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  1. Hey, I like this! Pretty cool. One thing that I think you should add: certain support towers getting placement bonuses based on other towers that are within range. I'm mainly talking about stuff like Forge, Well, and Trickery, but I'm sure there are others that aren't coming off the top of my head.
  2. Nearby towers deal 25% more damage to creeps they are weak against (like darkness attacking light, for example).Nearby creeps have their abilities disabled (fast creeps don't speed up, undead creeps don't resurrect, etc.) If these sound a little OP, it's because I'm trying to think of useful things that haven't been suggested yet. As for builder-switching abuse, may I suggest putting a limit on it which isn't too restrictive? Like, you can only switch once every 3 rounds or so. That's just an idea I had, but I think it's a starting point you can work with.
  3. I think I've got a few too many Pures... This is a weird glitch, because all logic suggests it shouldn't happen. But as you can see from the screenshot (and from the attached replay, starting just past the 35-minute mark) some of my towers are being copied by more than one Deceit tower at the same time. The Deceit tower on the left is supposed to be cloning my Artillery towers, but instead it's cloning my Pure Light and Pure Darkness towers. I looked at the Artillery towers in the replay, and they do have the clone debuff which prevents them from being copied for another 60 seconds. What that tells me is that the left Deceit tower is trying to copy the Artillery towers, but for some reason the copies turn out to be Pure Light and Darkness towers. I haven't figured out how to reproduce it yet, but it has come up a couple more times in my (Light+Darkness)-based builds. Experimentation has led to two further revelations: 1. It's possible for this to happen the other way around (namely, the right Deceit is cloning Artillerys instead of Pures). 2. This is fixable in-game by deactivating the glitched Deceit's auto-casting, and then manually re-casting the ability on each tower it's supposed to clone. Now don't get me wrong, having 12 Pures is nice. But in the interest of fair play, this is kind of an exploit and it makes Deceit towers more OP than you guys probably intended. So look into it, please? Thanks. =D Element TD _ Duplicate Glitch.SC2Replay
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