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  1. Resuming play from menu in chaos mode re-randomizes creep order. This means for example if I only build nature towers I can avoid any fire wave by re-randomizing wave order throughout the game.
  2. *scores are not submitting to global even though successfully stored in local. (Submit score enabled, Internet connection stabled). One score did submit successfully half a day after the play through. *Sometime towers become unupgradable and sell at $0, like permanent clones but when trickery is not in play. *Basic towers sell at 98%, elementaly infused basic towers at 100%. This seems unintended. *Selection is lost when building towers, is very frustrating but probably a known problem. *After receiving an element, towers need to be reselected to enable new upgrades. Also probably known but slightly frustrating.
  3. I always read the EleTD emails, and this oen went through to my emails, ofcourse gaining my attention its good to hear from you guys and i hope everything is going great. Momentarily I cannot claim my minds into eletd even though this topic caught my attention, but the good thing is that my thoughts are already out there on this topic if someone is now interested in coding this mode. I referred to it as a mode whilst it was on discussion, not to cause too many upsets lol and the more epic thing i noticed, its threadnumber forums.eletd.com/index.php?showtopic=1337 All the best jolin012
  4. Fog of war should be an option in advanced options and the reveal spells should be removed when fog of war is turned off. It makes most sence if you can select all modes urself, tw on/off sw on/off urself. but there can be default "packs" if u dont enter advanced mode options. like if u select tower wars in normal options the default could be fog of war on - to be toggled off in advanced mode options.
  5. it seems my temporary leave is no longer temporary... for several months i have not played or wanted to play eletd. no longer interested in being in development any longer either i think... NZ owns btw, having a great time here and the ppl are really nice.
  6. m45t3r.. you know we can't have a dmg-tower that moves the creeps^^
  7. note that flame is supposed to be bad on fast waves too. when flame kills the flamed targets first it is a bit problematic. and this happens quite a lot. maybe flame tower should only damage targets around the flamed unit. and not the flamed unit itself. increased damage with this change ofc. (this tower already sucked vs bosses so don't complain on that )
  8. Darkness towers: DF - Magic Tower DN - Disease Tower DLF - Radius Tower DLN - Oblivion Tower DFN - Voodoo Tower Yes, you will need either Fire or Nature (or both) to get a darkness damage tower other than Darkness tower itself (and dark arrows/cannons). You are right, there are fewer ways to get darkness. This is because there are only 5 combination-towers that deal darkness damage, while all other elements have 6 towers. this is simply because the number of combination towers is not dividable by 6. ie dome element would have to have only 5 combo towers, if not darkness then some other tower would have to suffer it... unless ofcourse the periodic tower of the elements would have darkness damage instead ^^. About Muck you should know that when it was changed from darkness to earth damage, at the same time if I remember right, Voodoo changed from fire to darkness damage.
  9. nice rep for being nearly only based on water until pures. only one disease useful due to waterfall.
  10. holepercent is right ofcourse place on longpass (aka area 5 aka the center of the very center of the maze) and douse once per wave when as many creeps as possible are around it. This tower is not as easy to solo with, so I recommend you begin with some other towers. maybe elemental arrow towers at area 3 (numpad aka lower right cornet) or some light towers in the middle of the maze, and then tidal. unless you learn the tidal and feel safe with it and have the perfect douse timing.
  11. maybe. or don't ban the good towers and pick the bad elements
  12. That is true what you say. it works only to play slow for cash in single player, which was what i was referring to, since the replay in the first post of this thread is in single player. However, the point about life towers on ronald is valid in multiplayer since you cannot be rushed on ronald wave.
  13. jolin012

    Tips for VH Random

    Oblivion can't interest farm at all, and is bad at switching. but it has one good thing. if an incoming wave is very hard, you can have oblivions that are charged up (have 3 dragons already) and when the super hard wave comes, you sell the oblivions, and upgrade something different, but still have the 3 dragons from each oblivion to fight the new wave. else it's true that oblivion is a bad idea in random.
  14. it's not that life tower damage is high. it's that it's pretty easy to play slow with life towers since you are allowed to leak. and more time=more interest=more gold. Life tower damage can be counted as double on ronalds since each unit may walk 190% of the map instead of 90% of the map before killed since you get one life from each. it should be somewhat equal to for example magic towers that have about double damage i guess. 1100 instead of 900 range does not help at all.
  15. jolin012


    hey mimu and welcome to the forums Any strategy you have found that seems to work very well? post in in strategy section if you like! also if you have questions, that's the palce to go. Anything missing in eletd? then the suggestions section is something for you Enjoy your stay
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