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Well, my wallpaper keeps on changing every 10th minute, so I don't know about that :P

Is that some kind of software that allows you to insert a few photos then it will change after some time?

here's it~


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I'm using a 3D desktop.

You can change the direction you are looking by doubleclicking the new target (doubleclicking the ground switches you to desktop/semi-desktop mode).

desktop view:




right side


It's called BumpTop.

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what 3d desktop program do u use?


the girl is

alodia gosienfiao.

not so into cosplay, but this shot of her i really liked.


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I generally have my main monitor (Right side) always used with my left monitor with side applications opened such as file explorer/Skype/browsers(while watching a stream only). Outside of that I literally only use 4 applications for active interaction and they would all conveniently fit on my taskbar if two of them didn't automatically open up through other applications.


Simple me, simple desktop.

Just realised the most recent post was made while I was still living in another country, that's quite some time..



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These days I generally keep my desktop clean. Sometimes I use it for scratch pad type things (as you can see).



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