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  1. I am 100% sure this was a thing in Warcraft 3. I remember it was an option players could choose at the beginning of the game. People could play traditional Element TD or they could choose to play the other mode where the map looked similar to the one in the video I posted. Maybe it is still hidden somewhere in one of the versions out there? Btw.......What is the latest version of Element TD in Warcraft 3. I see version 4.3 and version 9.4 being hosted frequently. 4.3 looks more advanced and seems to have more features though. Thx for the quick answer guys.
  2. Hi guys I have been playing Element TD on Warcraft 3 quite often lately. I my memory I remember a version of Elemental TD where all the players play together cooperativley. (sharing lanes) I found a video on Youtube with that version for Dota 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQVA8YFvbgU Is this version of Element TD downloadable for Warcraft 3 too? Tried to find it but haven't had success.
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