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  1. sanho

    Tower Bugs

    My take on this is that Mildew tower particle size is far bigger than the effect size thus resulting in a situation where it doesn't hit creeps it "should" hit. ATM it feels like a very unrewarding tower. On the other hand, maybe if it was positioned so that it would hit creeps in a straight line... then again, that wouldn't be too effective because the targeting would mess that up. Make Mildew tower effect size a bit wider? And if it starts dealing too much damage reduce the base damage? //edit: (!This is still for the first version of alpha) Magnifying tower: goes from 1 to 7 and then back to 1. I thought it should stay at 7 unless it doesn't hit a creep in x seconds? If not I'd say that'd be a better game mechanic. Vapor tower (I'm not too sure of the name. The WF one): feels underpowered. Can't say if it does what it should do, but feels underpowered. Of course there is the option that I just didn't use it correctly. Also, on loading a saved game I had mini elemental cannon/arrow-towers and one invisible F tower. I don't know if F tower was still firing, but I suppose it was. See attachment.
  2. Quark tower: update option tooltip is missing (referring to "Button/Tooltip/EL1") that's all for now, gotta rush to the uni!
  3. sanho

    Alpha Signup

    I'm in! EU / sanhosee
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