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  1. The way our bounty system works, kill-stealing is impossible anyway. This should still be fixed, though.
  2. Well, for that purpose, I think alphabetical order is more intuitive and natural.
  3. Maybe my mind works differently, but I like having the same-element upgrade consistently in that one slot. I can see the argument for moving them, but it might confuse people that way too. I like the idea of adding tips to the F12 menu and making the weakness chain more obvious for new players.
  4. Ahh so it's bugged? Interesting.
  5. This should be fixed as of 0.64. Not sure if we have it up in EU yet.
  6. I'll try to get some theorycrafting done on this when I have the time. I agree that grenades "feel" like a much stronger option for everything short of element bosses, but I'm not sure that can be helped given the simplicity of the early waves. Once you get to later waves and have things like Fast or Undead, creeps stop being so perfectly clumped and the advantage of splash isn't as clear-cut. I find myself using Rays as leak catchers in those cases. Anyway, I don't know if nerfing grenades is necessarily the answer, but we'll discuss it for sure.
  7. I actually like the Seeker missile now that we've tried it >_> You really think it's too much?
  8. Is there any way to view your interest % currently? that doesn't seem to be in the element query.
  9. Playing on a Mac, by chance? If so, we're looking into it. Sorry for the headache
  10. Grenade tower could, I dunno, fire grenades? Reapers throw explosives when attacking. Or we could use the Marauder's Punisher Grenade model.
  11. @zdevi: Are you on a Mac by chance? I played with someone on a Mac earlier who mentioned he had issues with the loading screen.
  12. Awesome! Glad to hear it
  13. It's a combination of both old and new mechanics. I believe Karawasa is planning to get that kind of documentation up, but not sure what the timeline is on it.
  14. Yep, that's a bug too. We'll have it fixed for the next release
  15. It's absolutely doable. I've seen it done in Star Battle, for example. I probably just need to re-work the tower a bit to support it.
  16. This is what we were going for with this tower in this design and the original one. I'm glad to hear it's actually fulfilling that role now. Yeah it was going to be 7 at first, but we figured that was too much and throttled it down to 5 to see how it feels. We're still open to the possibility of tweaking it. There's a balance there between making each increment feel meaningful and still having adequate flexibility/choice. We'll talk it over once we've had a chance to play with it for a few days. This is a bug and will be fixed.
  17. Yeah none of this stuff is intentional. It'll all get fixed. That's why your guys' efforts are so valuable There are a great many things that aren't "done" yet, so please feel free to offer similar minor complaints about any tower or other aspect of the game. For example, many of the more basic towers are still lacking appropriate attack FX.
  18. Hey guys, We've completely re-designed Magnify Tower and we'd like to hear your thoughts. All you have to do is play at least one game of EleTD 0.5 and make use of the Magnify Tower (and its upgrades) during the game. Once that's done, post your thoughts here in roughly the following format- Beyond that. Feel free to contribute any other thoughts, screenshots, replays, or anything else you want to share. We want to make sure every one of our towers adds something meaningful to the game and your feedback will be a major part of achieving that goal before release
  19. The trophies might be performing fidget animations. That should be fixable.
  20. I wrapped up the data for the redesign on this tower on Monday. We've drastically changed how the tower works and I think this approach will prove to be a lot more interesting. You guys should see the new functionality when 0.5 is released
  21. Yeah I've been mad busy recently, so I didn't get to tinker with the build as planned I should be around late this evening to talk tower stuff, though.
  22. We'd love to have additional hosting coverage if it was an option. Unfortunately, SC2 bnet only allows one person to "own" any given map in each region. That means that we're limited to one uploader per server On the plus side, this is only a problem for private testing, and no such limitations will exist once it's released to the public.
  23. I'm aiming to try and spend some time fixing these soon. Hopefully we can get an update released in the next few days. Thanks for the reports so far
  24. It was working when I last used it, but I'll check out the replay a little later today. Well that's no good. We'll check it out. Yes, but this design isn't final. We've gotten a lot of strong feedback on this tower. I'll probably implement an experimental rework for the next alpha update (though any final decision on the design will come from Karawasa when he gets back from his trip).
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