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The (beta) forum draft series!

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201st post in here :D

there will be $$$LLL for sure.. :lol:

i'm totally loving the interest buff :mrgreen:

I have to learn your extreme micro. I call it 'Dancing Towers'.

Hm... Double pick for me (that gives me lots of power :P).

I would like a game that has got lots of possibilities to complete but thats difficult.

My first pick: Darkness 3. If I picked Nature only one more tripple would be in the draft. If i picked water same thing.

My second pick: Fire 2. To push some nice towers.

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Looks like we're going to have DEF this draft again. Since I don't feel like picking a 5th element and Devouring One is going to pick light, I'll go with

Earth 2

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interesting.. so kirby has one element pick now.. unless a 4th $ is drafted which cannot be put into play.. and someone else would have to draft the light.. or no pure light?

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10th: Interest (d'uh)
Surprise surprise... At the moment, I try to learn your unique tower selling strategy. :P

I like DEF builds too. But i don't know if I want to have pure light..

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What should I choose... Hmm....

12th pick : Water 3

I've tried DDDEEEFFF($$/PP) and I always won (on previous beta), sometimes with noleak.

DEF build ftw!

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The only problem with LNW builds is the lack of damage triples that I like. light has hail and laser which are okay (though not fantastic), but nature has impulse (needs constant attention) and flesh golem (same) and water has tidal (micro) and drowning (inconsistent). DEF used to be muck, quaker, and zealot.

nowadays damage duals are actually worth it though, so magic can take the place of muck, and gunpowder can substitute for quaker, etc.

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Tower removal summary

duals removed: electricity, hydro, gunpowder, flame, disease

triples removed: impulse, tidal, quaker, windstorm, oblivion, polar, enchantment

Element Draft summary

$ e3 l3 f3 d3 f2 e2 $ d1 $ l1 w3 l2 p e1

$ X3

P X1

e X3

l X3

f X2

d X2

W X1

very similar to #3.. elements are the same at different tiers. quark tier3 perhaps?

All drafters have 168 hours (7 days) from the time of this post to submit your final replay by PM. Replay files can be attached! So no external filehosting sites are needed anymore

You can submit replays early and replace it with another replay anytime until draft closes.

Scoring and winning replay

Replay with LOWEST score wins. Final score will the sum of each component below.

Leaks (least to most) : 1,3,4,5,7

Time taken (fastest to slowest) : 1,3,4,5,7

Networth (highest to lowest) : 1,1,2,2,3

Ronalds killed (most to least) : 1,1,2,2,3

explaination: eg. for leaks, the replay with the fewest leaks will score one point. the 2nd lowest leaks will score 3 points and so on. therefore, replay with most leaks scores 7 points. in case of ties, all will receive the lower score.

Time taken is until victory message appears. This excludes the ronald hunt.

Best build design will have 2 points subtracted from the replay's total score. best build design will be picked by me. ( as per draft traditions where best build design is picked by host). This condition may not be used if there is a clear winner.

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Guest Sancdar

Well, I managed to finish on my 2nd attempt at this draft. Compared to the replays for the previous draft, mine would have scored 12 points.

I had a lot of leaks from poor play, and things like misjudging how tough the first element would be because of all the early interest. Also I misclicked on 55 and got a 3rd interest instead of the element I wanted, which really screwed up my build for the next 5 levels and the ronald hunt.

There are a few possible builds, but I suspect one tower will feature pretty heavily in all of them...

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Gotta try to abuse gold and quark :twisted:

Why the (beta) forum draft series is a success beyond itself (i.e. more than just popular).

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Quark tier3? Sounds like a bad idea... But still worth to try

count the number of quark tier3s put into play in all the replays.. :lol:

and yet, count the number that i used :mrgreen:

@lesher, shame at the leak at the end, esp since you had gold left over. i actually had a $$$FELDFELD replay where I leaked at wave 60 as well.

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