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1.1 Preview Patch

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As global onslaught of a hippocampelephontacamelos named Bob decimates the cotton candy gorillas with heat-seeking killer bees- wait, wrong game. We've got another patch coming anytime between now and a few days, just got various bugs and balance to test out. Here's a preview of what's to come!

  • General
    • Custom Wisp Set & Custom Builders for our amazing and generous supporters!
    • Matches have Steam ID Match Tracking! Now you can copy your favorite player's build faster than ever!
    • You can now set your lives for Sandbox.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed remainder frog kills not adding towards the final score

    • Fixed slow adjustment on fast creeps

  • Scoring

    • Frogs base points lowered from 250 to 200 per creep

    • Wave Speed bonus points increased from +2% to +4%

    • Each wave now has +5 base score per creep (+3 on express), making early waves have more value overall.

      • For example, on Classic, instead of Wave 1 giving '1 * 30' score, it now gives '6 * 30' score.

    • Updated fast scoring to use the intended 30 seconds as the tiebreaker.

  • Balance

    • Express Random Mode can now select a level 2 element at wave 6 (down from 9) and level 3 at wave 15 (down from 18).
    • Bulky Creeps have gone out the window.

    • In their place comes the fearsome Temporal Creeps!

      • When its health drops to a certain percentage or less (this includes death), it'll warp back in time by a few seconds, restoring both its position and health. Still testing exact numbers.

    • Avenger Creeps' debuff increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.

    • Quark Towers have a bit of a revamp bat. Their max stacks are reduced; however, when they switch targets, instead of losing all stacks, they only lose half the stacks. Still testing exact numbers.

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