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  1. You don't receive gold after you clear 55. The waves after that are considered boss waves, increasing in strength as a final test of your defense. Every player will eventually fail. In the classic multiplayer custom maps (war3/sc2/dota2), this serves as a final elimination to determine a game winner.
  2. Don't remember we did any coop or team mode in war3. There was a 2p team mode in SCii and the full coop map in dota2.
  3. Casual Express/Insane/Random/Chaos game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdFCTXglVsE A somewhat weak opening, was hoping this would stay 5 elements, but nope, game decided to give me nature 1 on wave 27.
  4. Starting practice for a new series in anticipation of Element TD 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90TiEPSIMig
  5. currently playing through every possible combination of 4 elements in express mode UPDATE: All 15 combinations are included in the playlist below.
  6. DWFN Duals: poison,magic,disease,vapor,well,flame Triples: corrosion,flooding,jinx,impulse With this combination, you have 2 triple support towers (corrosion and jinx) and a dual support tower (well) available. LDWN Duals: trickery,ice,life,poison,disease,well Triples: hail,obliteration,tidal,flooding Another combination with no triple support but two support dual element towers (trickery and well) available.
  7. WFNE Duals: vapor,well,hydro,flame,blacksmith,moss Triples: impulse,haste,ephemeral,quake This is one of the few builds with no triple support tower available. However, you have access to two dual support towers (well and forge), only one which can be maxed at tier 3 due to having 11 picks only. LWNE Duals: ice,life,atom,well,hydro,moss Triples: tidal,polar,enchantment,ephemeral A combination with two support triples (polar and enchantment) available, together with a dual support (well). A choice has to be made whether to go for a tier 3 support triple or fully upgrading the well tower and a damage triple to tier 3. LDFE Duals: trickery,electricity,atom,magic,gunpowder,blacksmith Triples: runic,laser,gold,flamethrower One of the other builds with no support triple but two dual support towers available. Take advantage of the DEF cycle of damage towers here. With almost equal value of towers dealing earth, fire and darkness damage, the build has essentially no elemental weakness.
  8. Darkness, Water, Fire and Nature with tier 3 flooding: Light, Darkness, Water, Nature with tier 3 hail:
  9. Water, Fire, Nature and Earth with tier 3 quake: Light, Water, Nature and Earth with tier 3 tidal: Light, Darkness, Fire and Earth with tier 3 flamethrower
  10. One of the achievements which didn't make it into the game was completing all possible 15 4-element builds. The main issue was how to define whether an element was used. If you purely go by elementals summoned, you can summon an element and not actually build or upgrade any towers with that element. Does that actually count? Having an element at tier 1 or tier 3 makes a difference too. In random mode, there can be reasons to completely ignore a late game tier 1 which doesn't contribute to the defense. There are too many combinations to make tracking all of them practical.
  11. All combinations using 3 or more elements definitely can beat wave 55. Doing so with 0 leaks might be challenging for a handful of 3 element combinations. (i have more than half the builds already recorded on my youtube channel) Most experienced players fully upgrade a minimal number of towers, accumulating as much interest as possible without giving up too much on clear speed. Planning is essential to maximise elemental strengths and defensive cover for waves with elemental weakness.
  12. A basic strategy for completing Insane difficulty with Darkness, Water and Nature.
  13. A basic strategy for completing Insane difficulty with Water, Fire and Nature.
  14. Gotta play 'em all! Play through every single combination of 3 and 4 elements. It's fun.
  15. A basic strategy for completing Insane difficulty with Water, Nature and Earth
  16. A basic strategy for completing Insane difficulty with Light, Water and Nature.
  17. In the meantime, check out this game as a preview for the update.
  18. If you restart a game, the menu to upgrade to elemental cannons is messed up. The tower still upgrades to the element you have available.
  19. Test build using ephemeral and double aoe slow towers. Almost certain the option for the 12th pick will be removed to balance the tier 3 triples. With this replay, all builds with access to slow towers have been played. There are five 4-element combinations with no access to aoe slow towers.
  20. A test build (played in ETD Test with tier 3 triples) featuring obliteration, disease, pure nature with enchantment, roots and trickery for support. Approximate build order: Light 1, Darkness 1 Nature 1 First 5 waves are played with light and darkness cannons, until the obliteration tower for wave 6. Nature 2 This is mostly a defensive cover for elemental weakness Darkness 2 Upgrade to disease 2. Light 2 Upgrade to Obliteration 2 and build a trickery 2. Nature 3 Upgrade to nature 3. Darkness 3 Upgrade to disease 3. Light 3 Upgrade to obliteration 3 and trickery 3. Earth 1 Upgrade to pure nature, build a incantation and roots tower. Earth 2, convert essence for Earth 3. Upgrade to incantation 3 and roots 3.
  21. In random mode, If you return to the main menu within the 30 seconds of the elemental break after killing the summoned elemental, another elemental is summoned when you resume the game. You will have more elements available.
  22. holepercent

    Pausing in game

    I suspect this is posted in the wrong forum and intended for dota2 (which does have a 5? minute system pause timer)
  23. A build using hail, poison, pure water with trickery, muck and polar for support. This is not the best build, just one of the many ways you can approach this combination. Elements: Light 1, water 1 Dark 1 The first 5 waves are played using elemental water and dark cannons until you have enough gold for a hail tower on wave 6. Water 2 Earth waves are the major issue with this build and set up. Water towers (eventually upgraded to pure) are used to cover this elemental weakness. Dark 2 Upgrade to poison 2, adding towers where necessary. Light 2 Upgrade to trickery 2 and hail 2. Water 3 Cover for earth waves. Dark 3 Upgrade to poison 3. Light 3 Upgrade to trickery 3. Earth 1 Earth 2 The ending towers are upgrading to pure water together with the support towers, muck and polar.