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[LeaderboardGuides] Nature/Water Guide

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1 minute ago, Tabasco Tampon said:

it's not clear that highscores in private lobbies won't be scored

There are no private lobbies, you are still playing on dedicated servers if you host a single player lobby. The reason some scores might not record is a database locking problem, where once every 5 minutes it is denying writing, causing some matches to never be stored. We found a problem for this and it should be resolved with the next leaderboard reset coming up today.

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you can put the summoner on a control group hotkey once and it will always be mapped to that hotkey


might interfere with your IO control group mapping if you play dota 2 but i don't play that hero so idk


whenever you have any wood you can also access the summoner via the skill upgrade menu (which has a hotkey too)

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On 3/7/2016 at 4:27 AM, Califax said:

I'm glad that patch 1.0 exists.. :P

Current leaderboard system is just retarded.. >_>


I'm glad you enjoy the 1.0 patch. We will continue to improve the scoring. Any ideas?




9 minutes ago, Drunkey Monkey said:
Please explain to me why the price of the tower contains 375 gold, but in fact it costs 455 gold? Is it bug?



Which tower? Which upgrade?

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To build a Nature 1, it costs 175 gold. To upgrade to Nature 2, it costs 450. Total cost: 175 + 450 = 625

To upgrade to nature 3 it costs 1675. Total cost to build: 175 + 450 + 1675 = 2200.


Information on eletd.com site and in-game both reflect this.

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17 minutes ago, Lavathing said:

Just as a fyi for those wondering, I hope to have some new guides out for patch 1.0 sometime this week. :)


FYI, patch 1.1 is coming tomorrow.

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On 3/27/2016 at 1:27 AM, IllidanStormrage said:

welp, this build is fucked, the new meta might be fire towers, because nature towers got nerfed to just fast speed 


NW build still works through patch 1.8.  It's not like before where you can just upgrade things when you feel like it and overpower everything to hell.  Now, you have to be absolutely precise in your upgrade timing.  You need to watch your gold too.  Everything has to be exact.  And you HAVE to be ready for the avenger levels.  Avengers absolutely destroy Nature build. 



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