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Found 3 results

  1. I propose diversifying the damage payload structures between various single-element towers. Currently the towers overlap too much. There are Single-Target towers and Splash towers; 3 for each, and since the WC3 versions, there has always been a "best-in-class" for both the splash and the single. Usually Fire outclasses Earth and Water; while the single target damage towers struggle to find purpose when they're nothing more than glorified arrow towers. Adding minor abilities would also open up the chance to fix early-game balance issues: such as Dark Towers hitting for 260 damage against a wave 1 with 110 hit points (or something like that). Abilities wouldn't be given to single-element towers for the sake of having abilities: it would just be added for those elements desperately in need of something unique to distinguish them from their counterparts. Some ideas that come to mind: Dark Towers - 15% Chance to crit for double damage; when a Dark Tower overkills a target, the overkill damage chains onto the nearest enemy (overkill damage cannot chain again). This would solve a serious issue with Dark Towers wasting so, so much damage during the early waves. Earth Towers - Instead of splashing, their projectiles could splinter into 2 half-damage fragments that strike new targets (Would function exactly like Drow Ranger's Scepter upgrade). This would finally distinguish Earth as its own tower and not just perform as an inferior Fire Tower/Water Tower. Water Towers - Maybe a bouncing effect? Like 6 bounces or so? To clearly distinguish it from Lightning Towers, it would have poor base damage, no damage decay on bounce, and could bounce back to the original target. It would specialize in killing groups of 2-3 but would be absolutely atrocious vs single targets; and just outclassed in splash-centric scenarios. Light Towers - Not sure range advantage is enough by itself; but I got no ideas at the moment. Maybe the sheer range advantage in itself is good enough. Fire/Nature Towers - Probably don't need abilities as they would each serve as a baseline for Splash Towers and Single Towers respectively. I'm not necessarily pushing these specific examples: but I do want to see single-element towers distinguished from one another. Right now we have 3 glorified Arrow Towers; of which, we really only need one to function as a super Arrow Tower. As for splash: Fire just outclasses Water/Earth because it's the highest DPS splash among the 3, and within splash scenarios, range rarely matters once you properly set splash up with supporting snares.
  2. Here's a video showing how I got 460,000 score on insane difficulty. The general idea is to use Waterfall (water/nature) towers to boost your strong towers' DPS by 90% You eventually get Invocation (nature/light/earth) towers to amplify damage further. Percentage increases in amplification or buffs are very strong when you have a few very strong towers. You will end up with 3 pure element towers that can deal a lot of damage.
  3. Hi, It seems that the leaderboard is broken. My profile doesn't show games played https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/players/10350705 I've played several games after that. And when reaching results which should show on the leaderboard they don't. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/315620234654675834/3828A09B6E1ED76DC8D74D76059A85E1503921EA/ I believe the problem started after the first patch on Feb 21. Any ideas or suggestions if the fix can be done from my end? EDIT: Played using custom lobby as single player, without cheats turned on. EDIT 2: Apparently public 4863724 game registered, I wonder why the solo plays don't count.
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