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  1. I'm a newb, only played 3 games, but I noticed that Amplification tower is good. Also Life Towers are awesome - get 2 as soon as possible and you end up with 100+ lives.
  2. Oh, okay, gotcha. Thanks.
  3. Hey there, as you can see, I'm new to this forums. I've played EleTD back few years ago on WC3, like most of us. I remember having huge notebook with all the tips written and overall strategy. Well, time went by and I forgot about the game, but /r/dota2 reminded me of it! So, I started playing. I enjoy it, because game is awesome and has always been. But I find myself troubled, mostly with proper builds. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that Impulse Tower (the one with Ench) and Electricity Tower are the best in terms of pure DPS, right? If I'm right, then what towers do give the biggest slow? Nova Tower or Monsoon tower? I also noticed that Life Tower and Gold tower are very nice utility towers, great job on that. Another question: is it worth it to upgrade single element tower? I don't think they are good in terms of DPS and they kinda seem like a waste of gold/essence. And last, but not least: is Dark Element good? I totally skipped it in my last game and I've reached 55 lvl (OSfrog), and that's where I failed. Any other tips are welcomed! I will play by myself more, but I was thinking about creating a guide or something (for new players), so anyone with more knowledge and experience than me is welcomed to help me with those questions! Cheers!
  4. So, judging by this picture, the 1 stands for the best placement of tower? How do I read it? Where do I place long-range towers (Impulse tower f.e) and where do I place slow towers?
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