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  1. The tooltip for score multiplier in the 'game mode' selection menu still shows 4x for insane. Nice interesting patch as per usual changing things up.
  2. Armour reduction is an area where I don't expect to ever be touched since keeping armour values at 0 keeps all the other balancing simple. Adding additional effects on a tower that layers piles of cash for you to save up isn't too wise either since it simply provides you with piles of income that are much harder to come by through raw interest alone. From your standpoint as a player that enjoys spamming random it would make sense to have each tower be somewhat self sufficient if it is the only choice that you are given, however the gold tower at the end of the day is a low efficiency tower that is used to prolong the game timer and also increase your total networth by extreme amounts when compared to literally any other build. Making something this efficient become self sufficient in being a pseudo Light + Amp + Slow tower is definitely way too much to be asking for when compared to some other tri-element towers which struggle way more than the gold tower at being self sufficient, namely the Jinx and Flooding towers which require some sort of supporting towers to make its effects worthwhile. Don't take anything I say literally, most of what I say is speculation and basic judgement on how things should go. However if you wanted to see where a custom game goes really wrong with armour values then Epic Boss Fight is a good place to start since there is almost no viable strategy without armour reduction/stacking from what I remember 7+ months ago.
  3. Quark towers aren't even worth mentioning in the build since the Ice tower covers the early game much better while also being available 1 element earlier than the Quark tower both for its level 1 and 2 upgrade. In most cases if you do land on a Darkness + Anything but Normal/Regen before level 30 and before 36 then you are kinda forced to buy out for a Ice tower 2 since arrow towers will only be able to take out 1 or 2 of the Darkness creeps since that would be the most vulnerable level in the build. Then from level 36-40 you are kinda safe up until 40-45 where your slow towers are still pretty bad, from there level 46-50 is extremely easy granted that you've already killed the Darkness + Healing wave which is probably straight up as hard as level 55 since you basically have to kill 1 creep that has 30x HP for its level once you have the double 30% slows rolling through. ... Its hard to explain but heres a little rundown on what a really good Chaos run is like - Will most likely end up being a mini guide to rolling the dice for high scores 1-15: The more dark levels you approach before your Tidal tower on the easier it will be later on. Ice tower should be built at level 10/11 then upgraded at 15/16 16-25: Should have a Tidal tower and you want to clear these waves as much as possible for your speed multiplier at the end of the game, a few levels that pass through is acceptable. Enchantment and Well tower should be bought somewhere here, get a Life tower if you see the opportunity to steal kills from your Tidal tower (Earth levels) 26-35: Dark levels are a pain in the ass towards the end of each segment of 5 here. Tidal 2 should be completed with Well 2 shortly after with second Enchantment tower. 36-45: Think about how many Healing/Shield levels have passed by, if you think you've cleared just about all of them then you should be set. Upgrade Enchantment towers, buy a Polar tower 2 and another Well 2 then save up for 1 set of double slow towers, upgrade when necessary after level 46. Trickery tower when against a weakness level. 46-55: Stack up cash and pray your day doesn't get ruined by a Healing or Shield wave. Nova, Blacksmith x4 and Jinx + Erosion when available, Injoker tower when required. Tower count should be something like this 2-3x Trickery 2 4x Well 2 4x Blacksmith 1 2x Roots 2x Muck 2x Injoker 3x Laser 3x Incantation 2x Polar 1x Tidal 2x Jinx 2x Erosion 1x Nova 20 towers with 4x support and 2-3x clone towers. ... Ok so yeah i'm looking forward to seeing dual element towers become a thing again, this patch hasn't been too nice to them from my experience.
