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  1. even if you kill more frits and rack up more points than someone else, if you die first it states that you lost.... maybe a bug?....
  2. Nuchu

    bank info

    so i talked to US bank. It doenst look like I will be able to get much of a business loan based on my credit history, but with you as a cosigner that might change things... (i didnt know any of your info besides your name) also in order to setup the loan you would have to go into a branch near you and fill out an application as well, and they can fax it over to utah to my local branch... also since this is a business loan we would need to setup an LLC or at least get a business license setup first since the loan would be in the business's name. sounds like a personal loan with you kara would be easier to setup with the bank, but i doubt we would be able to get anything without some serious collateral if we approached the bank as a business looking for a loan it sounds like we could get some capital pretty easily, but we need to setup an LLC or something equivalent first... let me know Drew to anyone but me and kara reading this, we are looking into getting some money to pay for graphics for the iphone version of the game, so if you know of anyone that has experience then have them contact me @ [email protected]
  3. List of things I have pirated that I will need to buy a license for when we publish: EzGUI - 200$ www.anbsoft.com/middleware/ezgui/ UnityPro v3.3 - 1500$ www.unity3d.com iOS add on to unity - 1500$ game development for iphone tutorials - 99.99$ www.gameprefabs.com (might not buy this, but eventually if we make enough, since these tutorials have helped me a ton to learn unity, I would toss the devs a bone)
  4. Same I have not been able to beat it in very hard in a public game I have tried like 20 times or so What is the point of sell if you still lose mineral value each time? every time you sell you lose like 12% of your worth even with the upgrade. At least make the sell percent 100% if you pick it because its useless with out it. Reduced interest in other modes also makes it them quite a bit harder as well. Basically no reason every to play all pick because you lose out on 2 gas worth of summons With out interest very hard is almost impossible to beat instead of a flat interest rate is there some sort of algorithm we could use to make interest exponential... because going for 2 or 3 interest ticks will make you a lot of money, but it also puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to number elements to play with. lemme just ask the dev's one question... whats your ultimate goal with reselling/interest at lvl 60? do you not want someone to fill up the level with towers at the end? do you want people to micromanage their money more throughout the game?... im sure we could all pool together and come up with a good solution to the problem...
  5. Nuchu

    Teaser ;)

    yeah, my game engine has flipped the image backwards... unless you read right to left... then its correct. lol
  6. Nuchu

    Teaser ;)

    Teaser.mov enjoy
  7. i'll post here when I need to get data/pictures/icons/images from you kara and also a general list of things we need to talk over and eventually implement you can upload them here and so i can download them whenever i get the chance so far this list includes: default orientation? i my vote goes to landscape at the start, but do you want to support multiple orientations eventually? icons: I need quite a few icons and screenshots. screenshots obviously will only happen once we get the game programmed, but I will need icons from you in order to make an xcode project and upload it to my iphone for testing purposes 1. 114x114 2. 72 x 72 3. 57 x 57 splash image, or an image that appears when the application is loading... im thinking we modify the load screen from sc2 and use that font: this could change, but right now im using the standard arial font for all my GUI/menu's. If you have something in mind then let me know what font it is, and i'll see if someone has it or if we can get a custom font created data: this is something i will work on myself for now. but i might as you a few questions along the way im going to put all the data into a spreadsheet and i can work from there game modes: initially I vote that we just do a simple AP, normal length, non chaos, mode and work new game modes in from there. what i need from you is what modes/difficulty's do you want eventually and we'll add it to the list theme: any sort of theme or any sort of idea on what themes you would like to influence the game on? (fantasy, sc2?/ elemental? ) feel free to add anything else you feel is needed on the list here im going to start a new thread for the classes in a bit, i'll show you the source files that i have drawn up using my own class system
  8. bump again... still looking for a graphic designer of any kind. this is not a "you do work for free" project, there is some money to be made compensation will be discussed in private PM me if you have these skills or know anyone who has them...
  9. this i guess is with jpeg loadscreen game doesnt crash at all and loads in an instant but still cant see what the screen should be like..
  10. crashing load screen on my mac, the game will either completely fail and just die or it will get to a loading screen like this and lock up for a good 2 mins during that time Bnet disc me and i will reconnect when it finally loads here is my crash report if anyone can make sense of it
  11. hope so, im getting near the point that im going to have to start importing graphics. i have all the basic functionality programmed. still need to make a build system though, thats proving to be somewhat tricky....
  12. so, im working on a side project for Ele TD and I would like to actually work with a member of the community that shares my enthusiasm for this map/game. if any of you have experience with creating models in any 3d modeling program and also texturing them contact me.... im looking for at the very least a bunch of primitives to be made up for towers and if you are up to the challenge some final/detailed models
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