between canceling its position and giving it a new position to attack? wish it was faster.

Attack Ground is not a function that is innately present in SC2. We had to be rather creative in implementing a work-around and that's likely the source of what you're seeing.

Of course, if it's not functioning adequately, we can definitely take a look at it :)

it would be nice if it was faster reacting, since you do miss out on quite a few volleys which makes all the difference on very hard.

perhaps it's some kind of waiting trigger that requires 0 projectiles to exist or requires that the volley is finished, rather than just allowing it right away?

Anyhow, thanks for being concerned about it. Do improve if you can, but I'm sure you'd agree it's kind of low priority atm right?

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How about Advanced Composites?

Add a Summons where the former Interest button was that spawns a Composite boss, then after killing that allows the Grenade and Ray towers to be upgraded further. Change the PTotE to 1 of each element or Composite 6. The bonus of going this route is that you never have a half damage type, but never do double damage to anything... unless, of course, you give one of these towers the special ability to crit.

Possible upgrades of the two towers could branch into things like (keeping their attack types. ie, Ray = Single target / Grenade = AoE) choosing to increase Range, Damage, Speed (Ray) / AoE (Grenade) or a Special Ability. They would get a damage increase regardless for being a higher level tower, just that choosing the Damage option increases it more while keeping the same range, speed/aoe and skipping an ability.

Giving them the selective upgrades and special abilities (each tower only allowed to gain 1 special) at each step would be the balance against the dual and triple element towers. Abilities like:

  • Shot bounces to an additional creep.
  • Sticky bomb detonates upon creep death.
  • Do a little less damage but slows creep(s) by X%.
  • X damage per second for X seconds.

I realize these are abilities that are on other elemental towers, but just like picking certain combinations for long range, AoE and slow towers, a pure Composite player would pick the upgrades to fit the build/playstyle of their choice. For Composite bosses 1-3, the towers would have the choice of similar abilities to the Dual towers and 4-6 getting some of the Triple's. In the situation of the Well and Forge chains, have the composite tower that does such not have an attack of its own, but buffs the composite towers in a small radius with their effect.

While currently you can sell Composite towers (even the element-imbued version) for 100% of cost, this raises the concern of out-incoming elemental players. Easy fix! Once a tower has a Composite Modification to it, the tower now sells at the cost the elemental ones do!

Yay / Nay / Picking apart commentary?

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yay to the above post.

<3 shot bounces

<3 sticky bomb

<3 slows

<3 Dots

so maybe a buff tower that does above effects for others?

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How about Advanced Composites?

The only reason you need double damage is to make up for the times you do half damage. If you never do half damage or double damage, you lose out on the highs and lows that are at the core of element choice in ETD.

Not to say there isn't room for some cool composite options, but turning them into a fully functional element path with towers you can mass to endgame runs counter to the design of ETD.

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So in your opinion, doing a six element run for a Periodic tower build is against the spirit of the game come wave 36.

We start out neutral with the option to get a devastating neutral tower halfway through. I was just suggesting filling out the in-between. Make them innately weaker so they do less AND suffer from the creep's damage reduction. So while 'normalized' damage is being dealt, more towers are needed to do what an elemental build can.

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The tesla tower idea lead me to another idea,

why not build 2 towers and let an electric bolt bounce between those, and only those units that are in between those 2 towers are damaged.

so u need to build 2 turrets to gain an effect.

maybe make it so, that u can connect even more towers to that network

i call it the lightning barrier :P

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Wouldn't actually be a barrier, but that's a really cool idea. The current lightning tower is pretty good... though honestly, that idea feels more suited to the quark tower. It does bug me that there are 3 towers with similar abilities (quark, vapor, radius), and yes, there are number of differences between them, I do think it would be nice if one of them could be altered to something else, that is, either Radius or Quark (Vapor is fine, it gets tons stronger with slowing).

If anything, you would create the tower, and then you would select to pick where the other side is built (so that you don't actually have to build 2). Only problem I see with this tower is cloning.