  4. You're not wrong when you say Chaos mode can make the game easier depending on the situation, but hit the wrong level with the wrong element + special bonus and suddenly you're going to have to panic and splash a large amount of your saved up gold to clear the wave. In most cases, yes its extremely frustrating and bad for top score gameplay to see someone RNG a top scoring play which probably won't be topped similar to what I did. However you might be mistaken about the sections where you are basically going to instant clear a level due to easy spawns, in most cases if you were meant to pass the level easily then it would've happened cause in the 2-2-2-1-2-2 Chaos build you depend solely on the Tidal + Enchantment tower for most of the game until you have access to 2-0-2-0-2-2 which only covers 2/6 of the elements while still having the same weaknesses as most other builds, just a little bit less... calculated with the way the Chaos mod works. In order from best to worst elements to deal with in the build it would be Fire/Earth > Light/Water/Nature > Dark, so really outside of the random darkness level being skipped for later the game is just about the same difficulty. I don't disagree with you about attempting to fix the Chaos mod, but its probably one of the more enjoyable mods as it throws you in for a challenge at random and I have yet to figure out how to pass insane + rush with or without chaos which was the other engaging game mode choice as you would've guessed. The bigger problem above all else would be how the speed bonus is extremely volatile between scores, i've had multiple runs that I thought were fast until the current #1 score and was extremely surprised when I had over 100k more score than my average run. At the end of the day though different builds will come and go, different players enjoy different styles and you might not see a speed build based off 6 elements for a long time in the top 10.
  5. I'm sure this is incorrect, no biggie.
  6. Any tower that has a targeting rule has this, so if it automatically attacks the furthest target or lowest health target it will require you to cancel its attack point until they are out of range or you want to start attacking again. Chances are there might be a fix coming for all towers to have a toggle for this, I can't say for certain since I haven't poked my head into it much.
  7. They're not the end all be all of towers but out of every single dual element tower choice i'm sure they have the best damage output for spawn camping due to how they work. Right now they're cheaper and stronger than the flooding/drowning tower and it will probably stay that way since the only thing they fall behind in is attack range which isn't really a problem when they do roughly 4x more damage while costing 850 gold less. Its more about placement and also changing targeting constantly which makes these towers strong and cost efficient. Each hit does 6x the damage they actually have and 5x damage to creeps around the target, so if you hit each creep once or twice with each of your flame towers the damage all adds up and melts full waves with ease.
  8. I'm sure its more of the fact that Flame towers are insanely strong right now for speed builds. Its only real weakness is Water + Haste on a bad level which is kinda countered by having Velocity towers to counter that.
  9. Really nice patch, early game has definitely been made harder and more reliant on Arrow/Cannon towers instead of going afk with a single element tower. I haven't played an insane game without the Chaos mod for a bit and have still been easily getting leaderboard scores, not sure if this is due to the fact that it becomes marginally easier to clear the later levels with a bit of RNG where you deal with the rough waves early on with Arrow/Cannon towers but its something to keep in mind since i've been able to reliably clear 400k+ scores with Chaos with both the Hail tower and Flame tower strategies. As kerb also has mentioned there is some strange bug with selling towers, i'm not entirely sure how to replicate it since it has only ever happened to me once and I always restart my DotA 2 game client before I play ETD to avoid any of the issues of the DotA assets interfering with ETD sound files and whatnot... Like the deafening Roshan deaths which I still can't figure why it happens.
  10. I don't really know how to explain this but towers just disappear and the next wave won't register. Just happened during the final levels after I sold my Waterfall tower and Pure Water tower, the game wouldn't end since it was impossible to die so I can't find the replay. I think this bug has to do with the Waterfall tower being sold and towers buffed by the Waterfall tower will also just vanish.
  11. Hail towers aren't meant to be flashy powerhouse towers that mow down entire creep waves instantly from 10-55, they fill a similar role to AoE towers but at the highest possible range. Thats why their obvious weakness is that they basically have no synergy at all after creeps start pressing past the 100k health mark. If this tower was to be seriously buffed then it would have to have a range reduction which also defeats the purpose of having a charged up no-limit multishot which is used to hit just about every creep on the map. Think of the Hail tower as the absolute best tower for rush builds as that would be where their efficiency peaks. The tower fills no role as a late game option aside from allowing you to build up some money before you get to the levels where it really becomes irrelevant and weaker than the Runic tower which you really should be switching over to by that point in the game where you have 2x 30% slows. You aren't meant to expect a 1500 range tower with 1.5 BaT and 5000 damage to be the end all-be-all tower to carry you all the way to a top rank, it is meant to make your life easier approaching that rank by killing the cannon fodder in the early levels for a low price.
