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  1. Life tower is always much better in single player than multiplayer. If you want to improve your ronald kills, play single player with $$ instead of 2 essences. Your goal in multiplayer is not to kill more ronalds, it's simply to beat the other players.
  2. Probably means no one was in the channel at the time.
  3. I agree on flame being weak. Vapor seems like it's best tower placements are usually taken by other towers (nova, windstorm, impulse, tidal). I think tier 3 Duals will be getting a nerf soon. They are significantly better than tier 2 triples in terms of dps/gold.
  4. m0rph1ing

    A few questions.

    1. Don't play very easy 2. One location is better, especially if you plan on using splash/slow. 3. The towers are pretty balanced now. There may be some combination of towers that are more effective than others, but it's up to you to figure them out =). Upgrade/build the minimum amount of towers needed to kill the wave. Lower level towers (duals vs triples) are worth keeping if you need that particular damage type or if they are one of the 3 support dual towers.
  5. m0rph1ing

    Please help me

    I think the problem was that he tried to open the file upon download instead of saving it to a location.
  6. I think the key here is that tidal is actually much more effective if manually microed compared to letting it autocast. Even if I wanted to douse right when it hit lvl 10, that situation is at most 1/4 of the time. Most of the time, I douse at maybe 5-6 if I need the damage and save for the next wave if I don't. For magic/sorcery towers, autocast is almost always more effective than manual cast. Since magic towers recharge in between waves, it isn't really a fair comparison to tidal, which requires 3 attacks to level up. Wasting a douse can very easily kill you. Having an autocast option sounds reasonable, even though I feel that most people would not want to use it. The default should be off though. Tidal has a tendency to max out at the wrong times. I agree that knowing which tower is at what level would help, maybe using mana or something.
  7. m0rph1ing

    [4.0]level 14

    Healing means when the monster dies, it heals all creeps around it in a 250 aoe for 20%. The old healing was that creeps would slowly heal over time, but this has been changed for 4.0.
  8. Extreme mode means all of the creeps are faster and there is no timer in between waves except for the timer for the elemental.
  9. You can't upload save files. It won't help because we can't play it.
  10. Mushroom+well works similar to Magic+Blacksmith. Well lowers the cd on Mushroom's ability. Ironically, WLN was stronger when ice was a water dmg tower, although it was too powerful at the time. Jolin beat the game using WL with Ice covered by Focused/Refined/Pure Light. Adding Waterfall only made this easier.
  11. In multiplayer, if you rush the person trying to interest whore, they will die. I tried the $$DEF build playing at 4/5 and didnt do nearly as well. Died on level 50 I think. DEF in general is probably viable, since the towers themselves cover weaknesses very well. I'm sure I could beat the game with DEF+double essence. That was the first build I tried on 4.0, although it was on VHXSM. Imo, without the $$ opening, the only 3 element builds that are viable are WNL and DEF. It would be hard to change that with nerfs because the reason they are viable is because of elemental strengths/weaknesses, not because of an imba tower. That being said, interest is probably slightly too powerful. I think interest should be nerfed slightly and not come up in random at level 50 or later.
  12. I don't know if they are available as they are from the beta forum drafts, but DDRKirby has posted quite a few $$$ replays. Even though his build speed is faster than anyone here, I think it's still quite possible to pull off.
  13. Winner of challenge sounds pretty reasonable actually. Although Cisz's 1st VH replay is also a no-slow, I guess I was the first to post here? Maybe the first person to complete the challenge gets the winner title, and the rest that complete it get a challenge title? =)
  14. Read the guidelines for uploading replays plz. As Cisz would say, I don't want to try different versions of TFT in order to figure out what version you played it in. Try to play in the latest version if possible, but if you didn't, then say which version you played it in. Seems that Kara's essence doesn't prevent 2 element builds from beating the game, although at least essence isn't taken till level 50 in this game.
  15. I'm going to be slightly nitpicky here. Fire at 5 versus Fire at 15 is a no-brainer to me. Your build speed is definitely good enough to get through the first 15 levels without needing an elemental arrow tower. Blacksmiths look like they're blocking your optimal damage tower places. I like to put them where they can do their job but don't get in the way as much. You also stop arrow interest farming a bit early. I guess at that point, interest farming takes a lotta work, but farming to level 30 isnt that hard when you have elements that cover each other. Good job btw. You have a lot less mistakes than I do. I hope 3 element builds aren't the standard builds for 4.0 after Cisz's win and ours also.
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