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  1. Is the switch cooldown connected to towers? So I can switch multiple tower types to alternate in few seconds? If this is the case, I can have like 10 buffs on one tower? And have unlimited duration on them with cancel-upgrade thing, because apparently buff duration resets when you upgrade Kappa
  2. Found this picture from Karawasa's post like 2 years ago.. Would be cool if custom game pass owners could use these alpha models of Arrow and Cannon Towers..
  3. Will co-op have leaderboards?
  4. Califax

    Slow build guide

    Nice guide Utoko, you are going in-depth with this one..
  5. There has been few discussions is Hail Tower good or not.. I think it is weak, even after these "buffs". So I got few ideas how to improve it slightly. There is the basic increase damage / attack speed etc.. But that's just boring.. Bring back the previous version Hail Tower, it was all about getting 14 hits and release the spread. Now you have lower attack range = less hits. Wider spread dosen't really matter, old one was enough. Make ability psuedo-random, instead of having 14 hit limit. Make some kinda charge system for the ability. Every time it hits a target, you get 1 charge. You can store unlimited amount of charges. After 14 charges, the ability triggers if you the ability on auto-cast. (Basically works same way as now.) You can turn the auto-cast off and cast it manually, consuming 14 charges. (This allows you to use spread attacks back to back.) To balance this.. Maybe you get charge every kill, instead of hit. The ability has cooldown, so you can't just build 10 Hail Towers at the start, and spam 10000 spreads last wave. Not sure how new players feel about this, you kinda need to micro and make control groups and stuff to make it efficient. And something small that you can actually change.. When you hover mouse over the ability, you see the spread range.
  6. The current income box also blocks exit button in replays.
  7. Califax


    Current wave is Fire based with heal.. As you can see in top right corner. The box top of the spawn means, that they take 200% damage from Water towers and 50% from Nature towers. Every element has its own advantages and weaknesses.. Light > Darkness > Water > Fire > Nature > Earth > Light...
  8. ^ You should add that on loading screen tips..
  9. Califax

    Piano Mode

    I've heard rumours about new game modes in future, such as some kinda PvP mode, team mode, old school game modes from previous Element TDs.. So here I am suggesting Piano Mode, if you are familiar with Guitar Hero, this should be pretty simple.. There is 6 lanes and element tower end of it. Creeps are going to walk down these lanes. Speed of the creeps is based on your difficulty. (Insane should be like 1000ms) Everytime creep reaches end of the lane, you have to click the right element tower. If you click it on right time, cool sound effect will play (different on each element) and you get +10 score x Difficulty Multiplier If you miss it, lame sound effect will play and you lose -20 score. There is some kinda power-ups, like lightning effects both sides of the screen or something cool. Also Earth Element is missing "click it on right time" animation. And if you are fucking confused at this point, I got some alpha footage. I don't know wtf im posting.. 4Head
  10. Kinda off topic.. But there is no more "your own" donating system, can't find it on website ?
  11. Yeah.. I agree! Also some descriptions could be more detailed.. Example.. When hovering over Water 2 upgrade, it would say "Damage: 100/200/600/1000" etc.. etc.. This might not be necessary, but I personally like when things are said in %, deals 300% dmg every 4 attacks... Instead of 3x damage or triple damage.. You get the point.. >_>
  12. CPU: i7-6850K GPU: GTX 780, waiting for GTX 1080TI ? Motherboard: Asus X99-Deluxe II RAM: Kingston 16GB SSD: Samsung 1TB EVO PSU: Corsair 1000W Case: Corsair Graphite 780T
  13. Only if you could do 2-2-2-3-0-3.. So you have Tier 2 Hails with Tier 3 Blacksmiths.. Make Hail towers great again.
  14. ayyy lmao, nice one 4Head
  15. I'm pretty sure you know the stuff so I go straight to the point. Select Trickery Tower > turn autocast off > click the cloning ability once > select a tower of your choice, (this needs to be done by tabbing or selecting control group) > uprade the tower > cast the cloning ability > cancel upgrade. This can also happen "by default", having autocast on but obviously it's easier when you do it. This one is completely useless but found it anyways.. You can manually buff Elemental Summoner building with Blacksmith, Well and Trickery Towers.. Literally dosen't do anything
  16. 3-3-3-0-0-0 will be the shit.. Get high level Poison Towers with nice group of Hail Towers in the middle, supported by Trickerys.
  17. What I hate the most about Element TD at the moment is one-dimensional leaderboards PJSalt .. So I got some ideas that might spice things up.. Remove whole "elements used" section. Make replays unavailable. I zoom these 2 things are unlikely to happen, so now to the actual topic.. Make weekly / monthly challenge mode with leaderboards.. Example.. Most life stolen with Life Towers. Most splash damage done. Highest GPM with Gold Towers. etc.. etc.. I don't want to make entirely new modes, more like "side-quests".. This way people who want to make into challenge mode leaderboards, will change "the meta build" once a week or so.. Instead of spamming the copied #1 build until next big patch..
  18. Before I continue, read this http://blog.dota2.com/2016/03/supporting-custom-game-developers/ So yeah.. Just wanna hear your thoughts on EleTD and (upcoming custom game pass for it, am I right?) and how it will effect the current donating system.. Also I wanna hear some ideas what that game pass could give? Maybe re-think some of the current EleTD's donation tiers and for example give custom wisp builder to game pass owners? Or go crazy and make like 2vs2 PVP mode without leaderboards?
  19. Poison Tower is actually my favorite early game tower atm.. Got like top 25 one weekend on express using Poison-Trickery-Hail combo.. #fuckuallquark-life-gold-towerfangays Wouldn't mind a buff or two though PogChamp
  20. Califax

    I don't know

    - Hey Noya.. I'm pretty sure Gunpowder Tower can attack slighty faster if you spam click ground target ability.. - Are you sure? I made it so they get stunned after you ground target.. *creates private lobby and tests it again* . . . Ends up with this...
  21. I'm glad that patch 1.0 exists.. Current leaderboard system is just retarded.. >_>
  22. I have been messing around with the tower upgrading system lately.. Found couple minor bugs again.. You can reset some cooldowns on towers when you upgrade -> cancel upgrade. Such as Hail and Runic towers.. Also didn't work on Well Tower, haven't tested others. You can remove Trickery Tower's debuff by upgrade -> cancel upgrade. This one is very very minor, but I found a way to abuse it (is it efficent / worth it, I dont know). You can reduce some towers attack speed (mainly slow towers, such as Dark Tower) by letting the tower hit once -> upgrade -> cancel upgrade -> let it hit again -> repeat.. But you need to be very precise with the timing, and sometimes you get this "Dead" message which prevents you to do actions for second, and it messes the timing..
  23. Buy your own screen printed Element TD gildan heavyweight (6.1 oz) 100% cotton t-shirt from http://www.eletd.com/shop
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