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  1. I think 5 is the most unique interesting idea. Balancing it seems difficult though.
  2. It seems the way same random was programmed, it expects the boss wave to all hit at once which does not happen in race. 1. Start a game with 2+ players 2. Pick RACE and SAME RANDOM
  3. I think it might have to do with the integer damage, because 1 dmg from a tower is still significant for many levels. see replay Element Tower Defense massing.SC2Replay
  4. Unfortunately on very hard, massing is extremely effective where as upgrading is not. I think it has to do with the damage reduction not working the same as armor does.
  5. I played a game where a light tower attacked another players units consistently i think from spawn 4 to 3 but im not sure.
  6. 1. What wave did you begin using it on? Various levels using the commands 2. Did you feel like you had a clear understanding of how it works? If not, what about it was confusing? Yes 3. Was the tower "fun" to use? No, it was rather annoying 4. Fun aside, did it feel like an effective choice? Was it worth the investment? No having to wait so long for just one attack is virtually useless apart from ele bosses. 5. Is there anything you didn't like about it? If so, what would you do differently? You cannot control what it attacks, if you mash the control button it does 0 damage and does not charge until you stop mashing. Instead of having to constantly get the tower to fire early, it would be easier if we had a slider that we could set. So if we set it to max it would shoot after it fully charged,(like it does now) and if we set it to min, it would fire after charging for one second, without the user having to click fire every second. (and of course everything in between as well) Also i think it does not do enough damage at lower levels. You have it set to: tower.......... damage per second 60.............. 60 140............ 70 +10 241............ 80 +10 <<< problem area 368............ 92 +12 598............ 120 +28 928............ 155 +35 1400.......... 200 +45 So as you let it charge it does more damage, but WAY more damage then if you had it shoot every second (200>>60) What i would propose: tower............ damage per interval 60.............. 60 124............ 62 +2 195............ 65 +3 280............ 70 +5 385............ 77 +7 516............ 86 +9 700............ 100 +14 where the interval is less than one, maybe .5s
  7. 1. What wave did you begin using it on? I just ran through a few different levels with the level and max commands. 2. Did you feel like you had a clear understanding of how it works? If not, what about it was confusing? Not after just one read of the tooltip, it's confusing because you can't reload manually every time and that's what i expected. 3. How do you feel about the manual-click reload option? Do you think it makes the tower more fun or less fun? Less, it's more like a distraction from your normal building, selling, upgrading. 4. How do you feel about towers with clickable abilities in general? Have you ever used one (in any TD) that really stood out to you as good? What made it enjoyable? I feel they distract from the game most of the time. Abilities that change the dynamic of the tower, like the old radius tower, or old vapor tower, were ok because they didn't warrant constant attention but just changed how the tower acted. 5. Is there anything you didn't like about it? If so, what would you do differently? Disabling auto-reload is absolutely detrimental you shouldn't be allowed to do it. XD They're towers not units, they are what the are, and they're efficiency should be based on where they're placed in conjunction with other towers and the element, not on the users ability to micro efficiently.
  8. rjg4242

    New stuff!

    Particle Field: This one intentionally lacks a life bar, as it can't be "killed" anyway. It's easy to add if it would be beneficial in some way, though. Is there an issue caused by the lack of a health bar? Buffs: Yes, we can flag specific buffs to be hidden. We'll have to take a look at this one. I meant life bar as in the time remaining till it ran out, not an hp bar.
  9. rjg4242

    New stuff!

    Version 0.1 - Light tower missile is too slow so hitting a target or not becomes ambiguous at larger ranges - Icons in summoning center are not quickly recognizable - LVL 23 still had no hp bars - Selling elemental ray/grenade towers doesn't show the gold given back - Paritcle field needs a life bar and perhaps a cooldown? - Plamsa tower has "tower" armor - Levels 36,46 and too dark and look more like darkness levels - Electricity tower causes a buff in creeps that flashes on and off (probably to make the tower work) can you make certain buffs invisible?
  10. Also if i recall correctly in wc3, hp was always rounded to an integer? (a creep with 1 hp would always die) - nova tower attacks constantly - cannon tower takes FOREVER to actually do damage
  11. + SC2 version + Map version: 0.0 BUGS - the JET tower wont attack anything else or attack ground anywhere else, after it has been told to attack ground the first time. - I think at one point i had control of an illusion? - At one point a mirror caused a blockage at the exit SUGGESTIONS - Level 9's death is to grand - Tower HP used to indicate how much it was worth - lyote (forge which level) was more than one color which might cause confusion) - Jet towers missiles are SO slow they miss often - I couldn't get HP bars to show sometimes? Element Tower Defense TEST 1.SC2Replay
  12. So is there any chance forum members can be involved with the alpha too?
  13. Ok after a few plays its pretty good only problems i found was vapor is overpowered and causes massive lag when you have more than just a few.
  14. I would be willing to commentate my own or others replays on youtube.
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