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  1. Great job! What a nice new year gift :lol:lol
  2. Is that some kind of software that allows you to insert a few photos then it will change after some time? here's it~
  3. Since SC2 is a space-theme game. May be adding some space elements into ETD. Like - black hole that sucks creeps in it then spill them out after some time (or maybe instant kill) - phase out creeps so that they cannot move or being attacked (to buy time) ----------------------------------------------------------- New element like dimension (? translocation and phase out Not much idea.... ----------------------------------------------------------- New towers like rocket tower nuclear tower fusion tower mine tower (randomly throw mines into the path ) ------------------------------------------------------------ Maybe a new mode that players can buy creeps and add them into the wave of the other players. I feel like the Shortcut thing is quite good, but instead of having A% that the creeps will take the shortcut I think use as a kind of creep would be better (means all "shortcut" creeps will take shortcut) or else add that A% to all the creeps so that each of them will have a chance to take shortcut ------------------------------------------------------------ Also I hope that there will be a copy for WC3 for the ETD fans like me who do not have SC2 btw maybe using each planet in the solar system as the themes of each individual path would be good
  4. 2 bugs spotted when i was playing 4.3 recently 1. sometimes the monsters will reverse its route and turn back till the previous conner, then it will correct its route it happens when the monsters stuck together sorry for not saving the picture 2. the missing darkness bug still occur in 4.3 it happens when all of the other lv2 elements are taken pls hv a look on these 2 bugs thx
  5. originally the yellow one built a mushroom around "9"(small keyboard) then i found that a spore appeared at green's map i have attached a pic, have a look
  6. i encountered a similar problem i chose all the lv1 elements except fire then i chose light lv2 after the next wood fire lv1 disappeared
  7. YEAH Really happy to see the true brend new ETD 4.1. I hope all the bugs are modified and of course I will spread this joyful news to my friends P.S. Thx for improving Radius, Roots, Electricity, Ice, Gunpowder... all those towers XD
  8. Well I do not know if it is my computer's problem or not. When I was playing the super weapons mode, I tried the new teleport button and it was nice. There was no problem when I teleport to the magic well from my builder. However when I want to teleport back to my builder from the well by clicking the button at the well, it casted the LIFE BOOST magic automatically. I tried 3 times and it casted LIFE BOOST 3 times. I wonder if this is a bug or not... P.S. btw, I also stuck at 300 ronalds then my warcraft crashed.
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