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  1. Not only are there td's for iphone, one company that offers one there even copyrighted the use of TD and Tower Defense. Globally. O_o
  2. Reload tower (Other names may be: gun, grunt, duke nukem, hunter tower.) Single target. Tower uses up ammo. It has a magazine with X shoots. (Maybe 5? 10? Most likely has to be the same for all levels of the tower.) Once the magazine runs out, the tower automatically recharges with a delay of Y secs (5? Needs testing and thought. But if you manually charge the tower before it fired it's last shoot, it charges faster, as in Z seconds. (Maybe even Z=0.)
  3. Hey Airmind. I'm very tired, but here are a few tips: Life towers have reduced damage to ballance for the life gain ability. So if you leak more than you gain, maybe different towers are better. Mirage towers are support, and I would not use them as damage towers. If you play single player, get more interest. You have your gold stuck in life towers, and don't earn enough. What are your maxed dmg tripples in this build? (ldne at lv 2)
  4. TfT is suffering from the replay incompatibility issue. There are tons of replays, but barely anyone watches them. Maybe you can learn how watch old replays? And we definately should do vods on youtube, to get this issue out of the way.
  5. Cisz

    i need help

    I am processing some important university buisness right now. Please stand by while processing. I apollogise for any inconvenience this may cause. Maybe you want some light music while you wait?
  6. Cisz

    i need help

    Ok, now we are talking. You are angel, right? I'll get back to you in a few days, but for now: -You are playing ok, I think your build is your problem. It seems you have an unballanced dmg distribution, so you leak nature waves. Maybe add one zealot/fanatic for each 3-4 gold/wealth. -I suggest you mass less, and upgrade much earlier. You should be able to build no more than 3 gold towers before you max them. How about your first 6 eles are elf, elf, so you can start your fist wealth after wave 30. -Nice gold farming there. I would keep even more cash. Having cash gives more money than having gold/wealth towers. You have like 30% more gold than your opponent before you even get your first gold tower. -If you go for interest picks, I think you should use them as your first picks, they give much more gold that way. And I disagree with taking a second interest, instead you should have maxed blacksmith by taking fire lv.3. If my math doesn't fail me, you would have increased your total dmg by around 40% with maxed blacksmith. I guess one late interest pick will probably not make up for that.
  7. Cisz

    i need help

    Next problem: Move your map file from \scenario to \download. Please read the map conventions here.
  8. Cisz

    i need help

    Please attach the replay to your post. That upload site is very annoying.
  9. Cisz

    i need help

    The best hunts are into several thousand on very hard, but ronald got changed since then.
  10. Cisz

    i need help

    Well, it is all to late, and stuff, but.. Normally the people asking the questions are the ones to provide a replay. So: Upload an example, and we will adjust our advice to your needs. Tailormade assistance. Sounds good?
  11. Cisz

    i need help

    A contest? Consider yourself screwed, I barely have time these days, and havn't played in a year. Can't even recognise your build right now. Is that competition single player? Because in sinlge player you can farm interest much harder. If you are playing multiplayer with all players on very easy, you should go for a build with slow and zealots, like dwfe (if that still exists, with zealot, muck, corrosion). You need to have pures in the endgame, I would strongly suggest not going pure dark, the other 3 are all ok. Play at 7 and or 8, kill left of 8. (Numpad notation if you don't know it yet.) On single player, you can play at the junction between 5 and 8 (to get 2.5 times of shooting at the same wave), but let the creeps get to the right of 8 (thats right before the exit) before you kill them, to make more interest. Don't take interest picks though (or at most one). You should be able to get maximum gold (100000) if you are very good at this, just by covering the entire path with slowing towers. Like 6-9 each of super novae and monsoons will make the creeps so slow that you can make big cash. Just never overdo you towers, try to never kill a wave to early, even if you have the elements and the gold to build lv2 triples or so. Obvious builds are the double-slow builds, lwfn and dwne (if in fact they havn't been changed since 4.1 or so). Lategame the polar/voodoo combo is abuseable, as it does dmg based on a percentage of the creeps health, which makes their dmg grow with the creeps power. But that's a 6 ele build, and you can't max both towers. Even worse, you cannot max more than two of the key towers (which are the four slows, polar and voodoo). The reason for this is that the developement team spent over a year redistributing the towers to prevent overpowered builds. We has ballance. A single player 6 ele lategame would consist of the entire path beeing slowed by like 4x7 of the four slows. You would go insane on polar/voodoo, basically cover the entire map with em. And at 9 and the "-" area you would set up your dmg group, which will be periodics and any maxed short range dmg tripple you can come up with. Zealot would be ideal (played at 9, so they never loose speed). Stay away from drowning (works bad on high hp), anything with long range (like impulse) or flesh golem and gold (which are weakened to compensate for tricky abilities). Your game won't focus to much on duals if you go for the 6-ele, as you can't max em out. But don't forget to add all dual support you have in your build close to your dmg towers, and if you go for a 4-ele, you really should max one of them. Oh, and practice a year, that will help a lot.
  12. Cisz

    i need help

    Hey pizdulica. What build do you usually play? I recommend you use lots of slow and the polar/voodoo combo. Are you aware of what these two towers do? Hope I'm not to late to help you out.
  13. Magical Hacker just contacted me, he sounded promising. Or rather he seems to have solved it.
  14. Interesting, didn't think of that yet.
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