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  1. im not sure if the pseudo random thing exists in starcraft. so... yea. something to check i guess.
  2. I could exempt -random players from the penalty, or at least reduce it. so you only lose the xp you've gained for that game. you can't level backwards by being awful? ok. fear 1 averted exempting random from penalty sounds like a great idea. encourages random play which means people explore more strategies because they can still gain xp even if they lose. +1 to this idea.
  3. is this the thing where it would shoot off into space whenever it felt like it? if so, kudos. yes. it was an odd problem. i can't remember exactly. something to do with it not correctly reaching it's target point and losing it's direction.
  4. orbs do 180 degree revolution. they can only deal damage to a creep once per revolution.
  5. im not sure on the xp based on difficulty but banks loading all the time means the game will always load your xp/level. so you can use builder swap even if you are playing singleplayer. but you cannot earn xp in singleplayer.
  6. LOL thats a good idea
  7. could use a custom resource. but then it's not really a choice between powers and towers. you just get both.
  8. Wait, so your idea is to have towers have HP and you can damage/heal/kill them? How much HP would towers normally have? Couldn't you just resell damaged towers and remake them, or is the resell value now based on the % of HP a tower has? Also couldn't players just team up against someone, essentially giving them hell? If people do that, it can be pretty unfair and can ruin the experience for some players. damage is based off tower health in current build i think. towers have quite alot of hp, it would take many spells to destroy most towers and yea refund is based off tower hp the teaming up thing is something to consider maybe a player will have a "resistance", diminishing returns type thing where if everyone stacks their abilities on one player the spells become significantly weakened (dunno how the hell i'd implement this but it's an idea.)
  9. there aren't very many tower type models know any 3d modelers?
  10. just so you know, i think chance should always be 100% for sounds, but. you can change it so they dont overlap as much obviously theres the max voice count destroy/mute but also Overlap Time Delta seems to affect this (lower value means more sounds overlapping) reducing the volume of annoying sounds would be a good way also
  11. im not sure if it's needed, short mode is there skipping the early rounds by default feels like it would make it difficult for new players aswell is there really a simple cookie cutter build everyone does for the first 10 levels?
  12. so there was discussion about effects that happen when you lose. had a random idea of storing creeps that leak in a variable and then when you lose these creeps get randomly spawned on the tower building area with invincibility and significant damage.
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