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  1. Woot! Regarding the command list, there should probably be a greyed out menu on the builder that, once sandbox mode has been activated, it then serves as a command list. How exactly does the kill tower command work? Does it remove all towers or just the ones selected? It also seems counterproductive to even have that command given the sell button, lol. Also, will it be possible to skip to particular portion of the fruit wave? Say, wave 8 of the fruit wave.
  2. Man, with the rate of things you're adding and expanding upon for this, I can't help but think that Karawasa secretly hired you to build a new EleTD Flash version of the game, lol.
  3. Periodic Tower Revamp: Also known as the Rainbow Tower16 range, no splash, attack speed at 1Fires a split attack of 6 bolts, each of a different element. Unlike Hail Tower, multiple bolts can hit the same target.Can set its mode to fire all bolts at just one target or try to hit as many targets as possible. Or somewhere in between. Suggesting this cause one, it'd be frigin' cool; two, it'd be unique (currently partially overlaps with Oblivion Tower in that it's 16 range w/ splash, and even same attack speed); and three, helps fix a certain imbalance regarding the current periodic tower being overpowered with a certain build.
  4. While we're at it, I think the Earth tower model (the basic level) and the quark towers (all levels) could use a refit, as they're rather plain compared to everything else. Something else that I think would be cool would be if the flamethrower's napalm effect would be more visible when it goes off. Like in the Warcraft 3 version, you just see this giant explosion of awesomeness, whereas in the SC2 version, it looks so passive... except in maze mode when building a spiral, though that's very specific. Not asking necessarily for it go back to giant explosion, but just something more noticable. Should make it easier to tell how much the napalm stacks are affecting things, which is currently hard to tell.
  5. I'll poke around and have my suggestions list up within a week. I take it no big suggestions due to simply too much work? I will, however, support a sandbox mode for the game for people to screw around in. As handy as the tower placement tool is by TowerFun, it will only do so much. So be it the "tutorial" for the game that allows it or an option that can be turned on within the first 5 waves in single-player, I am strongly supporting and pushing for a sandbox mode. Question, will you be supporting a Heart of the Swarm version with new features or just keep it Wings of Liberty?
  6. Ah, someone else found the reason that I myself stopped playing (that, and I simply played too much, somewhere in the over 1000 hours range), though unfortunately never really saw a way to fix it either. For the purposes of random mode, there was a major buff to support towers, and this fixed the issue in random mode where some builds literally couldn't even get to the fruit wave (namely on very hard difficulty) and overall made it a lot more balanced. In theory, it also fixed the standard all pick game, except one build, and that's the all support + pures build, which essentially breaks the game and turns all other builds completely inferior. The theory to fix it would to nerf the periodic tower, but how? If its damage drops too low, then it becomes completely worthless outside of the all support build. So what I've determined is that its splash damage in combination with its long range is too strong. Think Oblivion tower, except no reload and completely superior. So I have two suggestions to fix this sucker: Lower its range. So long as you can place them in that bottom-left corner (which is fine for other towers), the periodic tower is overpowered especially with the all support build.You know that idea where we were going to change it into a rainbow tower that fires 6 different attacks of each element? Essentially, instead of a splash attack, the periodic tower fires a 6-split attack (each is single target), each of a different element. It would have the hail tower limitation in that it can only hit one target per attack, so if there's only 3 targets, only three of the attacks would fire at a time. Honestly, I have not tried the all support tower build with the periodic towers in say, the middle, for example, and then see if that nerfs it a ton or not, so the range nerf idea may or may not affect this horribly.
  7. Could stick a giant cooldown on it too, like 3-5 minutes. And I'm sure those suggestions can be tweaked to be balanced, so it's highly appreciated. Here's another one: Overload - Cause all towers to do double damage for the next 3 seconds and then unable to attack for 3 seconds, 1 minute cooldown. Though it's not exactly passive... EDIT: Just saw the creep insta death. Know what I'm thinking? Zealot Towers. I suppose to counter that would be to add a decay so that it starts at say 3% and after continuous fire to a target, it'll drop to 1% or something. I dunno.
