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  1. like others said, this would be interesting in terms of placement. however there should be something that differentiates it from the old long range towers (i just remembered that they are all single target) . but it shouldn't be just a aoe tower that you have to build further away.
  2. it will be something like the tutorial that the host can choose to play before games of gem TD. the tips don't really cover everything. you have to know at least a bit of the game for the tips to make sense. then again, i don't really think a tutorial is necessary. maybe flash a clearer message at the start of the game that players get lumber every 5 lvls and other basic info. ele td isn't as complicated as gem... most new players to a td will just build the cheapest tower they see...
  3. i did not watch his replay in the old boards... i do my own playtesting... working on a build that leaks less... currently i finish games with single-digit lives
  4. Completing the game with DFNE Introduction DNFE, without any AoE slows, armour reduction and stuns can be considered to be one of the weaker builds in the game (as compared to lwfd or gold). It is difficult to win but not impossible. The build is slower and there is a chance of being overloaded in multiplayer, especially in mixed difficulty games. Towers available in the build df-magic dn-death de-tech fn-sun fe-lava ne-roots fne-dino dne-crypt dfe-flamethrower dfn-summoning Tower analysis For the first 10 levels, i usually make do with basic arrow and cannon towers. these can be sold and rebuild quickly when the interest counter hits 0. this will provide with some extra gold. Your first dual should be up by the middle of wave 11. i usually sell everything after the first pass and build the dual at VI/IX. The early game towers include lava, tech (to gain some lives early), dark cannons/towers for cover against water. In between the towers, i build elemental cannons. The middle game's towers are usually flamethrower,magma and summoning . Magic towers and roots towers play the supporting roles (for my games). i usually have a summoning tower at VII and one at II. All towers are at IX or VI. 4 roots towers at the top and bottom of the main defense. 2-4 magic towers at VIII to catch leaks. The end game is usually upgrading all triples, upgrading to volcano and refined earth towers. Pures would be good but it may be difficult to hold enough gold without leaking. At the moment, i'm still experimenting with sun and dino towers. For some reason, death and crypt towers never work well for me. Somehow i always get a low kill rate. i hardly used them in any game. This is just a rough guide. The build The final guide will be for 4.0...
  5. Welcome to the Holepercent's guide to EleTD. Here, i will post some of the more interesting strategies,complete guides as well as the occasional challenge. These may not be the best but are just suggestions. Feel free to comment. Coming soon (i'll post the guides as and when i have time to write) Winning with DFNE (eletd 4.0)
  6. it's either lwfd with slow and armour reduction or goldmine tower build... anything with a storm tower...
  7. here's an unofficial list of the challenges... 1 Beat Very Hard without any sort of AoE slowing tower (Ice/Glacier/Nova/Storm). 2 Beat the game without using Light or Water. 3 Beat the game without using any triple element towers (No Magics either) 4 Beat the game without using any interest and any sort of AoE slowing tower (Ice/Glacier/Nova/Storm). 5 Beat the game without using Interest, Fire & Earth. 6 Beat the 3 game with random mode and more than 45 lives. 7 The idea is to have the lowest time (on the score screen after you finish). You may leave as soon as you kill the last Evil Child and get the congratulation message. For fairness, this should be single-player mode. 8 Beat the game using only 4 elements. Interest upgrades and Pure towers are not allowed. 9 Beat VH Extreme without leaking 10 You must survive as many Ronald spawns as possible, without using ANY slows or disables. didn't get to save #11 and #12... think one is play as slow as possible and 3 elements only... on of cisz's challenges was also have as much unspent lumber
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