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  1. Love the idea Wind. Would give people a purpose outside of beating those you're playing against. Also gives the youngins something to aim for. As for the balancing aspect of weighting scales, that would just take adjustment with time (game reps, trial&error, etc.). In the end, it would depend on what aspect of the game Kara wants to emphasize: be it speed, interest abuse, fruit killing, etc. Personally, I would change the current setup to one that allows higher scores to be possible. Make wave N for fruitscore of say 10,000 be impossible (kinda like how the limit is currently set to around 2200). Then essentially just spread out the difficulty (fruit health gain + compounding abilities). Actually, might have the fruit cycle through abilities first, then random combos of two abilities (if possible), then combos of 3, working up to the max fruit score of 10,000 (or whatever works out math wise). The goal of this is to make the fruit more of a graded challange, rather than a quick death (at it is in non-mazing mode). Just a thought.
  2. Me thinks thou doth boast too much. Screen shot or it didn't happen.
  3. Ayr

    Mechanical Regen

    Please remove creep healing when they are shielded. Doesn't matter much early on, but in later levels, fruit especially, it can matter a great deal. Just seems a tad unfair, ya know?
  4. Ayr

    Element TD 1.40

    Sorry Kara, but fail on the Electron (LE). Level 1 does what it is supposed to, but Level 2 doesn't even hit them. Like not a single point, at any point. Same with Level 3.
  5. Ayr

    Blue's Maze View

    For Blue's map (the water one, 2nd player), the ledge is a bit too high. The height hides the bottom row, making it quite hard to not only see the row (many times important in mazing), but also can make it hard to build there (mouse wants to build on top of ledge instead of below it.
  6. Ayr

    Fruit Round

    Hence: Mazing >> Standard
  7. And just for posterity, I got about the same time as Wind while playing it on VH. ETDSubmit3.SC2Replay
  8. Ayr

    Fruit Round

    You mean game specific? So it will still be random every time we play the game, but each player will get the same randomly generated fruit, right?
  9. Ayr

    Fruit Round

    I like the idea of random fruit. could be interesting.
  10. Apparently I missed something. I was following the scoring that Kara put up: "Winner of each 1v1 will be the player with the faster pre-fruit game time. If both replays are within two minutes of each other, fruit points would determine the winner. If both replays are within 30 fruit points of each other, networth would determine the winner. " I read that as: 1) If replays are not within two minutes of each other, faster time wins 2) If replays are within two minutes of each other, use fruit point 3) If replays are within 30 fruit points, networth decides. Kinda built my entire strategy around that.... But i guess I can worth with a tie.
  11. Ok. Entries are in. How much did Wind beat me by?
  12. Ayr

    Shiny Arrows

    I have seen this many times. I con new players into playing mazing against me, then I explain that they are to build a maze using grenade towers around the waypoints. They proceed to build a wall around the blinking arrows instead of the waypoints. I think that it would be best if you could make the arrows just be part of the landscape instead of flashing. And hell, add some subtle flashing things to the waypoints while your at it. Think it would help new folks correctly identify where to build. Let me know what yall think.
  13. hole brought up a good point. We are doing ours on VH right? Just wouldn't seem natural to do anything else...
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