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  1. Okay some toughts. Most of them affect both versions. I think it is a problem that the players can choose their target. On the one hand they could bash a player (I know there is a spam protection but I think thats an less-to-ideal solution) and a player could send weak waves to a friend to trigger the spam-protection and protect him from others. There are some solutions: - Waves are send to a random player (more funny: the sender himself can be the target too) - Waves are send to the player who wasn't attacked for the longes time (more funny: the attacker himself could be the target) - Solutions as above but the player can send it to a specific player if he pays a fee I really like the way how to get elements in Holepercents version
  2. The site uses your default font.
  3. Kaini

    Tidal Tower Bug

    I played the tidals on random. No crash.
  4. no only if i watch the effects
  5. Hydro towers effekt drops FPS little.
  6. There is a huge fps drop if an Element Spawn in random mode. I don't know the code but I am shure this can be optimized.
  7. Whats about moving the text above the tower, not above the creep. If there are more than one Quark Towers is is really hard to see the gained money.
  8. Kaini


    Hah good question *g* I noticed it in the first mech round. It was so quiet. Btw the new mech sound is cool and eerie.
  9. Kaini

    Tidal Tower Bug

    Can't confirm that. Used 4 tidals with autcast at 5. Would be glad if you could provide exact steps to reprocude or give us a replay.
  10. Kaini


    Where is the music in the background? Game is so quiet :/
  11. Hm, random? Some versions erlier there was a rare bug that caues back-to-desktop, but afaik this has been fixed.
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