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Found 1 result

  1. Califax

    Piano Mode

    I've heard rumours about new game modes in future, such as some kinda PvP mode, team mode, old school game modes from previous Element TDs.. So here I am suggesting Piano Mode, if you are familiar with Guitar Hero, this should be pretty simple.. There is 6 lanes and element tower end of it. Creeps are going to walk down these lanes. Speed of the creeps is based on your difficulty. (Insane should be like 1000ms) Everytime creep reaches end of the lane, you have to click the right element tower. If you click it on right time, cool sound effect will play (different on each element) and you get +10 score x Difficulty Multiplier If you miss it, lame sound effect will play and you lose -20 score. There is some kinda power-ups, like lightning effects both sides of the screen or something cool. Also Earth Element is missing "click it on right time" animation. And if you are fucking confused at this point, I got some alpha footage. I don't know wtf im posting.. 4Head
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