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  1. Alrighty. Next patch will flip around 2 & 3, and 6 & 7.
  2. Your first screenshot has been added as one of the official screenshots. Excellent job at destroying existence, sire; please, keep up the good work.
  3. How in the heck did your computer not crash. Crap, we need that as one of the advertising screenshots.
  4. The spreadsheet has been updated to match with the latest balance patch.
  5. 10 days after release, courtesies of lots of feedback and testing, we're releasing our first Milestone Patch! The patch should be up in less than an hour. Features & Fixes New Season! Leaderboard reset. Added Sandbox Mode! If enabled, it will bring up panel with options for testing towers and strategies. Available in single player only. Scores won’t count towards the leaderboard. Added Toggle Grid button, now found in your items. Should make figuring out your placements a lot easier. Updated voting UI to show All Pick voting option and descriptions Fixed speed bonus being decided based on when the wave starts spawning instead of when the wave finishes spawning Fixed shift-queueing malfunctioning with autoattack-off after Stop. Fixed Interest hiding the close button on replays Fixed being able to reach and build into other areas. In game rankings are now displayed for those with a leaderboard ranking. A fair number of projectiles have been altered. There are no longer clones of Lina’s, Morphling’s, Batrider’s, Keeper of the Light’s, and Invoker’s attacks. That said, all towers’ projectiles should be different. General Balance Swarm has been replaced by Regeneration: The Regeneration creep type recovers 2% of its Maximum Health per second. Once it recovers a total of 100% of its health, it will stop regenerating. The sell value of towers (except Cannon/Arrow) on All Pick has been raised from 75% to 90%. Pure Essence Gold Bonus reduced by 20%. All Score Multipliers are now multiplicative. The speed multiplier has been adjusted, and the bonus goes up by 2% up from 1% per consecutive wave cleared fast enough. It should be easier to get the consecutive bonus, but taking longer to clear the waves will screw your score over a lot more than before. Chaos Mode now has a Score Multiplier of x1.10, down from x1.25. Rush Mode now has a Score Multiplier of x1.25, down from x1.5. Attack points have been adjusted on many towers. There should now no longer be a delay on any tower when trying to acquire a new target. Some projectile speeds were increased, namely on longer range towers. The Countdown Timers between each wave have been adjusted on all difficulties. Insane should be a little easier and Normal should be just slightly harder. Also, Haste should no longer be at perma-max speed on Insane + Rush. Single Element Towers The power factor has been rescaled. Old: x5 (upgrade to Focused), x5 (upgrade to Refined), x15 (upgrade to Pure) New: x6.5 (upgrade to Focused), x6.5 (upgrade to Refined), x10 (upgrade to Pure) Overall, this makes Pure Towers about 12.7% stronger than before, except Periodic Tower. Costs have been altered: Upgrade to Focused increased from 375 to 450 gold; total increased from 550 to 625 Upgrade to Refined increased from 1250 to 1675 gold; total increased from 1800 to 2300 Upgrade to Pure decreased from 9200 to 8700 gold; total cost unchanged Water Tower damage altered from 60 / 300 / 1500 / 22500 to 60 / 390 / 2535 / 25350 Fire Tower damage altered from 20 / 100 / 500 / 7500 to 17 / 110 / 720 / 7200 Nature Tower BAT changed from 0.66 to 0.31. Damage altered from 140 / 700 / 3500 / 52500 to 80 / 520 / 3380 / 33800 Earth Tower AoE increased from 150/300 to 200/400. Damage altered from 48 / 240 / 1200 / 18000 to 45 / 295 / 1900 / 19000 Light Tower BAT changed from 1 to 0.66. Damage altered from 140 / 700 / 3500 / 52500 to 100 / 650 / 4225 / 42250 Dark Tower BAT changed from 1.5 to 1. Damage altered from 260 / 1300 / 6500 / 97500 to 180 / 1170 / 7600 / 76000 Dual Element Towers Costs have been altered Upgrade to Tier 2 has been reduced from 800 to 750; total reduced from 1250 to 1200 Upgrade to Tier 3 has been reduced from 1900 to 1800; total reduced from 3150 to 3000 Blacksmith, Well, & Trickery damage increased from 350 / 1750 / 8750 to 450 / 2250 / 11250 Disease damage multiplier formula has changed from (Max HP / Current HP) to ([Max HP + Current HP] / Current HP). Damage decreased from 60 / 300 / 1500 to 50 / 250 / 1250. With the formula change, this is a buff. Gunpowder damage increased from 27 / 135 / 675 to 32 / 160 / 800 Hydro range increased from 700 to 900 Ice damage decreased from 150 / 750 / 3750 to 135 / 675 / 3375 Moss Tier 3 BAT changed from 1 to 0.66 and should now be in line with the other tiers. Poison damage increased from 180 / 900 / 4500 to 200 / 1000 / 5000 Magic Tower range increased from 1150 to 1500; however, stacks cause it to lose 75 range instead of 50. Minimum range is now 600. Trickery Tower behavior altered. For