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  1. also comes down to the repel (or whatever its called) timing. i have the DPS but when the repel comes up, ill leak the 1 or 2 frogs
  2. As you might already know, the current rush choas insane build is the water and nature 33 rush. But i find myself always having trouble clearing the nature elemental when i hit my 6th upgrade point. Any help with that? I can kill it half the time but I find like it takes a lot luck cause if the wave has the heals when a creep die, or if i get a fire wave, i usually wouldnt be able to ever kill it.
  3. Erm you may not necessarily kill the first wave of Ice frog, in my playthrough, i somehow cleared wave 3 of icefrog instead of the first wave so that may explain why he got more points. im #17 though because of that 1 wave
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