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    Life Tower

    Just about everything is OP on normal. I haven't attempted a normal run yet, but some of my stronger builds get 250+ frog kills on Hard difficulty. Good tower, but I honestly wouldn't try to spam it for frog wave. If you want proof of its relatively low DPS, check out my thread on DPS/Gold Values. Having a few at the end might be worth it to finish the creeps, but spam a different tower if you really want damage.
  2. Blacksmith/Well/Trickery towers, on autocast, will prefer various towers over others. Generally it goes from the highest in power down to the lowest. This list isn't posted in game, just hidden in the game stats. Here's the list, prioritizing from top to bottom: Pure & Periodic Level 3 Duals Level 2 Triples Level 2 Support Triples Level 3 Singles (Refined) Level 2 Duals Level 1 Triples Level 1 Support Triples Level 2 Singles (Focused) Level 1 Duals Level 1 Singles These towers cannot target any of each other with their buffs. A general tip, build one of these towers within range of 4 other towers you have to maximize its efficiency.
  3. Towers are already set to specified sets, namely all the tower upgrades. I don't think this would be possible, unless you don't wanna be able to tell the difference between your Tier 1 Fire Towers and your Pure Fire Towers, lol. I'd say that'd be nice for Wisp... except I don't believe Wisp has any sets that are actually out. However, we might be adding a feature down-the-road where you can change the model of your summoner from Wisp to, well, non-Wisp. Sooo perhaps via that way, we might be able to do the items/sets, but that's about it.
  4. Someone else got this same error. Not sure if this is the cause, but what's your screen resolution?
  5. Abuse trick that's getting fixed in next patch. That, and some issue with Jinx Tower. Don't expect it to last. Also, there's an issue with the leaderboard where it often doesn't record single-player games. If someone's spectating you or there's someone else in the game, it should record it, but otherwise, single-players have like a 20% chance to get posted. Not sure of the cause.
  6. Incoming more suggestions. Sticking names next to some of these, since credit isn't all mine. Forcestaff Tower Credits: Pierfrancesco Forces a creep to move forward in the maze, but in doing so, the creep takes major damage. Rocket Tower Credits: nb Constantly unleashes a barrage of single-target damage rockets at nearby creeps. Randomizes targets on each rocket. Tunneling Tower Credits: nb Short-ranged tower that deals cleave damage. Has a medium-ranged ability that lets it swap positions with another tower. Leveling it up decreases the cooldown. Hook Tower Credits: nb It's pudge time! It rots away, naturally dealing damage to all creeps that within short range of it. Has a medium-ranged ability that lets it hook another tower to its location. Leveling it up decreases the cooldown.
  7. WindStrike

