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  1. It would actually require a data change to do this, but it's definitely something we *can* do if Karawasa wants to go that route.
  2. Well in that case, I still think it's worth checking into. I'm pretty comfortable with UI programming and could work on it gradually, or we could look to bring on a dedicated UI developer.
  3. That, and, it's our responsibility as developers to make sure players have the tools they need to succeed. If a tower's only good in the hands of someone who has 300apm, we probably need to buff it
  4. As far as I know, the more involved parts of the UI/Interface are built by Progammer, so I guess he's the closest thing we have to a "guy in charge of UI". I'm in support of getting a snazzy UI in place for the game, but it's up to Karawasa what UI elements he wants and how much of a priority they are.
  5. The built-in target priority system is pretty basic, so our options for changing that behavior are somewhat limited. My understanding of the Missile Mover system is that they can be set to re-target if the initial target dies while the Missile is in transit. Beams are another story. On the other hand, there are already numerous factors in place to mitigate this. Early-game, you can space your arrow towers out without any loss in effectiveness (no slows that early). Late-game, towers will generally have different attack timings and will normally attack the nearest target. This means after their initial target dies, they'll spread out to different targets on their own. Are there certain builds that suffer from this in particular?
  6. SC2 has an incredibly robust and largely untapped UI system. While animated flames etc is probably out of the question, it would be possible to capture the basic idea of HUD-based element setup display rather than relying on an element query. The main reason it's so lackluster right now is because it was a lower priority in terms of getting the game playable, but you can be certain that it will improve before official release and continue to get better from there.
  7. As far as I know this is not intended.
  8. You actually shouldn't be able to turn off the auto-cast reload (we might need to pull it from the command card to prevent that). Basically, if you reload manually before the last shot is fired, you get the fast reload. Otherwise, you get the slow reload. However, there shouldn't be a delay on that - it should immediately begin the slow reload once its last shot is fired.
  9. This is for the critter models. They are made like this, so they dont get in way in melee. Should be removable tho. Yeah, we can manually add hp bars to any unit that doesn't possess them by default.
  10. Probably the units that are walking about. It's possible to edit their Actor data and remove their minimap appearance if it's an issue. I actually found that kind of confusing as well, come to think of it.
  11. I think it's worth experimenting with, since tower range definitely plays into how "fun" they are to use. I'm not sure a range buff is needed across the board, though.
  12. Correction: Just finished the Quark Tower thanks to some guidance from Nevjmac and Kueken on dealing with the stupid goddamn Beam Actor + Site Mover combo. It shouldn't be long before you see it in-game.
  13. Yeah, that'd be my fault. The "Quark Tower" isn't actually done. I think you'll find it's worth the wait, though
  14. SC2 Version: 1.3.2 EleTD Version: 0.0 Bugs- -Ray tower and Grenade tower's weapon tooltips reference "Arrow Tower" and "Cannon Tower" respectively. -Wave 8 units do not have health bars unless moused over -Wave 23 units do not have health bars unless moused over -Plasma Tower's Particle Field ability does not have a hotkey -Obliteration tower does not have a proper error message if you attempt to reload while reload is already casting -Focused fire tower does not have upgrade options except for Refined fire tower -Wave 50 creep corpses do not despawn -Nova tower Slow does not have a debuff icon -Wave 53 has 3 hp -Plasma Tower's slow debuff is called "Windstorm Slow" -Mechanical creeps are using their Immunity right away upon spawning -Disease tower causes extreme lag when attacking Suggestions- -It'd be great if there was a notification of some kind when Plasma Tower's channel expires -Celerity Tower might be too good (level 1 hits for over 4k at max range) -Perpetual Tower should have a "+1 Life" floating text when it adds a life -Magnify tower's damage tag should pop over the tower itself (like Celerity tower). Target area is too noisy to see it. -Drowning Tower needs a text tag or effect when Instant Death procs -Obliteration and Magnify towers might benefit from a larger (ie: visibly bigger) energy bar.
  15. Right, but given that he has no clue what realm he's on, it's unlikely that he went to the trouble of tracking down a CD key for a region outside of where he physically lives
  16. You're almost certainly on the US server (unless you're in Quebec and bought the FR version).
  17. Sounds like we need to hurry up with the SC2 release so you guys have some new challenges >_>
  18. True story - we're workin' on it
  19. Any particular reason for "Fount" instead of "Fountain" and "Seism" instead of "Seismic"?
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