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  1. My first post here Hi everybody. I like this map very much i wanted to add something from myself hope it will be usefull. This is my few ideas that came to me right of the bat i will write some more if these will have some impact and sorry for my english ;p. 1.Napalm tower,very slow tower that unleash straight line of napalm from a spaceship maybe ;p. Monster take some minor initial dmg and than the longer it stay's in area the more increment damage will receive for example: Tower spray napalm it burns for 2 seconds. Unit stay in napalm for 0,5 second will receive 20 dmg Unit stay in napalm for 1 second will receive 60 dmg Unit stay in napalm for 1,5 second will receive 180 dmg Unit stay in napalm for 2 second will receive 540 dmg Because of that tower placement will be especialy important. 2.Portal tower Tower with no attack whatsoever with this turret you placing a portal and here are two ideas in idea ;p 2.1 Tower have a chance (better the more hp monster have) to teleport to (2 option i dont know with one is better) - random place before turret - you choosing the place in inside the range (this will suit better because placement will be more imortant) Basic idea is that you have almost none chance to teleport weak one and good chance to teleport units that penetrate your defence without taking a lot of damage. Every units can be teleport by one teleport only one time. 2.2 This is tricky one you can set up a health level for example 30-40% Units with full hp will penetrate right throught portal but if throught portal came monster with level of health remaining(30-40%) the instant teleport will occur. Teleport to (2 option i dont know with one is better) -random place before turret -you choosing the place in inside the range (this will suit better because placement of towers will be more imortant) More dynamic game you must observe level of hp and react on time 3.1 Force tower Very slow tower i mean like 5 that have no damage it send a wave that pushes monster back making them closer together, really bunched up, this will make splash tower to be way more effective. Every units can be hit by force tower only once No dmg tower with good synergies with other towers this game needs something like that 3.2 Force tower Slow tower with huge range. Basic idea is that force passes throught enemy gets a momentum and destructive power. Basicly is charging on enemy and one more thing you could add in incremental slowing effect. For example level 1: 0 enemy hit- projectile speed 1 dmg 10 slow effect 5% for 2 seconds level 2: 1 enemy hit- projectile speed 2 dmg 20 slow effect 9% for 2 seconds level 3: 2 enemy hit- projectile speed 6 dmg 30 slow effect 13% for 2 seconds level 4: 3 enemy hit- projectile speed 24 dmg 80 slow effect 17% for 2 seconds level 5: 4 enemy hit- projectile speed 120 dmg 130 slow effect 21% for 2 seconds and so on Feature: You could add a charge belt that will charge whenewer tower struck a monster. If charge belt is full "projectile"will start from level 3 or half full than next attack will start with level 2 Placement extremely important it makes tower uselles or godlike micro very important but satisfing reward for it. Btw: It is lame name for this idea beacause when you struck something usually you slowing down not speed up ;p. Velocity tower is in the game i believe it charge dmg differ from a distance to enemy than mby momentum tower or something like this 4. Tesla tower mention before from red alert is very good idea. This idea grant you a posibility to build a network on map where there is no save place for creep and give you a opportunity to struck enemy with full power whenewer he is. But if we twist this idea a little making limit for tower and range not so great for example 3 towers limit maybe add a charge range too this will be great. You have to posision this tower good to cover all the angles. Im thinking of another twist better if i make example: 3 towers radius 8 charge radius 12(distance to another tesla tower must be 12 to make a network) Tower is charging another towers when are no enemy in her range. 1 level: tower have no charge from other towers prism dmg 10 no splash no slow 2 level: tower is charged from another tesla tower prism dmg 30 minor splash no slow 3 level: tower is charged from another 2 tesla tower prism dmg 120 huge splash minor slow This will be so great you will be making everything that only one tower from your tesla tower's can attack. For gameplay it will be tought to place 3 towers at once when playing all pick mode you will have to plan when is the best moment to place them and not die in the process. Upgrading them to for example tesla reactor will be even greater chalenge because you have to spend a lot of credits and upgrade them in the same time,because tesla reactor cannot synergize with tesla tower. 5. Zombie tower tower spawn a zombie on the way of monster whenever enemy passing he gets exp and with levels he gets bigger. Attack can be the same on next level but he gains some new abillities, like slow curse of increase dmg on small aoe an so on. Im thinking about how to make it more dynamic. Mby whenewer he lack enemy to attack he lose exp and can be deleveled, not eating means you can become smaller xd. Or Maybe whenewer you lost your live your zombie gets delevel that will make this tower high risk high gain tower, if you playing perfectly it will make great use but if you screw up you will get ass kicked even more. Another twist will be whenewer you gain level you can chose which skills upgrade of your zombie for example Zombie max level is 5. On level one you have all skills level 0 this mean when you spawn zombie you have weak attak weak curse weak slow on small area an from this point you can upgrade your zombie whenewer you like. level 1-3 attack(power of your attack) level 1-3 slow (slow dmg in aoe) level 1-3 curse (increase dmg in aoe) level 1-3 splash(radius of splash) Splash is skill that will affect all of your other skills
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