    Life Tower

    Regarding the life + interest abuse trick, where you kill all but one creep, let it leak, and rinse + repeat by abusing life towers, that's getting fixed, soooo that "abuse" will no longer work. Life towers are definitely strong, buuuut until I see someone beat my 360k score build w/ life towers without that abuse trick, I don't think they need to be nerfed.
  8. Any chance you were on random elements? It's 100% sell for all towers when randoming. When going all pick, it's 98% for arrow/cannon and 75% for the rest.
  9. Okay, I just ran this build replacing fire with earth... it is surprisingly kinda weak against icefrogs. I might try it again going all pure water towers instead of pure nature towers, and then relying on tidal as my single-target.
  10. It's actually not dealing damage period. I believe it's fixed once the next update releases though.
  11. I just attempted some runs of this bullcrap combination of modes. Insane + Random + Chaos + Rush + Express. So far, furthest I got was Wave 29. For some reason, the match data isn't up on the leaderboard. Anyhow, feel free to post your results of this insanely stupid (read: awesome) mode.
  12. It's arguable that it can give more gold earlier via interest. Not entirely sure, I haven't really run comparisons yet.
  13. Linked here is a chart of all DPS values in the game, including their DPS per gold values, allowing you to figure out what (theoretically) does the most damage. Each tab grouping (see the bottom of the spreadsheet) is organized by range. DPS/Gold Values Spreadsheet Note that it does not take any buffs or debuffs into account. That said, explanation of what each category listed is: DMG: The amount of damage it does per attack. BAT: The attack rate of the tower. SDPS: Stands for Single-Target DPS. It's DMG / BAT = SDPS AoE: Displays what its AoE is. For some towers, it doesn't list the standard 100/200 or 150/300. AoE Mult: Stands for AoE Multiplier, which is approximately how much its SDPS should be multiplied by to account for its AoE. All of these are approximations, based on no slowing. There is no way to possibly account for all the factors without a super duper complex chart that no one can read. ADPS: Stands for Area DPS. This is the approximate DPS it deals that isn't Single-Target. DPS: This is ADPS + SDPS, so damage to the main target, and damage to all targets hit by whatever splash it deals. Gold Cost: The total cost of the tower, including all upgrades. SDPS/Gold Value: The value of the tower's Single-Target DPS per point of gold. ADPS/Gold Value: The value of the tower's Area DPS per point of gold. DPS/Gold Value: The value of the tower's Total DPS per point of gold. A general tip, based on this chart, Quality > Quantity. However, rushing straight for higher level towers might be rather difficult due to lack of gold and trying to kill the Levels 2 & 3 Elemental Bosses, so you'll need to experiment around to find the proper balance. I hope this chart helps you all out!
  14. I accidentally dropped part of the secret somewhere else on this forum in one of my replies, but until someone beats my score, I shall refrain from posting my build. Actually, my top score is skewed, cause I got screwed over by a bug involving trickery + pure essence. I'm pretty sure I can get it a little bit higher. Good luck trying to beat mah score, sire!
  15. I'm curious, I see this build on the leaderboard multiple times, all of which uses primarily single-target damage (Tidal, after attacking long enough, is more single-target than AoE , especially with Level 3 Well buffs), buuut with two slowing towers. Why not try it with Earth as the last element and get two damage amplification towers? I find they synergize better with single-target than slowing does. Great guide, by the way!
  16. I actually have a chart that shows all the DPS's listed, though I gotta revise and fix it up a bit before I can post it up. Look forward to it within the next day! Until then, keep experimenting and see whatcha find.
  17. Gold tower build is tricky as heck. As a straight rush, it's a terrible idea, undead and swarm will screw you over, plus anyone camping the entrance will screw you over instantly. As a second or third tower though, it can be fantastic, and it's easily attributed to giving me about a 20k networth leap by end-game (which is part of how I got that top score on the leaderboard). Generally, how I do it is get a tower with lots of AoE first, so Flamethrower, Nova, or Quake, and then yoink a Gold tower, and then whatever 4-element combo you've got, get one of each of the remaining triple-element towers. From there, aim for level 2 versions of those, and then you can build into level 3 elements or go 5-ele or 6-ele.
  18. Try zooming out, camera will be a little more free like that. Or does the problem still happen even with a zoomed out camera?
  19. That is DOTA's default, unless they add an option for that in the actual game options, that's not getting fixed. Shortcut to chat-all is shift+enter, I believe.
  20. Next patch, it's going up to a 60 second delay time between Wave 55 and Wave 56. Should also make Rush more possible.
  21. Guess I'll have to revise my Chaos Party idea and get it posted up then!
  22. Yeah, that's fully intended. It was to prevent a certain abuse trick where you pop the towers down and then sell right before each interest tick. Now, attempting to do so will give you net gain of +0. On the flipside, it's totally doable in random still, though even despite that trick, I've still gotten trashed on random due to bad randomized orders, lol. Glad to know you like it!
  23. It might, but the host keeps disconnecting before that happens, so I have no idea.
  24. Once someone disconnects, the scoreboard won't show up.
  25. There's a better, more hilarious mode combination. Very Hard, Same Random, Chaos, Rush, Express. The stupidity is real and glorious. But yes, I'd be up for either for sure.
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