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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, first off (since this is my first post) - great job getting this into Dota 2. Really polished! I do have one issue though Boss Wave 2 does not spawn for me. Previous to this weekend's patch I had a similar issue where 1 frog from Boss Wave 1 would get stuck in the exit tunnel. After the patch I don't have this issue, but the one above instead. Screenshot below of final build (if that helps) [ed - forgot mode info - this was Normal/Rush]
  2. Upon reaching the boss waves, a single frog (the first one to the exit) each round would become stuck in place. I have attached a screenshot of this. Normally this wouldn't be a huge issue, but I don't have any towers capable of firing at the exit, and am relying on a bunch of cannons to kill them (which takes fucking ages). A life is not deducted when the frog reaches the exit. Let me know what you need from me to help fix this bug.
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