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"select to pick where the other side is built (so that you don't actually have to build 2)" sounds great, even better than my original idea :P

treat it as a support tower and u wont have cloning problems

the same idea can be applied for other turrets, like an acid stream between the towers for a fire/water combo, lava stream earth/fire, or even a knockback wind wall ( light/darkness?)

ps. is the prism tower from page 1 already in the game? since i cannot find it, or is it already out again or just not in the sc2 version?

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Now firing off potential ideas for towers for some possible reason. Some of these are ideas from this thread already.

Earth + Light = Focus Tower:

  • Using Warcraft 3 version, this would be a short-ranged single target tower with Light damage that gets stronger every time it attacks. Caps after a certain amount of attacks.

Earth + Light = Beam Tower:

  • Fires a straight line. Anything that's inside of that line takes damage, especially if it stays in the line. Short-ranged with Light damage.

Fire + Nature + Light = Shockwave Tower:

  • Similar to the Nova tower, this would hit everything in a 10 radius. However, it would instead stun everything for .15 seconds every 1.5 seconds (respectively, .45 seconds for level 2).

Fire + Water + Light = Storm Tower:

  • Use a controllable storm that fires a bolt of lightning that chain hits up to 4 targets within the storm. Those 4 targets are stunned for 0.2 seconds every 1.5 seconds (respectively, .60 seconds for level 2).

Earth + Nature + Dark = Spike Tower:

  • Hits everything within 6 AoE of the target with spikes that deal moderate damage and stun all targets for .15 seconds (respectively, .45 seconds for level 2).

Earth + Water + Dark = Slime Tower:

  • Fire a ball of slime that stuns everything 3 AoE of the target for 1 second. A target stuck by slime is unaffected by all slime for another 10 seconds (respectively, 3 seconds for level 2 every 10 seconds).

Light + Dark = Prism Tower:

  • (Yes, I'm turning this idea into a support tower) Fires a blast of energy at another tower. The tower will do 15% more damage for the next 1.5 seconds. However, the more towers it fires through, the more damage the tower at the end does. The towers it fires through must be within range, and it cannot fire through more than 3 towers.
    • 1 Tower - 15% / 30% / 90% (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
    • 2 Towers - 30% / 60% / 180%
    • 3 Towers - 45% / 90% / 270%
    • 4 Towers - 60% / 120% / 360%
  • The tower itself fires every 1.5 seconds. If it fires through one tower, that tower can be immediately buffed again. If it fires through two towers, the one that actually got the buff cannot be buffed again by Prism Tower for another 1.5 seconds (meaning it will serve as a tower that the Prism can shoot through). Three towers, 3.0 seconds. Four towers, 4.5 seconds. This way, it remains equal to Forge/Well/Trickery on both the scale of buffing one tower versus buffing four towers.

Fire + Dark = Arcane Tower:

  • Warcraft 3 rip. When it attacks, it gains mana and does a mediocre damage single-target Dark attack. When it reaches maximum mana, its attack becomes super powered, dealing massive single target damage for a short period of time. When that period is over, it must restart from 0 mana again.

Fire + Earth + Dark = Flames Tower:

  • The area it fires at leaves lingering flames that do damage over time to anything staying in the flames.

Earth + Dark = Splitter Missile Tower:

  • Fires a missile at a target with then splits into two more missiles which then splits into four missiles. The first two missiles will only fire if there are more targets within 3 AoE of the original target. Likewise, the following missiles only fire if there are more targets within 3 AoE of the first two missiles targets'.

Dark + Nature = Sap Tower:

  • Opposite of the Disease Tower (thus why it'd be there in place of the Disease Tower - can't get both). Saps the life energies of a target, dealing more damage base the more hp it has.
    • (Current HP / Maximum HP) * #

Earth + Dark + Light - Void Ray Tower:

  • Void Ray rip. Fire a beam of energy focused at one target, intensifying the longer it attacks the target. Caps after three seconds of firing. This resets when it changes targets.

Dark + Light + Nature - Siege Tank Tower:

  • Starcraft 1 rip. Fires a Dark attack that explodes in a 2.25/4.5 AoE upon impact. It's very powerful, but it only fires every 3 seconds.