Tiers 1 & 2, on autocast, they will only clone towers that are attacking. Tier 3 will still always clone stuff, cause there’s no reason not to. Triple Element Towers Ephemeral damage increased from 1600 / 8000 to 1800 / 9000 Erosion will now immediately start dealing damage when the effect applies, instead of waiting a second. Damage per second increased from 110 / 550 to 120 / 600 Flamethrower damage decreased from 500 / 2500 to 400 / 2000 Napalm was untouched, so this is actually only about an 8% DPS nerf, if even. Gold bounty bonus reduced from 30% / 60% to 25% / 50%. In exchanged, damage is increased from 3500 / 17500 to 4000 / 20000 Hail damage increased from 850 / 4250 to 1000 / 5000 Haste max stacks reduced from 16 to 15. Reset time reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds. Damage also decreased from 1100 / 5500 to 1000 / 5000 To clarify, BAT now caps out at 0.25 instead of 0.2 This means it’s 4 attacks per second, down from 5 attacks per second. Combined with damage nerf, it’s a 37.5% damage nerf, yet despite that, it’s still a good tower. That’s how OP it was. Muck damage increased from 700 / 3500 to 800 / 4000 Obliteration damage increased from 1000 / 5000 to 1100 / 5500 Polar damage increased from 1300 / 6500 to 1600 / 8000 Runic damage decreased from 1050 / 5250 to 1000 / 5000 Tidal now only loses 10 AoE per stack. Number of stacks increased from 20 to 30. Base damage decreased from 600 / 3000 to 500 / 2500. Damage per stack decreased from 90 / 450 to 50 / 250 It now drops down to 100 AoE (full) and 2000 / 10000 damage at max stacks. Overall, this is a buff at all stages of the game. Windstorm range increased from 900 to 1150. Hope you all enjoy it, and let us know what you think!
  6. Hmm, only problem with that is that towers would then have to be able to target the creeps while they're invulnerable, which would just waste shots. For the next balance patch, I've updated a number of projectile speeds, especially on single-target towers, so Light Tower and Magic Tower shouldn't get screwed over nearly as bad by Divine Shield. Wait, there's no fast on express? Yeesh, I'mma have to revisit that mode's wave order mahself and see if I can that up a bit. I'll try to aim for keeping all the creep types in, but less of each, so there shouldn't be... what, 7 shield waves out of 30? Oh god, now that I say that, that sounds horrifying. Would 4 or 5 be fine? We might remove Divine Shield down the road, but at the moment, we're just gonna get Swarm replaced, due to a combination of lag issues and screwing over Single-Target way too much.
  7. If a lot of people are saying a tower in particular is really strong, I don't immediately nerf it; I look into it first, test a good bit, and then make the call on nerfing it. For example, a lot of people find Life Tower OP, but after testing it as it currently is, it's... really not. Yeah, you can go into the Icefrog Wave with 300+ lives, but if you don't kill any more Icefrogs than with other towers or you're not clearing the waves that fast, then it's not OP. Haste, on the other hand, is silly on the waves. You should not be able to brute force your way through frigin' Water + Swarm waves using Haste spam.
  8. Creep Type: Adaptive When hit by a tower, it changes Armor Type to the type that counters the Element it was hit by. For example, if it was hit by a Fire Attack, it'd change to Water Element. 15 second cooldown Creep Type: Impervious Impervious to all debuffs, but naturally moves 15% slower. Creep Type: Monster When it dies, heal and increase the health of a nearby creep by 5%, carrying all stacks on death to the said creep. Creep Type: Undying When the creep would normally die, it receives an effect that prevents it from dying for 5 seconds, also healing it by a total of 10% of its maximum health during that time. 15 second cooldown I do not apologize for any of these ideas.
  9. Pure Essence'd on a single level 2 slowing tower to cause max slowing without any other slowing tower? Lol Yeah, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to shoot this suggestion down. Next balance patch buffs pure towers a little bit though.
  10. Weeeell aware of this one. We were actually just gonna drop the max stacks down from 16 to 15, so BAT goes from 0.2 to 0.25; aka 5 attacks per second down to 4 attacks per second, so 20% DPS nerf. Additionally, the countdown timers on the difficulties are being adjusted, so that on Insane + Rush, that tower will no longer be firing at max stacks 24/7.
  11. Courtesies of Holepercent, he has uploaded a replay of my 406k score run of Insane + Chaos, which involves getting all the way to Icefrog Wave 9. Check it out here! I am positive I can beat out that score and get to the top of the leaderboard again, beating out those Chaos + Insane + Rush scores beaten via Haste Tower spam. Apparently, Jinx works better with the build than Polar, so I'mma do a run of going Nature 2 instead of Water 2.
