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Found 2 results

  1. I'm pretty sure you know the stuff so I go straight to the point. Select Trickery Tower > turn autocast off > click the cloning ability once > select a tower of your choice, (this needs to be done by tabbing or selecting control group) > uprade the tower > cast the cloning ability > cancel upgrade. This can also happen "by default", having autocast on but obviously it's easier when you do it. This one is completely useless but found it anyways.. You can manually buff Elemental Summoner building with Blacksmith, Well and Trickery Towers.. Literally dosen't do anything
  2. I have been messing around with the tower upgrading system lately.. Found couple minor bugs again.. You can reset some cooldowns on towers when you upgrade -> cancel upgrade. Such as Hail and Runic towers.. Also didn't work on Well Tower, haven't tested others. You can remove Trickery Tower's debuff by upgrade -> cancel upgrade. This one is very very minor, but I found a way to abuse it (is it efficent / worth it, I dont know). You can reduce some towers attack speed (mainly slow towers, such as Dark Tower) by letting the tower hit once -> upgrade -> cancel upgrade -> let it hit again -> repeat.. But you need to be very precise with the timing, and sometimes you get this "Dead" message which prevents you to do actions for second, and it messes the timing..
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