Earth + Fire + Light - Bank Tower:

  • This tower builds up a kill counter. On every interest, your interest is increased by a % based on the tower's kill count. It resets to 0 on every interest.

Light + Nature - Safeguard Tower:

  • Every time this tower kills an enemy, it adds lives equal to (50 Lives / Current Lives) * 0.33. The closer you are to 0, the more lives it will add upon a kill. You cannot gain more than 5 lives per kill with this tower. This tower cannot push you over 50 lives either.

Water + Fire + Earth - Zealot Tower:

  • This tower fires knives at one target initially. Every time it fires, it gains a knife, allowing it to fire two knives at two targets, 3 for 3, 4 for 4, etc. This is capped within a 6 AoE area of the target.

Water + Fire + Nature - Phasor Tower:

  • A short-ranged version of the Celerity Tower, this does the exact opposite - the closer the target, the more damage it does.

These are intended as alternates for the existing towers, doing something similar to what the original does but in a different way. Some of them are, on the other hand, completely different. I'll add more down the road, too tired right now.

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a long time ago the beta leads agreed that there would be no stuns in the game as it could be abused too easily by massing the tower. (mass gem wc3 anyone?)

vortex is a spell only because the player has to spend resources for the effect and cannot be spammed easily.

keep the ideas coming. always useful to have a few viable ideas around to replace existing towers as and when there is opportunity to do so.

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Could just alter it so that a target stunned by that effect can't be stunned by that same effect for another 10 seconds or something. That'd prevent massing. All you have to do it set the times equivalent to slowing creeps down by 10% or 30%. Now, to prevent "all of the creeps stacked in one spot", the attack itself would hit say, creeps in a 3 AoE. Its effect will technically hit creeps in a 4.5 AoE, preventing all creeps within that area from being stunned. No stunlock, no infinite creep stacking. It'd probably be about the same level as current slowing towers.

Regarding the Prism tower, its times could be altered to 15 seconds for the base instead of 1.5 (that way, it'd still attack creeps). Its effect is intended for burst fire through one tower while there are multiple around. When its effect targets a tower, it automatically figures out how many other nearby towers there are and fires through those. The beam is actually instantaneous (eliminating the projectile speed issue where it might hit the tower when it can't be buffed). 1 tower buff would be a blue beam; 2 towers would be a green beam; 3 for yellow beam; 4 for red beam.

Also, the intention of these towers wasn't to replace existing ones. It's to provide "an alternate". I blame the one that asked me to fire off a bunch of tower suggestions for these "alternatives", hence why I included the elements.

EDIT: I thought about it some more. You actually don't need the "4.5 AoE" non-stun. There's way to do infinite creep stacking with the current slow towers, so it won't matter. Just so long as there's a no-stun time after being stunned. Say the tower hits at 1 attack speed and stuns (at level 2) for 0.3 seconds. From the start of the stun, the creep cannot be stunned again for another 1 second.

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Also, the intention of these towers wasn't to replace existing ones. It's to provide "an alternate". I blame the one that asked me to fire off a bunch of tower suggestions for these "alternatives", hence why I included the elements.

Yes, I am to blame. While the SC2 version is more or less mature...there will be plenty of room (35 towers to be exact) for new ideas in the future...

Keep the ideas coming!!!

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Essentially, an alternate for each combo tower. I may end up doubling up on some of these suggestions for towers. Some may need shifting around. Stuff like that.

Another alternative to the slow towers - having a target backtrack down the path for a bit (or teleport, whichever it is). It would definitely be single-target, and just like the suggestion for stun, a target that has been backtracked or teleported cannot be affected by the same thing for x amount of time.

Also, I screwed up on the Focus Tower - it resets every time it switches targets.

Earth + Water = Hydro Tower:

  • Warcraft 3 rip. When this tower attacks a target (single target, Earth damage), it has a chance to send the target flying into the air. When the target lands, everything in 4.5 AoE takes damage.

Earth + Water + Nature = Golem Tower:

  • Warcraft 3 rip. This tower can move freely.

Water + Nature = Leech Tower (Support):

  • As this tower does more damage, nearby towers within 8 range get an attack speed boost. Caps at a certain amount, depending on its level.