  8. All towers cost 5% less. All towers take half the time to build/upgrade (probably make this one the SCV). Builder moves at super speed. Give towers chance for mini-stun (as in a 0.1 to 0.2 second stun, and the chance for this would be 10-20%). Interest increased by 0.20% (just kidding) Ability to relocate towers (it'd be one of the later 10 builders for people that have played the game a bunch at that point). Tower ability cooldown reduction (runic only takes 5 seconds to cooldown instead of 6) I'm outta ideas for now. By the way, there is one flaw with one certain aura. Attack speed aura + Money Towers (lol). But I think the game needs a fresh breath of various stuff, so... it's probably fine. Will you also make it so that you can only change builders within the first 5 rounds of the game? Otherwise, people are gonna abuse builder micro abuse by switching between whatever they need.
  9. Kay, regardless of whether you decide to merge this with hero or not, incoming madness idea. There are 20 builders possible. Likewise, there are 20 triple element combinations possible. Each builder a set of three elements to choose from. Let's take the Hydralisk for example and say it can go down Fire, Nature and Dark. In total, you can get up to three upgrades. When? Since this is mineral based, it can be as early as you want, provided you don't die rushing for it. However, whether you can afford it or not, you cannot get more than 3 upgrades total, where each one WILL be progressively more costly than the previous. Each element will provide a specific bonus. You can choose to get all three bonuses or specialize down one. Let's say I want one of each. Fire gives my builder's attacks damage over time. Nature straight up increases the damage output. Dark gives a chance to critical hit for super damage. With regards to what damage type your builder is, if you have all three, you can switch between any of them to change your builder's damage type between Fire, Nature, or Dark. Now let's say I want to specialize and get Level 2 Fire and only Level 1 Dark. The damage over time is increased (this is not a x5 multiplier) and I'd still have critical hit chance. My damage type can still switch between Fire and Dark. The reason that an upgrade in specialization is not a x5 multiplier is that it's supposed to be equal to grabbing another element. After all, whether you upgrade an element or choose another for your second or third choice, it's going to cost the same amount. As for the builder itself, its damage should scale the same as the Hero in Hero Mode. Below would be what the elements do (in theory). Note that arbitrary numbers are arbitrary, especially on Earth: Water:Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 33%Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 66%Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 100%Fire:Level 1 - Adds a stacking damage over time for the next 5 seconds, dealing 40% of builder's weapon damage totalLevel 2 - Adds a stacking damage over time for the next 5 seconds, dealing 80% of builder's weapon damage totalLevel 2 - Adds a stacking damage over time for the next 5 seconds, dealing 120% of builder's weapon damage totalNature:Level 1 - Increases damage output by 33%Level 2 - Increases damage output by 66%Level 3 - Increases damage output by 100%Earth:Level 1 - Gives builder's attack an AoE of 3/1.5Level 2 - Gives builder's attack an AoE of 4.5/2.25Level 3 - Gives builder's attack an AoE of 6/3Light:Level 1 - Increases the builder's attack range by 6Level 2 - Increases the builder's attack range by 12Level 3 - Increases the builder's attack range by 18Dark:Level 1 - Gives the builder's attack a 25% chance to do 200% damage on critical hit.Level 1 - Gives the builder's attack a 25% chance to do 400% damage on critical hit.Level 1 - Gives the builder's attack a 25% chance to do 600% damage on critical hit. Alternatively, something else we can do is increase how much specialization does and make it so that the combinations give a unique passive attack ability based on the tower. The attack type would still be changeable, so let's say you had Fire Light Dark, giving you Runic Tower's ability as your standard attack. Now, given how strong that ability is, it'd probably be scaled down to an AoE of 2 or 1.5. At any point in time, you'd be able to switch the attack type between Fire, Light and Dark (which would also influence the visual of the projectile). Or let's say I had Water 2 and Earth 1. So I have a slow-moving high AoE attack that also has increased attack speed from the Water specialization. With regards to dual towers, whatever two elements you combine first gives you the dual tower result. In the end, all of this would have to be balanced such that a specialization can't outdo grabbing another element and vice versa. And there's one more thing with regards to this - if everything is bought via minerals, does this need to be its own mode... or can we integrate this straight into the standard game? Personally, outside of needing to balance it correctly, I see no reason why it shouldn't. It's not like you'd have to use your builder to attack, but it remains as another option. I'll come up with the element match-ups on the builders later as well as how some of the attacks on the builder would work, especially some of those support tower combinations.
