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    Fast Creeps

    I have problems with the fast waves whenever I farm, since funny enough, Most of my builds uses single targeting towers(lategame) as of now I think they are fine just the way they are, since I do sometimes risk leaking a creep or 2
  2. taf

    Super Weapons

    **CreepChanger** A tower which allows you to change the health of your OWN creeps, though with the loss of less money per kill, could be pretty useful if you are about to leak a creep... **TowerBooster** Allows you to define if a tower should recieve either a: Attack speed buff, Attack damage or Range buff.[should only be able to target ONE tower if targeting more towers it would be OP] **Walking Killers** A tower which you can patrol around an area(ex the first 2 corners) and it would do AOE damage to the creeps it walks over... Should be slower than all creeps and proberly max a amount of these towers to be made My odd ideas TaF
  3. Have been playing 3 times today, haven't got them stuck ever, but ehm... No so far they haven't.
  4. My laptops desktop!
  5. I've been using the obiliteration towers for quite awhile now and I allways make it to the fruits (which owns me ) But whenever i change tactics I somehow dosen't come further than the early 50's or late 40's... Most of my builds evolves around Obiliteration towers... TaF - FIRST POST YAY! :D
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