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  1. please remove my status as beta leader. thanks. (i will be ninja popping into irc every once in a while, and lurker-stalking parts of the forum)
  2. you shouldn't always be able to win in random mode. it is good to reduce the chances of being utterly screwed (DD$$LL?) but i don't mind having impossible to win combinations. if you always wanted "good" combos, why not play AP? ...unless you want the fun of selling at 100%. Which brings up a good point, why not have AP with 100% sell? Maybe it'd be slightly silly and not as balanced, but I'd probably have fun with it, and I'm assuming (?) it's a really easy addition. it's funny because back in 4.0pb i would always rejoice when i finally got that lvl 1 element and could build 3 more triple support towers >_>
  3. if school starts and i am still not active feel free to drop me from the team (ironically I am LESS busy when school starts)
  4. i'd prefer a non-live draft. part of the fun was to try out a few different builds under the restrictions and then see what works/what doesn't, and have fun learning how to play a build that you might normally not play. also, I am way too rusty to do anything live =P
  5. Some of these really are unnecessary. "Welcome Mat" is easily done via an introduction topic (stickied) in gen disc. This is how it's done at most other places. Though I guess it makes you feel a little more special if you have your WHOLE OWN TOPIC TO YOURSELF >_> We don't have enough Guides to warrant a guide forum, last i checked. We only have a few, so just sticky them. If we get more than 3 or so, then in that case you look into making a subforum or i guess you could also have a sticky linking to all of them. Replays subforum is perfectly fine though. Similarly, last I checked we have ONE product, which doesn't warrant an entire products subforum. Yes, in the future this hopefully will change, but at the moment wouldn't it be more viable to have a gendisc topic for that? Not only are you reducing the "sparsity" of the forum structure overall, but the topic is bound to get more attention there anyways. Yes, there IS such a thing as too many stickies. However we only have two right now in GenDisc (which I think could be merged logically anyways). If things start getting cluttered why not get rid of some of the announcements, which are not really "announcements" at all but just links. I don't understand what "Main Site" is supposed to be. Is that just the link back to the homepage? Creativity subforum isn't really necessary as well, although I guess it's offtopic so it doesn't really matter. I would think that since you seem to have actually decent activity in graphics and programming, you could keep those (or merge them), but "writing"/etc can just go in offtopic anyways. But whatever, offtopic isn't as important in how it's structured; that's the nature of the beast. The division of development into suggestions/bug reports is logical, works, and should be kept. I think my primary gripe with the layout right now is the "Development" heading that we have. There's Ideas, which is "future changes to the map" and Beta, which is "current changes to the map". okk......i guess that could work.... Click on Ideas. Now we have Current Ideas, which is "Ideas which could be implemented in the future" and Implemented ideas, which is "changes that have been implemented". somehow it just seems like one big mess. We have 26 (sub)forums in total. Obviously people prefer different styles of forum, but this is basically TWICE as many as some established boards (has over 1,000 active members). My favorite message board has a whopping 2 forums, and one is for posting hi-scores.
  6. vapor and radius are the only two that i would consider to be roughly the same (though even then radius has =slightly= more placement considerations). yes, all of these have the same basic underlying principle, but they're different enough in my mind not to be considered repetitive at all. likewise, i would consider all of the 2nd list to be "different enough". I guess i really don't see why it's so important to have differences in "underlying concept". To me similarities such as quaker/zealot and mushroom/magic (mentioned below) are much more striking. mushroom, poison, and quark i agree with. vapor is...pretty boring indeed. I forgot to mention you have the exact same concept for NOVA and vapor. I think that's a big deal, despite the different roles. i have never, NEVER liked flesh golem, but that's a personal bias =P out of all of the towers listed, i would prioritize in this order (top is the "worst"/most boring) -vapor -mushroom -quark -poison disease is "bad" but for a different reason than being "boring" as you stated. flesh golem i just hate personally. and i dont think flamethrower is a priority. it's obvious the solution is to... BRING JINX BACK =P (jk)
  7. the dota site layout is fine. front page is too cluttered though. i hate front pages that are like that. our forum is imho too sparse. maybe i missed something but the population/activity rate that we are at right now does not justify having this many subforums. Part of the reason i feel so unmotivated with this forum atm is because there are way too many places to check. Some of these subforums are definitely overdue for cleanup (3 topics and 30 posts in a subforum that has nothing to do with etd at all...?).
  8. as stated, i'm up for it. however please try to make the deadline somewhat generous ^^;
  9. almost fully recovered
  10. sorry, it will definitely take awhile i dont think it's in danger of getting WORSE now, which is good. i'm doing physical therapy but srsly the only way to get well is through time, time ,time and lots of self-discipline. it's hard! as i feel more confident about recovery i may reintroduce some things to my life, such as internet forums and other not quite so demanding tasks. but i can guarantee you will not see me playing any TD, starcraft, etc for a looong time. (otherwise, someone shoot me as i should not be doing it) i took multiple rest breaks while writing this msg
  11. hey all i am still alive was pleasantly surprised when i saw the site I may start to pop in once in awhile. no guarantees.
  12. problems persisting. will have to extend leave of absence.
  13. eletd community leaders: I will be taking a short break from many internet activities for the next week or so. My RSI (wrist pain) has really been seriously acting up recently and I honestly need to crack down hard on it now or I might risk long term affects (never being able to play "kirby style" again!). i think the best way for me to do this is to seriously just limit my computer use to the bare minimum. yes, i do have workrave installed, but i need to do more than that. I plan to be back at the beginning of the month, especially if this goes well. just wanted to let you know before i disappear for a short while. --DDRKirby(ISQ)
  14. +1
  15. The point is that with more jinx towers, "every 9 hits" will come at even faster intervals, so ronalds will hardly move at ALL. Your main damage should be coming from pures/periodics, and lvl 2 triples maybe. Remember, Jinx towers do damage too!