  10. Ah, this bug. How to do this: Get a dozen deceit towersTurn off the auto-cast on its clone abilityHave all of them cast it on one towerCongrats, you have an extra 12 pure towers from one pure tower! Yeah, reason you're getting this exploit is multiple trickeries cloning one tower at the same time. Since it's registering all of them at the same time, it doesn't recognize it as several clonings occuring but rather just one, at which point the "cannot be cloned" debuff occurs. Of course, it's too late by then. I don't know if this is a bug that can fixed or not, meaning this would just have to count as an exploit that we trust players not to do. I know someone else was telling me they did it with about 50 deceit towers cloning a single deceit tower for the lulz. In terms of multiplayer pub games, nothing can be done about an exploit (unless Karawasa is in the game who has the ability to kick people), but with replays, exploits just don't work. EDIT: Actually, I can think of a way to fix this... to a degree. Know how you select multiple ghosts and tell it to snipe a target and only one of them goes off? Same could be applied to the buff towers. However, there's still a way to pull this bug/exploit off by simply upgrading a bunch of them at the same time.
  11. Well I'm not sure why it wouldn't just replace Hero. Granted, Hero uses Terrazine and this would use minerals, but would there be an issue with merging the two? Imagine putting on hero mode AND weapons mode. Quite a bit of controlling stuff there. I'm not opposed to either way, I just figure I'd ask the reasoning behind this before chipping in ideas (plus I need to get back on my computer first anyways, my mindset is better there). EDIT: Oh, I just now saw builder selection. Either way, I still wonder if it might be better to merge Hero and this at least as a consideration.
  12. For EleTD? Nope. Come to think of it, I believe I named it wrong, lol. Ah well, when global play is added, it'll probably make more sense, lol. I suppose the leaderboard could actually be a large menu. I noticed in one of the forums, there was something for an item interface... could use that for the leaderboard system. It could include more categories like top played, highest wins, not highest XP simply cause that's easily hackable, and various other random stuff.
  13. It's mainly for consecutive matches of the same type of match. In most cases, it works well, since you usually end up doing a revenge match with the same settings. Then there's the issues with switching the settings up. Some cases work, others don't. That aside, I'll check out the replay on Sunday night, should be back by then.
  14. One of my issues (personally) with the current fruit setup is how long it can take, namely on maze. When it's non-mazing, you do your micromanagement and it's done within 5 minutes, give or take. Mazing... it can take forever. The micromanagement aspect then becomes a chore instead of a bit of work, and eventually you just go afk, between the lag and how long it's taking for the fruit to spawn an ability combination capable of killing you. For the people that have created the best mazes (cough, VAPOR), it ends up taking longer for the fruit round than the actual game, which is really ridiculous. Unless the current fruit format were to change. I dunno, last time I tried going afk for fruit round, I lagged out and couldn't finish it because it went on too long and just had that much lag. Guess that was a fruit round tangent, but it's relevant enough. Should probably try to finalize that aspect before going for this idea. Also, even though I'm regarded as the best for it, I'm against interest abuse being one of the deciding factors, which is why I think there should definitely be a good amount of the score based on speed to counteract it. APM, while to an extent should be a necessity (maybe around 100 at best), but this is a tower defense game.
