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  1. Could always make it a best of 3 or 5 with the same set of towers...
  2. Whoever reads this first, post your choice for first dual (2-element tower). Please wait until your opponent has picked before announcing your next pick. All picks are in pairs, with the exception of the first and last picks. (do note that this is modified from the original post, to speed up the draft.) Remember that you are only allowed to build the towers you picked for yourself. You are not allowed to choose a tower which another player has already selected. Triples must be upgraded from one of the duals you have picked. Actual Game Settings : Hard, pick, normal, normal, normal. Draft would go as follows: Player A Dual #1 Player B dual #1 Player B dual #2 Player A Dual #2 Player A dual #3 Player B dual #3 Player B dual #4 Player A Dual #4 Player A dual #5 Player B Dual #5 Player B Triple #1 Player A Triple #1 Player A Triple #2 Player B Triple #2 Player B Triple #3 Player A Triple #3 Player A Triple #4 Player B Triple #4 Player B Triple #5 Player A Triple #5 Player A Triple #6 Player B Triple #6 Player B Triple #7 Player A Triple #7
  3. Understand the rules of the format? First player to read this, post your first pick in here
  4. What do you want to see from Element Tower Defense this new year? Discuss...
  5. the host is usually the top player, player 1 who controls the options. In the case of the host leaving the game, the new host would have to change player 1's settings only (not his/her own).
  6. One reason is to create a tension between building towers, sending creeps and casting spells.
  7. The lobby game mode selection isn't working out in pick-up games. Went to a vote, apparently most wanted to play defence but voted standard. Perhaps the description/mode selections need some work and clarification?
  8. Some good points raised. Targeting the worker doesn't have much benefit in wars. There isn't the frantic interest sell/rebuild of classic random. +1 life makes the ability of perpetual less relevant. -1 life can be abused to finish off players which takes away from the main game.
  9. Encountered the same bug in a VH AR race earlier. Even the lives, networth etc do not update. Apparently even the tier2 and tier3 elementals have 500 hp.
  10. It's an interesting idea but based on experience, there are more players who feel the game is too long. (hence there is short mode and extra short mode, which are not commonly used.)
  11. sending in multiples of 12 would allow splits between (1), 2, 3 or 4 players... although the cost is probably an issue..
  12. Element Tower Wars Team Mode Teams: 2v2v2v2 or 4v4 (if there are 8 players) There are two options to determine the teams. One option is to use the game lobby, the host chooses the mode. The key issue is this will split the map popularity-wise as each option creates another entry in the popularity list. In this method, the teams are selected in the game lobby, before the actual game commences. The other option is if there are 8 players after the lobby countdown, offer a vote of 4v4 or 2v2v2v2. Game defaults to 2v2v2v2 otherwise. in a 2v2v2v2, 4 teams will always be available. Players would click an option to join one of the 4 teams. Players can choose to play without a team-mate by joining a currently empty team. The game will start once everyone has joined a team. Actual game play would be similar to the current tower wars with a few modifications. ---Creeps would now be sent in 2/10/20/30/60, split equally between the 2 players in the team. ---If a player has no team-mate, he plays in one area and receives all the creeps sent to that team. ---Builders will be able to blink into a team-mate's area to build for him. ---If a tower kills a creep in a team-mate's area, the bounty is split between the owner of the tower and the player the creep spawned in. Ideas? Suggestions? Questions? Post here!
  13. Just another game between these two players. Enjoy! _40 1v1 comp h sr.SC2Replay
  14. In this 1v1 match, kikiro, who could have leaked to death at one point, survived on one life and eventually won holepercent with better tower placement in fruit. _27 1v1 comp h sr.SC2Replay
  15. SECTION 3: CREEPS Creep Abilities Fast - Every 3 seconds, this creep moves 2.5x faster for 1 second. Healing - This creep heals nearby creeps for 20% of Max HP when killed. Image - This creep spawns an image when attacked. Image lasts 5 seconds. Mechanical - Every 12 seconds, this creep becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds. Undead - This creep will revive after 3 seconds with 33% of Max HP when killed.
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