  12. Have you considered trying more builds outside of rushing 2-2-2 for your Hail tower? I'm sure that would be a large reason as to why you think the tower is absolute shit. With a level 1 Well tower buff it is possible to achieve 15 hits in 10 seconds as attacking at 1.7/s = 16~ attacks before expiry. I don't want to say this as if you're spouting nonsense but you really are since it is possible to reach somewhere around level 40 with a 2-2-2-0-2 build where you prioritize getting a Well tower early on and then buy 2 Hail towers with a Trickery/Mirage tower.
  13. Looking forward to some new builds that implement the reworked Hail Tower and slows.
  14. Keep in mind that I did mention that the creeps will be marginally stronger than normal while having a higher count. Considering that you also have to be able to afford all the buffs with your normal build which probably isn't possible if you go for an income heavy build. In any situation you're still starting with the exact same amount of gold, and their bounties are kept the same while you get 33% extra gold at the expense of dealing with 33% more creeps which are 10% stronger. Hell if it really is broken then you can increase the health by 30% with the 10 extra creeps. You won't be able to have access to extreme income builds as gold towers are simply way too weak and slow to help with the mass slaughter so you'll end up with roughly the same amount of gold as an income build at level 55 if the health values are set high enough.
  15. As the title states, would it be possible to implement a different mode that also is scored which is an 'all elements' leaderboard? To make sure there is still some sort of thought process you have to kill a boss at every milestone level to get the next level of elements which would be at levels 10, 30 and 50. I feel like it might just be more of a fun mode suggestion with average competitive undertones to it as tower choices aren't limited by the game but by how well the player plans out their build. If this suggestion would increase the file size of the map too much then don't mind me. Things to consider: • Start with a choice of 2 (possibly 3) elements similarly to express mode • As stated, you will kill a composite armour boss at levels 10, 30 and 50 in order to get your elements. The first boss will give you the other 3 or 4 elements you didn't choose at the start of the game, second and third boss will give you +1 all elements. • Waves are increased to... 40 creeps with 10% more health than their vanilla game mode counter parts? This would just make it somewhat challenging to pass the game while also giving you access to all slows, buffs and amplifications with the extra gold provided. I'm not too good with scaling numbers when it comes to gold x damage x health where you keep it challenging but not impossible. • Mixed waves? 20 fire and 20 earth creeps or 10 light, 10 dark, 10 water and 10 nature or something would also be possible with the access to all elements while also making sure that basic builds don't get abused. • With more gold comes more towers! At level 45 and 50 you get 2 pure essence at both these milestones, this will allow you to somewhat man handle the stronger and more densely packed creeps at later levels. I'm aware the game isn't balanced around how well you can abuse 3x buff towers with 4x amp/slow towers but I'm sure this would be the most volatile leaderboard when tower changes come around which is always something interesting to see.
  16. This has been mentioned by one of the devs and was intended to be a nerf to income builds, likewise killing the temporal creep within its first 3 seconds of being spawned also immediately kills them without timelapse proccing. As for targeting rules, I can't say much about them apart from the fact that without them its extremely beneficial to the life/gold tower builds as you can have your other towers without targeting rules to stop attacking by pressing S while having 'auto attack' turned off. I'm sure if there was a toggle spell on towers to switch between targeting rules (First, Weakest, Closest, Furthest Strongest, Last) it would greatly benefit players that want to relax but get good scores with the gimmicky towers that require last hitting or builds that do varied damage based on current health. Personally I would like to see an option which makes towers constantly switch targets, this would be beneficial to a few of the debuff towers which currently have default targeting.
