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  1. was able to beat insane first try but god damn the game definitely got harder and a lot slower
  2. if .3^10 is positive, .7^10 is positive :^)
  3. not necessarily a separate leaderboard but rather filters for the one we have
  4. you can put the summoner on a control group hotkey once and it will always be mapped to that hotkey might interfere with your IO control group mapping if you play dota 2 but i don't play that hero so idk whenever you have any wood you can also access the summoner via the skill upgrade menu (which has a hotkey too)
  5. the main problem i ran into was the fact that you need both earth and fire to build haste/quake so you cant upgrade them until lvl 45 might still work out if the build is optimized enough but it's really tight
  6. Fire opens up alternatives to replace Tsunami as a straight up damage tower. I'm not sure they're as good but let's just assume they're adequate for a second: Kpop Fangay has 12 Tsunami, 3 Glacial, 4 Invocation, 3 Pure Nature and 7 Waterfalls. Forge gives you the same 30% buff Invocation does (not actually mechanically the same which might be a problem) and costs almost a third. The money should fit for at least 20 Damage Towers, 5 Forge and 5 Waterfalls. 20 forged Damage Towers deal 116.(6)% (66.6%) more damage than 12 regular Damage Towers (with Invocation). The Tsunami/Glacial combination might be that much better than anything Fire offers over Light but idk, it might also just not?
  7. are we sure getting light is better than fire
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