  12. We're thinking about applying a Lives Bonus and an Overall Speed bonus to the end. Leak the last wave a lot and the speed goes down. Another thing that attributes to that is the formula on scoring right now, which is getting changed to be completely multiplicative. So if you take... what is it, I think 120 seconds to clear it wave, it drops down to * 0 score.
  13. Thanks fer the reply, lotsa cool ideas here! FYI, the single-element towers with abilities actually came from this thread right here. We do want to keep support towers as support towers and damage towers as damage towers, or else, well... let's just say I've cheated maxing out all the support towers + one pure tower, and it's absolutely silly. Nevertheless, twill just go down the list on your ideas: Fire We'll probably go with spherical damage AoE. Scaled down Flame Tower would actually make it more of single-target tower, and I figure people like it best as more of a bruiser. For AoE buff, we were gonna stick that as an alternate to either Blacksmith or Well. Earth Stuns will never happen due to a possibility of stunlock. After experiencing this in the WC3 version involving that version's Quark Towers, I can say for sure it's quite dumb, lol. Thinking about going for just sheer AoE though, so I might go for that suggestion. Though, that miiiight make it too close to Fire Tower if the AoE is too big? Dark Of those ideas, I like the Shadow Poison idea the most. Might not necessarily use it on Dark cause the thread I linked has that Overkill damage idea, which is awesomeness, buuuut perhaps maybe on Earth or Nature. Light Goin' back to "supports should stay supports and damage towers should stay damage towers", goin' with slows would be a support ability. Glimpse back would arguably be worse than stunlock. I do like the Illuminate idea though. Water Oh wow, waveform. Hmm, thing is, we don't wanna make the single-element towers too complex though, the casual player should still be able to use 'em just fine still. On the other hand, for an Alternate Combination Element tower... could be awesomeness. Nature I might agree about the treants; however, Noya would murder everything if we added anything to the game that spawns more units, due to lag issues. Periodic Tower Lol, true Invoker. Probably won't go with that, though that does spawn an idea - the Pure Towers having over-the-top abilities. For example, Fire Tower being able to drop a meteor. o_O Death Prophet Tower If it involves spawning units, then probably not, cause again, lag issues. There actually isn't really a tower right now that deals more damage the closer they are... we'll probably use something like that for the alternate for Impulse Tower. Great ideas, even those yeah, some of those are clearly overpowered, lol. Keep on suggestin'!
  14. For our first major content update, we're aiming to add a feature that let's you select an alternative tower to any elemental combination tower. Essentially, each tower will have a new button that says "Switch to Alternate Tower". Selecting this button will turn ALL of that tower type into its alternate counterpart. Regarding design, each tower should be similar in effect, but its damage type would be one of the other elements that make up the combination, and its purpose would also be different. For example: Runic Tower currently deals Darkness damage and deals AoE. Its ability lets it shoot all targets within a small AoE for a few seconds, so it super counters clumps of enemies. Alternate Runic Tower would deal Light damage and deals Single-Target. Its ability would, for a few seconds, cause additional damage for each creep near the target. Aka, an opposite Laser Tower, but one that theoretically infinitely scales with slowing/clumping like Runic Tower. To clarify something, you will not be able to have both the original version and the alternate version at the same time. When you select the button to switch to the Alternate, it'll switch all towers of that type over. You can switch from the Alternate back to the Original, but it's going to have a long cooldown time. In addition to this feature, for this content update, Single-Element Towers will be receiving overhauls with effects that are still pretty basic, but they won't all be overglorified copies of Cannon & Arrow Towers anymore. This feature will also make the game considerably easier due to opening up lots more possible builds; however, to counteract that, we'll also be adding more Creep Types. Those 19 Creep Waves with no abilities in the standard order will probably be cut down to just 5 or 6 Creep Waves with no abilities (first five). This will naturally make the Icefrog Boss Wave harder as well, with more randomized variety to deal with. In total, there are 15 Dual Element Towers and 20 Triple Element Towers. There will be a total of 7 Creep Types, so excluding the ones we're keeping, we need 2 New Creep Type Ideas. We need enough ideas to cover alternates for all of those. Feel free to suggest designs from previous versions of the game as well. Please post your comments and suggestions below! FYI, for Random Mode, if you feel yourself getting screwed over often, this feature will not force one version over the other. You would still get the option to switcheroo it over the to Alternate and vice versa (with long cooldown still).
  15. It should be 700. It'll be fixed next patch.
  16. Unfortunately, a lot of people wouldn't really view it as "fun", just horribly stupid. Closest you'll get is a sandbox mode, which ain't the same, but you'll be able to give yourself the equivalent of testing out 300k gold.
