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  1. First post: If anyone's looking for a score to beat for mazing, I just got 496 fruit kills on mazing, normal difficulty. It took forever to get through the fruit wave. Might want to make fruit stronger for mazing. However, I think it's possible to keep the fruit moving back and forth indefinitely by designing a long maze where the start and finish can be replaced by dead-ends, resulting in infinite interest. So that version is already broken for single player. I used two pure fire towers, 50 blitz towers, plus all the support towers obtainable from two levels of DNEWF: One EF and WN tower for every four attacking towers with two of the others. For other game modes... I used a similar strategy to get 130-something fruit kills on Normal, non-mazing, no-heroes and 156 on normal with heroes. Public games never pick anything but normal, competitive, so I haven't had a chance to play any other difficulties. I haven't seen anyone beat this strat in public games (although I'll get too greedy and get killed before the fruit wave quite a bit.
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