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  1. Hello i have few tower ability ideas.I didn't really think name for them just purpose.. 1.Ability that is buff or more buffs (2-3) that can change other towers ele. They are maybe generation that is made from 4 types 1 that is tower and other 3 that can give buff. Example:light tower with buffs dark,nature,fire.So you need 4 types to have 1 changing tower.All mixing tower possible. 2.I didnt read all suggestions but if someone suggested am sorry.Tower that give range aura maybe? so towers with 900 range can go up to max 1125? 3.Chance tower that can revive creep with idk 25% hp for additional gold bonus?normally on/off buff.Chance for revive small 7-13%?and creep cant die 3rd time ofc 4."aoe" Ability that give 1 creep buff that have around him "some curse" that share all his damage/poison/slow..with other in radius of 300 from "cursed creep" 5. tower with ability that do dmg ((max hp - current)/2 ) lvl 2 tower with 1.5 its strong tower so range 500 attack speed 1sec? example (100hp-60hp)/2=20 | (1000hp-500hp)/1.5=333.3) All others are just not serious but funny 6.my cousins idea which i LOL "hive tower" nature tower looks like hive and making aoe with bees and small bonus ability 5% slow 5% higher dmg receiving... 7.Bong tower /nature/slow attack -smoke attack model ,ability slow- creeps geting to high
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