Fire + Earth = Rumble Tower (Support):

  • As this tower does more damage, nearby creeps within 8 range lose damage reduction. Caps at a certain amount, depending on its level.

Fire + Earth + Nature = Leech Bomb Tower:

  • Fires a leech on a target. When that target has lost 33% of its maximum hit points from the time the leech has latched on, the leech explodes, dealing massive damage to everything in a 6 AoE. If a target dies while there are still leeches attached, the leeches explode but only in a 3 AoE.
  • Yeah, I'm not sure how to get this tower to work properly. I'm just throwing ideas around.

Fire + Dark + Nature = Curse Tower (Support):

  • A target becomes cursed. When targets in a 4.5 AoE near the target take damage, the cursed target also takes a portion of that damage.

Water + Light + Earth = Frostbite Tower (Support):

  • Inflict negative regeneration on a target, causing it to lose 1% of its current hp per second for the next 10 seconds. 3% at level 2.

Nature + Light + Earth = Toughen Tower (Support):

  • Increase a target's damage reduction. However, two nearby targets (within 3 AoE) lose just as much damage reduction.

Fire + Water + Dark = Corroding Tower (Support):

  • (I can't think of a name) Fires continuously at targets within a 4.5 AoE, lowering their damage reduction at an increasing rate (similar to Void Ray). Caps at a certain amount, and the effect lasts until 5 seconds after not being fired at.

Fire + Light + Dark = Spread Tower:

  • Fires a single-target Dark attack that hits at up to 16 range. Has an ability that halves its damage and allows it to attack everything within 10 range of the tower for 3 seconds with a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Earth + Nature = Spine Tower:

  • Fires a Nature attack at a target. That target takes minimal damage - however, spines shoot from the target to all other targets within 3 AoE, dealing a large amount of damage. A target hit by a Spine Tower cannot be hit by another Spine Tower for 2 seconds (to prevent a Spine Tower from focusing on one creep with nothing around it cause the creeps are already dead).

Fire + Nature = Cross Beam Tower:

  • Don't cross the beams!
  • Colossus rip. Fires two beams on both sides of a target, which both cross through each other (to each other's beam positions) over the course of 1 second. Each beam has an AoE of 2.

Water + Light = Frost Ray Tower:

  • Void Ray meets Torrent Tower. Fires a beam of ice at a target that increasingly does more damage (the tower is 10 range and has no damage cap). Meanwhile, Frost Ray Tower's mana builds to 100. Every 10 seconds, it gains a powerup level. When you activate its ability, ice explodes from the target it's firing at, hurting everything within 6 AoE.
  • The mana gain is constant and is based on its attack speed, not its damage.

Water + Light + Nature = Wave Tower:

  • Fires a single-target Water attack at a target with 12 range. For 3 seconds, it can fire a AoE wave (think Warcraft 3 EleTD 3.0 Poison Tower that fired out waves). Has a cooldown of six seconds.

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Whee, more random suggestions.

Machine Gun Tower:

  • A fast firing tower that accurately hits a single target up close but spreads to hit multiple targets at ranged.
    • Focused - 8 range
    • Spread - Above 8 range and up to 16 range
  • You would be able to manual target long-range targets so that it does its spread fire. However, as the standard behavior is to attack the enemy closest to you, keep in mind that by default, it will attack enemies right next to it with anti-single.

Rainbow Tower:

  • Available when you reach Level 15 (XP). Replaces the Periodic Tower of Elements such that it fires 6 attacks simultaneously, each of a different element. Technically, it's identical to the Periodic Tower - this one just has style.
  • Someone else suggested this actually, I just don't remember who.

Railgun Tower:

  • Has a static field that lightly damages everything within 8 AoE of the tower once every 1.5 seconds. Every 10 attacks charges this ability by 1 level, up to 10 levels. This tower's ability can be expended, firing off a powerful single-target shot at up to 22 range away. This tower would indeed charge faster than Torrent tower simply due to how it is, but seeing as its ability is single-target and isn't the type of tower that would solo waves, it's probably fine that way.
  • If the shot kills the target and the level of the ability was 10, the corpse is sent flying off the map (for the lulz).