  15. Rematch has a lot of bugs, still don't know what exactly the issue is with that yet. For example, if you try a game of wars and then switch to defense, the first wave will spawn but the second one will never come. Nonetheless, thanks for reporting that. I'll be able to see if I can replicate the bug on Sunday when I get back from turkey and pie. Quick question, do you have to beat through 60/fruit or can you do race, die, and then rematch?
  16. As noted in this thread - https://forums.eletd.com/Masters-Mode-t2965.html - I suggest using its scoring system so that the game is not solely based on fruit points, with a few modifications. While it's likely the most of the high scores will be in single-player mode anyway, this would be essential for the next suggestion. Regarding the modifications, the faster you beat the game, you still get more points (the exact amount, we'd have to play around with). More gold = more points. More lives = more points. In that thread, it suggests having a cap on those lives. Quite frankly, while the life tower strategy is very good, it usually doesn't clear waves quickly and it doesn't exactly have that much gold. With both gold and lives, the higher you get on either of them, the less each point of gold/lives will be worth (logarithmic). Additionally, assuming there's a way to track leaks (not lives), at the end of round 60, there's an automatic x1.25 multiplier that will be added to your total score (clean finish bonus... kinda ripping from Audiosurf, lol). A new scoring system would be needed for a global leaderboard. This is essentially something that tracks the top 10 highest scores for the game. Due to the speed multiplier for beating the game (let's assume that beating wave 60 in exactly 1 hour would have a multiplier of 1), those top fruit scores from doing extreme interest abuse or super long mazes probably wouldn't get the high score, unless you had an infinite score in maze. That said, there should probably be a threshold cap on that time to prevent enough gold for infinite defenses even on very hard. I'd say probably 75 or 80 minutes, might have to test that. The global leaderboard would give the following statistics. All of these would be readable from bank files: Player's name, XP and LevelMode completedOverall scoreFruit score and killsTime completed (wave 60)Total networth (wave 60)Total lives (wave 60)Total leaks (wave 60)Difficulty completedVery Hard multiplier - x1.5Hard multiplier - x1.3Normal multiplier - x1.0Easy and Very Easy will not countVersion completedIt will check for a version of the map in the bank file. If it cannot be found or if it's too old, it will not consider adding to the leaderboard. This is here on the basis of previous versions being potentially far easier due to certain mechanics. As for how to do a global leaderboard, I figure there's a way for the map to read the bank files when players load the game and then load that into the global leaderboard. It would read to see if it has a higher overall score and then load the rest of the stats for that player's score, giving its proper place. The button to open the global leaderboard would just be something in the top-left or top-right corner that would pop up a new window to show all of the stuff. Quite frankly, I don't know if Global Leaderboards are actually possible, but I swear I've seen them before, not sure what maps. But in case they ever do become possible, be it future patch or Heart of the Swarm, it would be something nice to add for this game, given that its competitive nature lies within top scores rather than directly in a match (which can apply too, just not on the same level as games like Hero Attack or the standard SC2 game).
