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  1. Might try playing with camera angles and zoom as well.
  2. Quark test replay. Enjoy! ('cheated' by starting in extra short) quark test.SC2Replay
  3. Time to revive the drafts again. Who's in to play? 2v2 team draft!
  4. Build a basic ray/grenade to target the creep and it should continue to move.
  5. In before someone asks how to download the map. Read this.
  6. In before someone asks how to download the map. Read this.
  7. In before someone asks how to download the map. Read this.
  8. There's a use for crates in non-mazing: to reserve tower spaces in team mode.
  9. Enjoy! Click for video replay. Element Tower Defense _9_.SC2Replay
  10. shouldn't expect a random build to be as good as picking the elements (which is part of the fun of -random).
  11. Guess getting the last level 1 on wave 55 to complete 6-element isn't that bad. there should still be a small chance for that. but the % chance of 6 elements should be reduced towards the endgame.
  12. Sell/rebuild tactics for the first 25-30 waves using just ray and grenade towers, money towers mid-game followed by a strategy of choice for fruit is one possibility. Watch this replay by windstrike: original thread here and video replay here.
  13. Enjoy! 4 players, normal, same random. Element Tower Defense _2_.SC2Replay
  14. here's the replay. towers which are properly placed are randomly sold at points. when rebuilt, they may stay in play or are sold again. the bottom left player's creep markers still do not show up. see image. SC2 2012_03_05 22_04_02_56.bmp SC2 2012_03_05 22_04_07_71.bmp placement bugs.SC2Replay
  15. yes. a tower with higher aoe will hit more creeps with each attack. 2.25 full/4.5 half means that tower deals its full damage to all creeps within 2.25 range, and half its damage to creeps further than 2.5 range but within 4.5 range of the tower. (might need to be checked)
  16. yes they do. well and blacksmith will boost the magic/spell attacks and regular attacks of all non-support towers.
  17. area of effect. each attack hits more than one creep. used together with towers that slow, bad against single targets such as elementals.
  18. With the first match concluded (re-matches aside), who's up for match #2?
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