Remote Tower:

  • Place a beacon up to 12 range away from this tower. A beam will constantly bounce back and forth between this tower and that beacon, constantly damaging every target in between. Each consecutive target hit will take less and less damage. This resets when the beam hits either the tower or the beacon.
    • Whatever its elements are, don't do Light or Dark. This is not the type of tower to combo with Trickery in the slightest. I may have said "Beam", but honestly, I'm thinking this is more of a Midlew-type tower, so maybe Earth/Nature.

Any chance you could change the model for the standard Earth tower? Its model just seems dull and lacking compared to the other tower models. I don't have any suggestions off the top of my head unfortunately, but I'll look into it.

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Here's a fun one that really pushes its own unique strategy and creates synergy with other rapid-fire towers.

Marker Tower: based off the Tau Commander's Marker Light and Air Caste Strike + a little original creativity.

Dark + Light + Fire Alternative

1500/5000 Net-Value

160/800 Damage

0.31 Fire Rate

22 Range

Ability 1, Mark Target, 3 Second CD: Marks a target with the stackable de-buff "Marked". Anytime a "Marked" target takes direct elemental damage (splash doesn't count), it receives another stack of "Marked". Marked targets take 2/10 extra damage per stack from direct elemental attacks. Bonus damage does not affect splash against nearby creeps.

Ability 2, Orbital Strike, 10 Second Global CD: Removes "Marked" from all creeps and strikes them with an orbital laser, dealing (8/40 * Stack Count) damage in a 6 AOE on each affected creep.

This tower concept has exponential growth potential like the infrared tower. Unlike infrared though, Marker Tower enjoys sharing the spotlight with other damage towers that rapid-fire or multi-hit like Lightning or Hail towers. The specificity over elemental damage prevents level 1 arrow towers from being spammed, while basic elemental towers are too expensive to ignore their inefficiency during the late-game.

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The tesla tower idea lead me to another idea,

why not build 2 towers and let an electric bolt bounce between those, and only those units that are in between those 2 towers are damaged.

so u need to build 2 turrets to gain an effect.

maybe make it so, that u can connect even more towers to that network

i call it the lightning barrier :P

dont drop my lightning barrier :P

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Hello i have few tower ability ideas.I didn't really think name for them just purpose..

1.Ability that is buff or more buffs (2-3) that can change other towers ele. They are maybe generation that is made from 4 types 1 that is tower and other 3 that can give buff.

Example:light tower with buffs dark,nature,fire.So you need 4 types to have 1 changing tower.All mixing tower possible.

2.I didnt read all suggestions but if someone suggested am sorry.Tower that give range aura maybe? so towers with 900 range can go up to max 1125?

3.Chance tower that can revive creep with idk 25% hp for additional gold bonus?normally on/off buff.Chance for revive small 7-13%?and creep cant die 3rd time ofc

4."aoe" Ability that give 1 creep buff that have around him "some curse" that share all his damage/poison/slow..with other in radius of 300 from "cursed creep"

5. tower with ability that do dmg ((max hp - current)/2 ) lvl 2 tower with 1.5 its strong tower so range 500 attack speed 1sec? example (100hp-60hp)/2=20 | (1000hp-500hp)/1.5=333.3)

All others are just not serious but funny :)

6.my cousins idea which i LOL "hive tower" nature tower looks like hive and making aoe with bees and small bonus ability 5% slow 5% higher dmg receiving...

7.Bong tower :D /nature/slow attack -smoke attack model ,ability slow- creeps geting to high

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Periodic Tower Revamp:

  • Also known as the Rainbow Tower
  • 16 range, no splash, attack speed at 1
  • Fires a split attack of 6 bolts, each of a different element. Unlike Hail Tower, multiple bolts can hit the same target.
  • Can set its mode to fire all bolts at just one target or try to hit as many targets as possible. Or somewhere in between.

Suggesting this cause one, it'd be frigin' cool; two, it'd be unique (currently partially overlaps with Oblivion Tower in that it's 16 range w/ splash, and even same attack speed); and three, helps fix a certain imbalance regarding the current periodic tower being overpowered with a certain build.

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