  17. (As this suggestion is not Tower specific, I'm placing it here instead.) So XP currently has two uses - showing that you've played more than someone else and as you level up, more builder models. Well, honestly it isn't particularly rewarding. Other suggestions have gone around like making the periodic tower a rainbow tower, good ol' cosmetic stuff. However, this suggestion would allow more than just cosmetics and give more depth in gameplay. Since EleTD got featured, there's been a lot more new players, learning players, experienced players, and all that sorts, and it's not hard to get an 8-player game going nowadays. This is going to be a 2-in-1 suggestion simply due to the nature of the primary suggestion. That said, the Tower Ability Wishlist thread has a lot of tower ideas, good ones at that, submitted by lots of different people. I propose another building or separate UI for allowing alternate towers of all the damage towers. In total, there'd be 12 alternate dual-element towers and 12 alternate triple-element towers for a total of 24 alternates in addition to the existing ones. Essentially, instead of say having Quark Tower (Earth+Light), you could instead have (for example) a Static Tower. It has the same purpose of Quark Tower in that it's supposed to soften the creeps, but its execution is different. Let's say Static Tower is the opposite of Disease Tower (Dark+Light) in that it does more damage the higher the creep's hp is, however it is still single-target and short-ranged. It still has the same purpose as Quark, it won't necessarily kill the creeps, but it'll weaken them for other towers. Now, new players wouldn't catch on to the alternate towers. In fact, it wouldn't even be available to them until they hit a certain XP amount (say Level 5, whatever that XP amount is), at which point the game will point out that the player has access to researching these alternative towers. These towers may have a higher skill cap than the original towers; that's perfectly fine, they're alternates. They will not be better than the original either though, it simply allows for a different option. It will have the same purpose but function differently. As for how the UI works, could be a button for a tech tree of sorts (for tech tree ideas, Hive Keeper has a good tech tree UI, check it out). As you gain more XP, you'll be able to use it to gain more alternate towers. This tech tree would also have a design that allows you to choose your tower switches at the start of a match. If it's on normal length, these must be made before wave 5. Short mode and very short mode, before the timer goes off. And this is something that would carry over from game to game, so if you're testing out a build, you wouldn't have to set your towers every single time. I suppose another way is to just have the option on each tower, instant build time and irreversible. Suggestion number 2, this has been mentioned a few times before (had one thread on it here), but it never fully expanded into what the achievements are, how much they'd give, etc. And the reason I'm incorporating this suggestion in with the alternate tower ideas is.... before, an achievement system only supported getting players more XP and builder models, aka nothing much. If there was something like alternate towers, then an achievement system would work. First off, all achievements must be done on a minimum of normal difficulty. Unlike the multiplayer XP gain, achievements would be possible to gain in single-player (in fact, some of these might be nearly impossible in multiplayer games just because it's too easy for someone to screw you up towards some of the crazier ones). The following are a bunch of very basic achievements: Wave 10 - Beat wave 10 on at least normal difficulty, +10 XPWave 20 - Beat wave 20 on at least normal difficulty, +20 XPWave 30 - Beat wave 30 on at least normal difficulty, +40 XPWave 40 - Beat wave 40 on at least normal difficulty, +70 XPWave 50 - Beat wave 50 on at least normal difficulty, +120 XPWave 60 - Beat wave 60 on at least normal difficulty, +250 XP (arbitrary values are arbitrary)Dual Tower - Build a dual-element tower, +20 XPTriple Tower - Build a triple-element tower, +30 XPFruit Cake - Get 100 points on the fruit round, +300 XP Stuff like that. Of course, there’d be some crazy achievements along the lines of Extreme, Very Hard, Chaos, All Random, Normal length, go (lol). So it’s a very large suggestion, but a good amount of it (the tower ideas, for example) is already there. It would certainly add incentive for replayability and keeping players interested.
  18. WindStrike

    Havoc Mode

    While this should fall under a defense category, I'm instead going to suggest this stays on the primary voting menu, where it's called Defense - Havoc. One, pubs would actually see it and might pick it, and two, because every setting is preset. Havoc mode forces Competitive, All Random, Chaos wave order, and Short Mode. With regards to Chaos, you will not see the next wave (incorporating my Blind Chaos suggestion from way back when). However, it's not just a mode preset. At the start of every wave, a random effect will be in play for everyone. What effect? Well, for starters, let's use the mass amount of ideas used for all those Weapons mode attempts, where creeps might move faster or slower, all towers might do more or less damage, bonus bounty, stuff like that. If that's not crazy enough, a random tower will be chosen (at the start of each wave), and (like wars mode), a creep of that type will spawn for everyone, where it will have 2x the hitpoints of the current wave creeps and be considered a boss creep. It will also have both its own creep ability and the wave's creep ability. Of course, if we're borrowing from wars, then that means it won't pick anything considered a support tower, and as to not make pure rush the one thing to kill everyone, it will not pick pure towers either. The level of the tower will not matter, only its elemental type and what creep ability it would spawn. Of course, the difficulty of the game naturally goes up with this, but there would still be a screen to choose both difficulty and whether it's all random or same random (15-20 seconds to vote on these two options).