  17. Sounds interesting, never really thought about this game strategically but i'm sure this is going to be full of level 45-50 busts if both players pick/ban to screw each other up as much as possible. http://steamcommunity.com/id/94282883/
  18. Its mainly a passing thought, the towers would most likely just be a throw-up of two 3 element towers that use the same elements as the 4 element tower. These may or may not be a good idea to implement but they do require more investment than having a pure elemental tower which just does high damage at varying distances.
  19. Fair enough, it just really confused me as I am sure I had played a few ranked games without that name before Element TD got released. At the very least it didn't just scoop up one of my older aliases which were basically shitty inside jokes with a group of friends and got something more relevant to me.
  20. I generally have my main monitor (Right side) always used with my left monitor with side applications opened such as file explorer/Skype/browsers(while watching a stream only). Outside of that I literally only use 4 applications for active interaction and they would all conveniently fit on my taskbar if two of them didn't automatically open up through other applications. Simple me, simple desktop. Just realised the most recent post was made while I was still living in another country, that's quite some time..
  21. Now i'm no balance expert and I have noticed a pattern in 2 Element towers that buff being all in completely separate categories so I won't really try to sell any tower ideas to you guys. However would it be possible to implement a set of towers that utilize 4 different elements? These of course would be needed to be upgraded from a 3 element tower that is level 1 still and still have a secondary upgrade. A few things behind this idea • You have alternative tower choices and build paths rather than the classic 3/3/2/2 elements + pure which is pretty much the current meta • Higher late game investment with price tags of 3500 > 8000...? The people behind balance can decide the numbers as i'm just doing rough estimates based off 2 element > 3 element tower differences. • The secondary upgrades to these towers could just use pure essence and 8700 gold while not requiring 2/2/2/2 or visa versa • More interesting power towers to choose from instead of basic pure elemental towers • Stronger combined versions of 3 element towers I'll try to think up of more ideas for the towers but you can leave your own suggestions here also! Dark + Water + Fire + Earth - 1150 Range/Very fast Average/Low base damage + Additive damage passive (Similar to fury swipes) or Haste tower passive with Fast attack speed instead of Very Fast + Additive damage passive Dark + Fire + Nature + Earth - 900 Range/Fast Moderate base damage with an AoE + Pseudo napalm ability that slows and explodes around the creep after X amount of attacks with a decay period. This ability would be like a Sand King E with the current napalm ability on a tower which is slightly stronger than its previous upgrade.
  22. So basically this username/IGN that i'm using currently is one of the usernames I have used in the past for like 5 games of ranked/unranked AP games. Shortly after changing it back to the name I was using beforehand, which brings me to my point of why are the names used in the leaderboard not the current IGN's the accounts are playing under? For reference http://www.dotabuff.com/players/94282883
  23. So this is a bug that i've just been toying around with whenever I see a bloody reanimate wave in early levels while doing Chaos + Rush on Insane which tend to be borderline impossible without AoE towers. However after using these AoE targeting towers i've noticed that using the 'target location' ability can allow you to get a free extra auto attack within the 'attack cooldown' Reproduction steps 1) W + Click the area you wish to attack with your towers 2) Press S as soon as the ground targeted attack missile has left the tower 3) Repeat until all creeps die 4) Congratulate yourself for getting an extra auto attack that saves you a reset on a leaderboard score This bug only works while there are creeps within auto attack range of the AoE ground targeting towers. I'm sure if one of my scores made it to #1 on the leaderboard it would've gotten removed with this early level cannon tower abuse or something, who knows.
  24. Is the networth bonus going to work off your total build worth + current gold when level 55 ends? If so then I can see lots of long range strategies becoming popular to stall out a large portion of the early levels, this doesn't mean its a bad thing but it does add a bit more diversity than the powerhouse 700/900 range towers sitting near the spawn raking up speed bonus.
  25. If Rush scoring is no longer becoming a bonus would it be possible to implement a 'next level' button that skips the 'remaining' seconds of the income timer? I'm not entirely sure but it sounds like games will possibly be lasting 10-20% longer without it. Again I have no clue how flexible the game engine is with timers so i'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not its worth looking into, i'm just a hardware junkie that plays games so anything that involves a tiny bit of code is out of my field of knowledge.
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