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  1. dont drop my lightning barrier
  2. not about income but another food for thought, at the moment u can unlock different builders by getting score ingame. maybe we could use some kind of builder/spell/tower shop that works with that score as currency and sells spells and towers that then are usable ingame. i guess scorefarming leads to more commitment to the game
  3. <What about Generator Towers, that just add some money every few seconds. so players can decide to invest in getting more BOOM or more economy
  4. "select to pick where the other side is built (so that you don't actually have to build 2)" sounds great, even better than my original idea treat it as a support tower and u wont have cloning problems the same idea can be applied for other turrets, like an acid stream between the towers for a fire/water combo, lava stream earth/fire, or even a knockback wind wall ( light/darkness?) ps. is the prism tower from page 1 already in the game? since i cannot find it, or is it already out again or just not in the sc2 version?
  5. The tesla tower idea lead me to another idea, why not build 2 towers and let an electric bolt bounce between those, and only those units that are in between those 2 towers are damaged. so u need to build 2 turrets to gain an effect. maybe make it so, that u can connect even more towers to that network i call it the lightning barrier
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