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  1. Okay so i wanted to build some towers on the last row in the first "map part" .. i build 6 ones close .. and after upgrade somehow one of them moved and i couldnt build another on the same spot .. i took a while till it was free to build again .. ( btw ... 6 earthtowers upgrading to quark towers ) so i found the replay .. idk when it actually happens .. but its just as i start to build on the last row ETD TowerBug.SC2Replay
  2. I had the same thing .. idk if it was the stalker ( big white ghost ?! )
  3. Element TD 0.0 Frist thing to say : Great Job man .. the Maps looks so awesome .. i spend some time just watching the maps details ( i very like the Zerg attack thingy and the Zealots fighting in the Labor .. great detail work man ) Bugs : 1 . I was playing as Red and there was this 1 Tree that blocked my vision a bit .. not that it would be very gamebreaking but it was annoying .. also some kind of bush in the middle 2. I had somehow no HP Bars at some Waves ( didnt wrote the Number down .. but im going to do this in the next game ) 3. In the "Mapparts" 3-5-6 the Doodads are white dots in the Minimap .. 4. Could controll illusons .. and therefore they didnt got attacked Just my 2 cents .. going to test some more later on .. but the Maps looks so great .. kudos to you
  4. wuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu : )
  5. ELETD Y U NO RELEASE? just kiddin .. any eta? im burnin to test the map : /
  6. hm thought you need to start it once .. okay my fault then : ) no problem proveisso ( :
  7. if you go to the "add friends" menu an window will open .. in that window your Chara Code is displayed
  8. i think you need to host it at start it once .. then the person can host it
  9. Just one Question .. do we have to Add the Person ? Will WE be added ? are there any Plans how this is going to Work and beeing Updated? or will we get some further Informations as you release it in the next days?
  10. Yay Testing Time EU MightyMonkey 574
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