  17. Not sure the crit is necessary on Dark Tower, but overkill damage chaining would be very nice. For Earth Tower, do the projectiles still splash? If not, it'd honestly end up a little too similar to Water Tower's bouncing effect. Speaking of Water Tower, it's pretty much Luna's bouncing attack, which is awesome. Though, that makes it a little close to Lightning Tower's effect, sooooo instead of bounces decreasing in damage, they increase in damage per bounce. I actually would say Fire and Nature could use minor abilities, or else we'd still have a glorified Arrow Tower and a glorified Cannon Tower, and those aren't completely necessary, given those two towers are still useful for the first quarter of the game. I'mma just plop down some ideas here: Multi-Target: Unlike Hail Tower though, this acts more like Runic Tower's ability, in that it shoots everything within say 150 AoE of the creep (so by default, 3 creeps). However, all shots are single-target. Recommended for Water or Earth tower. Burn Baby Burn: Burns everything in a small radius around the tower, dealing damage over time. It's pretty much Nova without a Slowing effect and hits a smaller area, meant more for pure damage. Recommended for Fire Tower. Splash Kill: Tower is normally single-target, auto-attacks lowest hp creep; however, when it kills a creep, it causes an explosion, hitting all creeps around it. Recommended for Nature or Earth tower. Line Drive: Long range attack, auto-targets furthest creep, single-target damage to the primary creep. All creeps caught in the projectile's wake take minor damage. Can Attack Ground as well. Recommended for Light Tower. FYI, I do really like this idea and would like to implement it, but it definitely won't make it next balance patch.
  18. WindStrike

    Endless mode

    Between lag issues, length issues, and the fact that max elements results in an invulnerable build, I'm afraid not. I tested out just 2 Periodic Towers with max level Blacksmith/Well/Trickery towers. It was able to solo the entire game and even step a bit into the boss wave. Imagine a defense about 20x that size. The game would probably run for at least 3 hours and would be fairly pointless by then.
  19. I think this has more to do with Rush mode being a little poor on the design side than it does with Shield being OP. Various creep types are supposed to counter various builds. Rush, on the other hand, instantly invalidates half the builds in the game because it requires you to entrance camp, and Shield hard-counters entrance camping. I can attempt to bump up some projectile speeds, but I can't jump 'em up too much because a lot of projectiles bug out if their projectile speed goes about 2500 or higher.
  20. People can change names, there's also a number of cases of multiple people sharing the exact same name. Also, if it's the guy with a Wario avatar, that's not a legit replay, we've been wiping his scores due to some console shenanigans on his part. We're gonna try a fix to it soon and hope said fix works to keep him from breaking the game.
  21. I kid you not, with a +0.5% interest upgrade in the WC3 EleTD, you could jump your networth from 100k to 300k. Likewise, as Twilice said, if you don't get that interest as first pick on random, it really is insta-loss.
  22. No, I just haven't played a match in a while, lol. There is an alternate way that lets you skip the first half of the steps. If you're friends with that player, you can load up dota, and load up their profile from the in-game friends menu, and it won't matter if they haven't played a standard dota match in a while.
  23. (This method comes courtesies of NOSna in the IRC) Wondering how to look up a replay for the DOTA 2 version of Element TD? Fear not, for you totally can... through a bit of a roundabout process, but it works. First, get the player name of the person you wanna search off the Leaderboard. Then, go to Dotabuff and in the top-right corner, do a search of that name. Select the profile from the search results that matches (probably the one with the same avatar). If that player has a match history, click on any of the matches, doesn't matter which. If they don't have a match history or the most recent match is prior to DOTA 2 Reborn, then this method won't work. In the top-left corner, it should say Match followed by a bunch of numbers. That 'bunch of numbers' is a MatchID. Then, load up DOTA 2, go to the Watch tab, then the Replays tab. In the top-right corner, there should be a search box that says 'Search for MatchIDs'. Enter that 'bunch of numbers' there. This will load up the match. Find the player in the match, and select them. This'll load you into their profile. Go to Recent Games, and any game listed that says it's a Custom Game with Io as the Hero Played will be it. To match it with the Leaderboard, find the game duration that matches most closely, and wah-lah, that's the replay you want to find! Pretty roundabout, eh? Regarding the replay itself: If you find the camera is locked, in the top-right corner of the screen, switch the Camera from Directed to Free. There is a bit of a bug where trying to exit the replay in the top-right corner by pressing the X doesn't work, due to the Interest Timer blocking it. For now, escape with the Menu Button in the top-left corner, and Disconnect from there. Dunno if this bug is fixable.
  24. Combination of both, model sizes increase just slightly from level to level. All base level towers I believe don't have cosmetic sets, but all the higher level stuff does.
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