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IRC Meetings

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Ideally the meeting would take place between UTC 16:00-22:00. Otherwise I can come on at another time if need be...

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Saturday UTC 16.00-22.00 means UTC +0.00, right?

That means the time to online is on Saturday 23.00-Sunday 05.00 for my timezone

Singapore & Malaysia is on 24.00-6.00...

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bad for you, for me it means about 17:00 - 23:00

The only thing I can think of that stands in my is if I forget it.

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Shall we continue with the rest of the tower discussions on irc?

Friday 2100 (UTC+8) which is UTC 1300


Sat 1600 (UTC+8) which is UTC 0800.. (which was last sat's timing)

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Guest Sancdar

I can't make it, sorry. You guys are much more immersed in the game than I am now anyways, so it should be fine.

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Its 4am in gmt+1 here right now. What's utc? Is that gmt? If so, I'll be a bit late, because 5h sleep are a bit short. I'll try to be there at 10am gmt+1, thats 9am gmt, and probably 9am utc. Yawn. :)

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I don't know the exact time for the meeting but I might miss it.

Yesterday I was "forced" to come with my parents to some of their friends.

From about 4Pm - 8Pm utc+1

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We got through single/dual micro balance (see below). I'd like to finish the triples soon, let's plan for 1700 UTC time (about 7 hours after this post).

-Darkness 157

-Light 57

-Nature 80

-Water .31, 18

-Disease 500 attack, 700 range

-Hydro 1500 ability

-Kindle 175 ability

-Gunpowder 133 ability

-Life 1625 attack

-Magic 400 attack

-Mushroom 1750 attack

-Quark 600 attack

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Or more easily to understand:

Buff nature to 80 from 70 dmg (+14%).

Buff light to 57 (from 53).

Buff dark to 159 (from 151).

Buff water to 18 at .31 speed (it's current values equal 16.5 at .31, so it's +9%)

Nerf disease direct dmg from 1000 to 500 (-50%), range to 700 from 900 (-22.2%).

Nerf hydro special damage to 1500 (-25%).

Buff life to 1625 (+8.8%).

Buff magic to 400 from 357 (+6.67%).

Buff mushroom to 1750 from 1500 (+16.66%).

Buff quark to 600 from 480 (+25%).


-ST vs plash and slow - still needs testing.

-Interest and essence - picks to limited right now (capped at 3 picks each; and that's on pick)?

-Gunpowder - too strong?

-Triples not checked yet.

-Dark, gold, and life are at 1100 range, 1.5sec speed, too slow for fast waves or extreme?

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I've hinted this on IRC, but I'll make it clear here. I would like to have another meeting this weekend. We need to review the micro balance changes made, and plan macro balance (groups of towers, creeps etc.). I would like to release B19 shortly after...give it a week to test...

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Let's get the ball rolling. How about 20-22 hours from now? GMT 0600-0800? That is a good traditional time that I prefer. Otherwise perhaps 32-24 hours from now? GMT 1800-2000? As a backup of course.

Looking forward to continued great attendance and contributions.


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-Mushroom 1800 attack up from 1750

-Hydro 1000 ability down from 1500

-Kindle 150 ability down from 175

-Flame 120 ability down from 133

-Hail 750 attack down from 825

-Tidal 950 ability up from 900

-Radius 425 ability down from 445

-Flamethrower 1.98 duration, 1200 attack from 1.32, 1320

-Oblivion 5000 minions attack up from 4000

That sums up the micro changes we reviewed. Feel free to comment on these and propose your own. Next up, macro balance!

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