  19. Lol, with how dark all the phazor towers looked, I thought there was a new tower or something. Well, by placing it in Extreme mode, that definitely prevents you from doing extra interest abuse by leaking, lol. On the flipside, looking at that maze and the timer in the bottom right, I have the feeling that each wave took 1 to 2 minutes, allowing interest to stack super high and what allowed you to get 500k interest. Still, that's a pretty awesome maze design. Post the replay up when you can so we can see what you did there (see what I did there?). Great job! Now pull this off in non-mazing (just kidding).
  20. Woah, congrats on getting some really good scores. Post a replay up, one for proof that it happened and two for proof to show that you're awesome. Regarding higher difficulties, I like playing on Very Hard, so go to the channel more often (I'm NA) and see if I'm around, twould be glad to do some VH matches. Maze + Very Hard - If you can make a defense that goes infinite through fruit, I'd like to see it. That'd be bloody impressive.
  21. Although I do rack up a total of probably 20 to 30 interest in most multiplayer games off the first 5 waves, my way of doing that is something that I'm personally against in the game (except in random mode where you may have to do it just to survive). Effectively, I end up with 10% more minerals than everyone else in the game from the first 5 waves, which steadily grows until it's about double in the end. Honestly, what I think should happen is 60 seconds after starting a wave, the next one should automatically go off if no one has finished the wave by then. Not casual mode, it'd still be that when someone finishes the wave, the countdown for the next wave goes off to its 3 seconds or whatever it is. But if no one has finished the wave 60 seconds after it's finished spawning, the next one goes off. This would prevent any infinite interest abuse in the first 5 waves because once 5 minutes have passed, you can start losing lives. Or we can simply lose interest in the first 5 waves. I dunno, lemme run a few tests, which I'll do tomorrow (aka, after I do a bunch of schoolwork today). Also, the tournaments and challenges on this site use SC2. It's just that no one seems to go to this site anymore save for a few people.
  22. As noted in every challenge or tournament on this site, any form of excessive interest abuse (aka, in a single-player game, where no one else can screw you up) would disqualify the replay. Excessive interest abuse means intentionally leaking waves for interest abuse, and this would count as thus. Running the last creep all the way to the end of the maze without leaking is the most you can do with interest abuse and still be alright for a replay.
  23. Saves as in spamming a bunch of ray towers in the back combined with some serious micromanagement of wealth towers. But no more, here's an updated version of that defense: 159 Kills, 1139 Points. FELFELFENNN. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think there was any leaks. Might've been a rage leak against the mech round on 50 though. The new damage on money towers helps tremendously in this run, though its bounty bonus nerf offsets it and makes it not so broken. Darn you 1.5... I can't run EleTD in VersusAI anymore to not have lag! ARGH! But it still ran well. v138 VH _ 159 Kills_ 1139 Points.SC2Replay
  24. Uhh, just curious. How many waves into the fruit does mech show up? So far, it's only possible to get there in maze. Can't even get to the healing creeps in standard. But yes, I agree, mech is too strong in mazing because when they become invulnerable, they heal by 3.6% x 2.5 = 9% of their hp, and there's nothing you can do about it.
  25. Well it's more that he nerfed it when he thought he was buffing it in a previous patch, so now it's.... actually better than it was before, because it charges up faster and gets to 6 AoE. Wow. Which I think is fine now, it might just need a slight damage nerf though. Fast creeps no longer break the game, but it still throws people for a loop, lol. I haven't tested Electron hitbox detection yet, but I'll be sure to give it a try tomorrow. Also, thank god for Spawn Creep no longer stopping attack ground, lol. It makes it so that I can actually run my mildew defense in Maze mode now. Great changes this patch!
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