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  1. I also experienced the issue with some towers not actually stopping to attack if you tell them to do so. Back when income did not freeze when a creep leaked you would just tell your towers to stop attacking in order to let them walk through and thus get a lot of income^^ Actually used a click bot in order to simulate me pressing the "s" key 10 times a second back then Now that the income abuse isn't doable anymore it doesn't actually matter that much, but I still think people shouldn't be rewarded for using external tools like a clickbot or something similar.. That's why I think either there should be an option to rly make a tower stop attacking until you tell them otherwise or remove the option of stopping specific towers completely so that no one can do it anymore. It may not matter that much atm, but maybe there will be problems with something like that in future patches^^
  2. I also don't quite get the reasoning behind specific guides..it's a game with a lot of possibilities, which is centered around the players trying out different builds in order to get a good score/ kill frogs/ beat the game/ have fun. What's the point of copying someone else's tactic if you just want to play casually? If you think you can adjust a certain tactic for the better then its fine/reasonable to look up what others did and then trying to improve it, but that's what replays are for imo. Someone who is just looking everything up in a step by step guide doesn't accomplish anything when finally succeeding in copying what the others did. So what' even the point?
  3. Each frog kill should count now - only played one game this patch so far so I can't rly tell if it actually works like it should... EDIT: Apparently I was wrong^^
  4. y, I guess I was wrong thinking is has something to do with gds being down..seems like eletd has its on site where game stats are sent to in addition to gds.
  5. True! That's probably why he said "Might need to wait till multplicative is supported" in 2014, which is in fact supported now..
  6. @Thunderbolt I like the idea! The problem might be that waves would have to start at different timings changing from player to player, because one might be faster others might be slower.. Dont know if that would be too big of a change implementation wise, because the game has to individually spawn creep waves for each player.
  7. In WC3 your builder also had special abilities like stealing gold from someone, making their creeps faster or selling one tower from someone else. Don't know when those were removed but without them the focus already shifted from trying to beat the other players to beating the game itself and getting a good score imo.
  8. @Utoko About your first point: That's also what I thought when playing the first (and last) time multiplayer. The problem with your suggestion is that scores would be higher if the other players kill the waves extremely slow (-> more income for you) Maybe income has to be somehow frozen when the next wave would normally start. Other than that, you can't rly aim for highscores in multiplayer matches (with random people) anyway because its very unlikely that everyone votes for the same options as you do :/ Still think the possibility to get highscores in multiplayer would be rly nice!
  9. Already everybody is starting to copy each other.. So the networth "bonus" can also be negative? If you lets say have 100k networth on insane at the end, do you get a bonus of (100k/103951)-1 = -0,038 ?
  10. I guess that has something to do with getdotastats being down temporarily..not sure though Its probably good to check whether its up or not before trying to make a highscore
  11. I guess that has something to do with getdotastats being down temporarily..not sure though Its probably good to check whether its up or not before trying to make a highscore.
  12. It should be 0.7^10 I believe, so .02824 ms and 97,17% slow
  13. Helpstone

    Life Tower

    You can still get about 400 life and nearly 300 frog kills on insane, but your score will be nothing near the top scores right now, because your speed bonus will get broken at some time So no need to nerf life towers atm imo.
  14. I dont think its lost, you can see it in his profile, it just doesnt show on the leaderboard cause its not his best score
  15. y, I know its possible to get one pure tower at lvl 33 or something like that but imo it could be better saving the money until you rly need the pure tower, because you lose the extra income you would have gotten otherwise sure the games gets pretty easy if you upgrade immediatly but with more money saved its probably possible to kill more frog waves in the end.. always depends on which waves you get of course..
  16. NIce addition to the guide! Do you think spending your money in order to get a fast pure nature tower is worth it regarding the amount of interest money you lose by upgrading that early? Sad that rng plays a huge role atm not only because of wave types but also in the frog wave bonus calculation, you basically need to redo because you get unlucky and not because you messed up..thats the general problem with chaos mode though You could maybe add how important it is to kill a frog wave enterily instead of just focusing on getting most frog kills because you won't get the bonus otherwise Also, for everyone wondering why score bonuses are sometimes weird after the last wave this thread should be linked (will probably be adjusted or changed in the next patch)
  17. Helpstone

    Life Tower

    life towers are pretty bad right know because you wont be able to kill all waves <30secs with life towers only which is extremely important for getting a high score atm
  18. ofc frogs that leak with little hp left are easy to find but frogs who still have a lot of life left can't be seen other than by checking the max hit points with the masses of frogs walking at the end its pretty difficult to figure that one out though.. generally, I also think that frog bonuses and "completing game bonus" seem weird sometimes
  19. is there a way to recognize which frogs are from frog wave1? because its rly hard to find and focus them in between all the other frogs of the next rounds kinda sad if you dont get bonus at the end because a couple of wave 1 frogs are still walking around somewhere ./
  20. you try getting it after wave 20 i guess? you should have about 4 focused nature towers + 1 well tower if its not enough maybe adjust your placement or sell one of them and rebuild it on another place so that it can continue to hit the elemental the type of wave shouldnt matter because you get some break time for killing the elemental
  21. i think trying to get to high frog waves/ trying to get many frog kills in sandbox mode is also something nice to compete in :b lost the first life at frog wave 26, using periodic towers and all kinds of slow, buff and amp towers (and some lich towers) haven't tried other builds though because it takes so long to place everything correctly frogs had above 60m health near the end
  22. afaik its just a toggle feature, so if you turn it off, that just means that custom games won't appear in the list of your recent games YOU see anymore (in order to find real games quicker) others can still see your custom games if they get to your dota2 profile and have that toggle feature turned on u won't be able to prevent that everyone is able to see your custom games other than by making your steam and dotabuff profile private and always play single player (its already too late if you've played multiplayer before, since they can just look up the other players games and by that get to your dota2 profile ingame) also you shouldnt accept any friend requests than :b
  23. yes everything working fine now! very nice
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