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  1. Custom builders. Nice! Stole those links from Noya. It may be subject to change I don't know. ^^ Looks very good and it is a good way to support the devs as well as show off their support and it's not p2w.
  2. Arrow and cannon towers can be sold for 98% of their cost. In random mode towers can be sold for 100% of their cost. Certain elements are stronger/weaker than other elements. Press space to see the different towers you can build as well as their requirements. Pay attention to the element (and ability) of the current and next creep wave. Saving gold increases your interest gold income. The faster you kill a wave the more score points you get. Killing waves quickly gives you less interest gold but simultaneously more score points. Compare yourself against others on the leaderboard: https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/ Every 5th wave you gain 1 lumber allowing you to summon an elemental boss. Every tower is unique: One tower increases your life, another one increases your gold. You can exchange lumber for 1 pure essence and gold depending on your current wave. Pure essence allows you to build periodic tower or a fully maxed out elemental tower. Discuss strategies, make suggestions or report bugs on the ETD forum: https://forums.eletd.com/
  3. Nice. Thanks for the vid!
  4. I will try that. Have to figure out how to beat your score. ^^ I'm currently rank 10, 267k score.
  5. Noya managed to overwrite space functionality (opens up tower interface) and in earlier version of ETD middle mouse click (removed since some people use it for camera drag). It might be possible seeing how Noya implemented custom keybinds in different areas. I think overwriting keybinds is possible but changing the behavior of an existing keybind might be not. (Not everyone binds chat to enter. But I think 99%+ of the Dota 2 community use enter to chat.)
  6. This thread is focused on beating insane difficulty. It is not the optimal way of getting a high score but it is an easy way of completing the mode. A safe way to play the game is by placing your towers on the upper right corner. The wave lasts longer so you have more interest income and the wave passes there twice. You can decide if you want to end the wave fast which would give you a higher score or you could save your money and beat the wave a bit slower which means you have more gold thus better towers. Elements in this run were used in the following order: Light, Nature, Water, Water, Nature, Light, Nature, Water, Fire, Fire I started with Light and Nature since it enables you to build Life tower. If you have below/above 50 lives this tower will give you another life after killing 3/9 creeps. The early waves are weak so you can farm lives easily. Next I got Water. This enables you to build Tidal towers (Water, Light, Nature). This is going to be my primary tower for damage output. If you are leaking waves more and more often it's time to say goodbye to your Life towers and upgrade them to Tidal towers. 4th and 5th element is Water and Nature. I plan to make Well towers. This tower provides attack speed bonus. General rule: For every 4 towers you have you should have 1 Well tower. I got Light next so I can max out my Tidal Tower, my primary tower for damage output. Then follows Nature and Water so I can max out my Well tower. When Well tower is maxed out it almost doubles the damage output of 4 towers. Lastly I get 2 Fires. I'm going to build Nova and Windstorm towers. These towers slow down creeps. My final lumber is converted into gold and pure essence. Pure essence allows you max out elemental towers. Tips: If you are playing in order to defeat the mode but not the score try to save up gold as much as possible. The more gold you possess the more gold you will gain. If you want to beat the score you have to end the waves as soon as you can but this also means you will have less gold for building towers. Pay attention to the attribute in the next wave. If your towers are primary water and you see the next wave is fire then you will have an easy time beating the wave. Water towers deal 200% damage to fire units. But if the next wave is darkness you can expect a hard wave. Water towers deal 50% damage to darkness units. Upgrade your towers wisely. In the early stage you can build cannon/arrow towers and sell it for 98% of their worth or 49 gold. 2% interest on 50 gold is 1 gold. So you can relocate your cannon/arrow tower basically for free. See what I'm doing at the beginning. You could just build more towers but the downside would be you would have less interest income.
  7. NA is the smallest region out of the 4 major region (playerbase). If you want to reach as many people as possible on /r/dota2, the biggest dota 2 community, and possibly /r/all then I think you should post it tomorrow. It's 1 am here in Germany. /r/dota2 is most active when it's 6-8 pm in Germany. (/r/all is most active between 3-5 pm.) Russia, China and SEA don't use Reddit so it doesn't matter to them when exactly you make the announcement post. So if it takes longer until it is released and announced maybe just delay it one day further. It's good if you hit people from /r/all. Many people don't like playing MOBAs but they may be interested in custom games. You may also lure in ex WC3 players to Dota 2.
  8. From Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/3vu4x0/after_some_internal_restructuring_elementtd_is/ http://www.gfycat.com/ElementaryShamefulCob Looking good
  9. I'm so happy! Looking forward to Element TD. Hopefully this time no .
  10. I think you should focus on bringing out the game first. If it gets popular you can think about monetization. Popularity has to be earned somehow and many (even if it is only pure cosmetic) will have mixed feelings. Also if the monetization isn't a success you spent a lot of time for little money. You want to continue using MoD/Jicyphex's assets but they have a bad image in the modding community. The modding community is all about sharing knowledge, making things possible. While Jicyphex has been holding the community back and used to be a very vocal person. He announced various projects, made videos about first competitive custom game FoF but to date the only released game of his is Invoker Warfare (DAC). Luckily it seems Jicyphex has vanished. The games were polished and playable. They were just not released rumor being because of monetization and keeping the code close sourced. In my opinion people should be allowed to do their own version of Element TD. That's how the majority of maps in WC3 evolved and that's how WC3 became so successful. Some version of the map will become the most popular one and the maker of it will continue updating it for years. I understand that it would mean competition to you and in worst case someone snatching the Element TD title in Dota 2.
  11. I don't agree with your vision on the Dota 2 port but I'm glad you are giving an honest answer.
  12. Why did the project fail? There are many other projects which weren't as promising as this and started much later but turned out nicer. They also have hardly any self-created art assets. If someone else wants to port Element TD to Dota 2 how should he approach it? Does MoD own this game? We don't want to ignite Jicy's wrath and have him send legal letters. Can you supply the old code/art assets? How do you envision the Dota 2 port? Will it be a free game? Should the next developer work closely with you? Are people free to make their own version of Element TD?
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