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  1. Checking in to see if there's any new word on progress since Dota 2 Reborn Beta. Hell excited to play some eletd again, I'd be keen to help test also.
  2. That's awesome, I was saying just the other day that I thought Dota 2 needed custom maps like footmen frenzy and such. Couldn't believe it when I heard Element TD was coming to Dota 2 fantastic news. I'd like to hear more on how this came about.
  3. The bug you reported about the Torrent tower, I also found the same bug with the Nova tower.
  4. After testing my last game it seems that a lot of the Protoss waves are controllable. Also after a few waves not sure to be exact it would not allow me to build the Peroidic Tower of the Elements it just disappeared off my SCV. And Celerity tower seems over powered atm. Protoss Broken_ Celerity OP.SC2Replay
  5. SC Alpha v0.19 I found that Wave 13 are controllable by players well atleast player 1. I can order them to walk backwards or just stop and can view their patrol paths. As other people have noted in the below posts, some waves stop going through the portals this occurred for me on wave 23 but none others so far. Back to testing gl all =)
  6. US Neuromancer.348 So excited =)
  7. US Nyctrinor - Neuromancer.348 Updating switched to US
  8. Yo checking back =P, awesome to hear about alpha can't wait. Switched from SEA to US just recently. Only TD really up atm is Green TD and that is.... lol
  9. SEA Nyctrinor = Neuromancer.252
  10. Nice, they're looking so good love the new cityscape and lab terrains you used. The sunken/water terrain looks great too.
  11. Sweet, cheers for the quick response. Well I'll be definitely keeping an eye on the forums in weeks to come. Keep up the mad work =P
  12. Hiyo, first time posting here. I was extremely excited to see that Element TD is currently under development for SC2. Myself and online friends are serious World of Warcraft raiders and always play Element TD in our downtime, we even set up a in-guild tournament for Warcraft gold a few months back =P. We were wondering how the progress on the map is going and if there is a release date for the map yet? If you guys are close to beta testing and need more testers there's a few of us who would love to test for you, we all have Ventrilo and a server we could use for the testing. We all play in the SEA region and live in Australia. Keep up the awesome work on the best tower defense ever made =P
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