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  1. Highlighting over multiple empty area + selecting the a tower to have the builder create same towers in the selected built area. I saw that while I'm shift clicking to build multiple same tower, if I didn't click but drag+mouse down instead, I see areas being selected, and that's where the idea comes from. (see image below, where I tried doing that after building the first two light tower) 2019-08-03_18-28-32.webm
  2. dvdlesher


    Okay, I admit this is not really a suggestion about balance, but I just can't seem to find the right area for hotkeys. I'm kinda guessing this is impossible because of the game engine limitation, but is it really truly impossible for you to define your own shortcut keys like in warcraft and starcraft? Changing my first skill hotkeys to "L" (because first skill of my builder is Light building) fucks up my tower sell button, because the sell skill hotkey also changes to whatever the first skill button is. Not to mention, when it comes to dual towers, it becomes kinda strange since you are memorizing their location hotkeys rather than the name of the tower itself (which might be good for some people I guess). So, all I'm asking is: is there really no way to change the hotkeys to use the tower name like in warcraft 3 era eleTD?
  3. I saw that too, good job Kara. It really helps people to find it really easily too Been ages since I played eleTD, strangely enough I still have muscle memory of shortcut keys from Warcraft 3 era eleTD, which fucks me up really badly in this DoTA2 version
  4. Twilice and WindStrike, you two are still here! Sure has been a long time indeed. I hope my eletd skill and knowledge aren't too rusty otherwise I'll be overwhelmed with this new version.
  5. Whoa, haven't been here in ages and now you guys are making DoTA 2 version? Kick ass! Better make sure to remember and give it a shot
  6. Cool, I don't mind paying anyway for eleTD on DoTA2.
  7. Haven't been here for a long time and now DoTA 2 version? How would that work though? (mind you I don't play DoTA 2, but I thought that game was strictly for DoTA only kind of game)
  8. I don't know if this is just me, but I keep accidentally building crate in non-mazing mode, so this kinda bugs me... (The reason is, the crate and cannon from WC3 eletd has same hotkey) And... it's redundant to have crate in non-mazing mode in the first place, isn't it? Oh, and maybe add some quick guide about hero mode as well in F12 menu, perhaps? Just sayin'
  9. I forgot whether this is the competitive or the race mode, but basically if anyone finishes the wave first, the next wave will start very soon for everyone. Anyway, the problem is, when I finish the wave first, the system didn't recognize me as the first one to clear the wave. But for the other player it works just fine... I have the replay, but it's very2 long and the bug occurs at the re-match, so it's about 40 or 50 mins in before I start commenting on the bug in-game My guess would be because the other player is the host, or because this is a rematch. tl;dr I didn't get recognized as the first wave clearer by the system, but it works fine for other people ETD Bug.SC2Replay
  10. Agreed with the quark nerf! Also Kara, I know this is probably a painful thing to do, but perhaps you should add some small description of each tower in F12 (help) menu? I mean, if I were a noob and playing this map for the first time, looking at list of name of the tower and combination won't really give me any idea. But hey! This is just my opinion...
  11. I'm not trying to discourage you at all, but would be better if you saved the replay and upload it :/ That aside, do you know what triggers this "bug"?
  12. dvdlesher

    Maze Mode

    While I like this idea, the current space for each player for mazing is very small, don't you think?
  13. Please put this as the background, please, please, please?
  14. Here's the replay: ETD some bugs and Q.SC2Replay So basically, here's what I found: - Flamethrower skill doesn't work (Oh, the "napalm" animation is kinda weird too.... Why not explosion like jet tower?) - Incantation debuffs some civilian in Teal's zone (and maybe other area too, haven't checked completely) And here's my question: - Magnify only works when there is enemy around it? Is it actually designed this way, or....
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