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The (beta) forum draft series!

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Guest DevouringOne

I know that I'm still noob but I'm trying to do it and soon I'll. I hope so :).

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-nice, clean opening. I would advise switching to elemental arrows for waves 8 and 10 though.

-Beware those knights ;)

Ahhh I hate them :mrgreen:

-ouch at wave 26, you had all nature damage and no water. instead of building the life tower for that level, you could have built water cannons/arrows and did better. or gotten the tidal. ...hm, or maybe you didn't have enough money for the tidal...in which case, you just need to save up a little better.

-Make sure you build well! it boosts impulse, and it -doubly- boosts tidal since it will help charge the ability faster as well...

-oh, you have well now. ok good. I just would have gotten it before the second impulse.

Maybe true^^

-wow, some close calls ;)

-imho getting both velocity AND tsunami is overkill. better to save up.

-Another supernova at 5 would have served you well...

-Also consider the fact that tsunami probably works better at a longpass like 1, rather than 3. I originally had your setup as well, but decided I could switch tsunamis to 1 because they would work better.

Yeh I saw you replay: You used them at 1, I thought about that. But I thought they won't power up fast enought... Maybe I was wrong :P

-oh, you have supernova at 1. That's helpful! But again, at 5 as well would be helpful. (it is true that it's not AS helpful because you don't want impulse to fire on creeps when they're around 5, but it still gives you more time overall)


-you seemed to neglect tsunami's ability toward the end =(

Hm they got very ineffective later :P

By the way: GW!

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Guest DevouringOne

When I watched kirby's replay I really started to think that we are playing differnet games :)

How many times you've played this TD:1000? more than 1000?

I think that a new difficulty named 'God' must be added, creeps hp to be the same as VH but the armor to be 20. :)

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haha. Cisz and jolin have played this TD more than me. And especially more multiplayer. I just happen to be really good at building fast since I've had a lot of practice with it. Hey, if builder movespeed was a little faster or tower upgrade speed was quicker, I could build even MORE! ;)

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Guest DevouringOne

When I watched your replay my only words were:"What is this shit!?LOLLOLOLOL.Freak, just freak.LOLLOLLOL..."

BTW what is happening with metroid changings? When you're ready send the rom I will test it. :)

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@ DDRKirby:

If you can build faster, then, interest farming will be more easier and possible for you, no?

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BTW what is happening with metroid changings? When you're ready send the rom I will test it. :)


@lesher: uhm...isn't that just what i said? If builder moves faster or towers upgrade faster, then I can do even more interest farming than I do right now. Though even right now it is already pretty good ;). I kind of wish SR upgrade/build times were a little faster though. Imagine if I could do the same with SR towers as I do with arrows/cannons xD! There are still many other things to do in SR though, so it's not a big complaint.

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This will be the thread for the forum draft and uploading of replays...

for information on how the draft works, refer to the draft mode. Discussion of the mode is to be done in that thread.

This thread is only for the drafters and hosts.

UPDATE: The clock's ticking for replay submissions...

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Guest DevouringOne

Dual: Electricity

Tripples: Tornado, Nova and Corrosion

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Tower removal summary

Duals removed: gunpowder, Well, Electricity, Trickery, Hydro

Triples voted: Oblivion, gold, voodoo, enchantment, corrosion, laser, storm, nova, golem, tidal, drowning, zealot

Triples removed: oblivion, corrosion, laser removed with 2 votes. Gold, nova, zealot, tidal randomly removed by draft host.

Duals removed: Gunpowder, Well, Electricity, Trickery, Hydro.

Triples removed: Oblivion, Corrosion, Laser, Gold, Nova, Zealot, Tidal.

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Draft order:

1st pick: DDRKirby(ISQ)

2nd pick: lesher

3rd pick: DevouringOne

4th pick: m0rph1ing

5th pick: jolin012

6th pick: jolin012

7th pick: m0rph1ing

8th pick: DevouringOne

9th pick: lesher

10th pick: DDRKirby(ISQ)

11th pick: DDRKirby(ISQ)

12th pick: lesher

13th pick: DevouringOne

14th pick: m0rph1ing

15th pick: jolin012

For your pick, pick a element and it's corresponding tier, for example, fire tier 3. You can pick higher tiers without needing the lower tiers to be drafted first. No repeats. Interest and extra pures must also be drafted if you wish to have either interest/extra pure available for summoning. I will not be adding either into the pool at the end. The tier is important. read the original draft thread for some explaination of the importance of specifying the tier.

3 picks only per player. 15 picks in TOTAL by all 5 players. Each player contributes 3 to make the final 15.

DDRKirby(ISQ): 1st, 10th, 11th pick

lesher: 2nd, 9th, 12th pick

DevouringOne: 3rd, 8th, 13th pick

m0rph1ing: 4th, 7th, 14th pick

jolin012: 5th, 6th, 15th pick

please wait for your turn. ensure that the drafter who is before you has made his choice before you make yours. keep to the order above. to help others, include the pick number when making your choice. therefore, the first post by kirby should be something like

1st pick: fire tier3

second post by lesher would be something like

2nd pick: water tier3

and so on...

First drafter can take some time to think through before starting. Consider what towers have been removed. It may be good draft strategy to start with something like fire/water/earth tier3. Tier3s and tier2s usually make good choices for the first few picks.

Remember, some diplomacy is part of the draft. You could include comments about your choice of element picks to influence other players. Have fun!

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Guest DevouringOne


I am bulgarian non englishman... sorry for making error with 3th...

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Had a discussion with lesher in irc guessing kirby will pick $ and dev1 light... and the drafters picked as guessed.. heh..


i require at least two $$ picks to have my fun =P

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5th pick: Darkness 2

6th pick: Earth 3

Please do not select Nature, we do not want 6ele build, that's not very much fun nore many opportunities.

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