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  1. Undead are awesome, dont take them away...
  2. Yuffina

    super weapons

    i will test more and see if the costs are to much or little...
  3. Yuffina

    super weapons

    If it is possible can we reduce the cost of most super weapons to 500/1000/1500?
  4. Yuffina

    Tower wars

    How to use super weapons: Defensive super weapons are best used this order in mid/late game: 1-Reduce damage reduction 2-increase your tower damage or increase your towers attack speed 3-reduce the creeps in your area's movement are all good. Offensive super weapons can be used like: -heal best used if they are not killing your creeps fast and are very spread out, the heal is brutal then. -reduce their damage and reduce their attack speed are good when they just simply have a "iron wall" that u cant seem to break. -increase their areas movement to help push a mid-game attack past their lines -increase their creeps damage reduction Early game punish a struggling person.
  5. Yuffina

    Tower wars

    The following will be a page i update as i learn and play wars vs people. Basics: -Send cost effective creeps all the time to get more income. -Don't send to one person over and over it feeds them and they could overpower you if you do this. -Don't forget to build your defense if you are being ignored. -If you see someone starting to get overpowered, send strong creeps too to kill them. -Remember you have to kill elementals while defending so hold on to them till you can kill them. -AOE tends to be stronger in wars. -Slows are a god send in wars. -Long pass spots are your friend, while the Zerg they send will mess-up your double pass. Defensive style: -I go Light + earth and build earth towers on my area and send light creeps at them. -I wont die but the pressure they get will be good for me as i make money and safely build my maze for Tier two. -I tend to focus on building rather then sending. -Undead creeps are great cover for other creeps. -Fast creeps are great if your enemy has a very small group of towers at one spot only. -Mech is good vs a small group of aoe hard hitting towers. -Image is good vs single target stacking enemies. Offensive style: -I look at their elements and send what they are weak to. -I push the envelop and try to send as many super strong creeps at them as i can. -I build only the very least to stop what i send and maybe some of what they send. -Undead Good at getting income to send more creeps and the backbone of your army. -Fast send in large groups to bypass their defenses while others draw fire. -mech Worth mixing in to pull towers away from my zerg when they get past. -image not worth it unless they stack a lot of single target. How to beat each group: -vs defensive: --This person is going to just build and send, so you need to ignore them till you have a tier advantage and send a very large group at them. --The way you send is also going to change depending on their defense: ==If you see a lot of single target send all the creeps in a massive bunch. ==If you see aoe send in staggered groups of very strong single target. -vs offensive: --This person is going to be flying by the sit barely holding: ==Send as many creeps as you can at this person ==mech and fast are your best choices seeing as these can mess up the choke hold aoe can gain.
  6. -Worker debuff of -50% movement speed and buff of +50% movement speed is not worth the money. **why debuff the worker when you can debuff a tower or buff a creep?** -Increase damage reduction is not worth it. **After you cap 75% it doesn't negate the debuff at all it is just a waste of money.** **Early game you don't have enough money to use it effectively** -Add one life and take away one life are counter-productive to the game and having fun for both sides. ** This game is not a spam fest and should never be.** To replace these i say the following. +give creeps 10%/20% max hp heal over 10 seconds (10s cd) reduce max stacking cap in game from time to 60%. and make max 90% so increase damage reduction feels more powerful. **+10%/+20%/+30%** instead of life mod (-/+). have +base income by 150 / 300
  7. Clone tower casts clone every 15s The clone lasts 60s The clone cool down debuff is 60s. 60/15 = 4 4 starting towers + 4 clone = 8 clone = 100% bonus well = 90% bonus forge = 90% bonus
  8. yay to the above post. <3 shot bounces <3 sticky bomb <3 slows <3 Dots so maybe a buff tower that does above effects for others?
  9. Basically, after the nerf to output. the 3 buff towers run like this. Forge 90% well 90% clone 100% the best builds for just buffs so far on paper are D3L3+F2E2+W1 D3L3+F2E2+N1 D3L3+W2N2+f1 D3L3+W2N2+e1 Numbers clone: ((100+100%)+30%)+10%= 286 +10%slow none clone: ((100+90%)+30%)+10%= 271 +10% slow
  10. Yuffina


    https://forums.eletd.com/The-problem-with-t...wars-t2779.html The idea on the bottom about how creeps should be send to players not targeted; to try and lift some of the boredom is very good. (Buffing the creeps output of fun by sending their clones to other players! o look a clone tower! lol)
  11. currently it seems to be a mindless spamming of the strongest units with very little thought over the pros of each unit. My ideas will add some more depth and bulk to creeps. Idea one: There is a set of units currently in game that only have a little more hp the others but no effect. They should get 25% more hp then current so they are the "meat shield" Idea Two: Each tier should have shields on them to add some more buffer seeing as income and wealth go up way faster then wars at early game then in classic. Tier 1 = 10% / Tier 2 = 25% / Tier 3 = 50% / fruit = 100% Idea Three: Currently only the "marine" gives the best return on sending in the game. This setup needs to be spread along to the others but tested very closely. I shouldn't lose money from sending creeps..... *looks at fruit* hate u.. Idea Four: Each of the creep types should have a buff !THAT DOESN'T! stack with it's self that gets better with tier. -healing= healing to allies nearby for X (1/2/3) % max hp per 2 seconds. -mech= give allies a immune bubble for X seconds after death. (0.5/1/1.5) -undead= give allies +x more damage reduction (goes over cap). (3/6/10) -fast= gives allies +x% movement speed. (5/10/15) -HP(current nothing)= gives allies +x% more max hp (heals them for that amount also). (4/8/12) -image= 10% of damage taken goes to image while active. All of these ideas are that just ideas. give your feed back and i will love or hate you for it. <3 >...
  12. Yuffina


    This tower is amazing if u get it super early it can basically push you solo to lvl 40 but.. after lvl 50 this tower does like no damage to the mobs. Can the charge be changed to something more powerful? Per charge deal % of current hp to all targets in area. 2.5*(charge/10)=% (25% at 100 charge) This is just a starting idea but it would be really helpful.
  13. I would love it if this game had a choice that allowed for more then 61 levels, say you replay the last 60 levels earning gold again but the creeps keep getting stronger and the keeps have 2 abilities rather then 1. An example would be: fast + mech This mode would allow for a lot more sim city and would only give half exp.. I personally feel like i run out of time before i can even get to making my fun little maze.
  14. I say do 2v2v2v2 and for the love of god, can i get in a game where it is 7v1 and i am the 1? lol
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