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  1. reincarnation waves are still bugged and hardly give any gold
  2. Thunderbolt


    my dota crashed when I was in sandbox mode at the first OSfrog wave. had 3 pure earth towers, some foundries and quite some corrosion ones, perhaps 2-3 more than youd have money for with insane, rush, chaos. but not more. also, 2 mire towers. dota crashed shortly after the first frogs spawned. I tried to reconnect, but the game crashed again directly. I couldnt even see the ingame screen.
  3. current leader has a score of more than 8 million points. looks fishy Id say
  4. looking at the leaderboard, it seems the strategy hasnt changed
  5. thanks! could you please add the sortable option Squadeep added add to your latest spreadsheet as well?
  6. I wonder whether effect of the same tower type do stack on creeps (not flamethrower which is stated explicitly to do so). e.g. I have 5 jinx towers or 5 muck towers all applying their effect amp/slow on the same AOE/the same creeps. do these effects stack? or is only the stacking timer reset by this?
  7. I just updated my score to 2nd place with 422k, but it doesnt show on the leaderboard. not that it matters much because there will be a reset today anyway, but just as a general problem. edit: fixed
  8. it happening with reincarnation waves (maybe with swarm as well). its a bit random though, most of the time you dont get gold from it. but sometimes you do. it might be that towards the end of the wave you receive gold more often.
  9. meh, boring. blitz tower is fine
  10. from what I can see towers, or at least AOE towers, prefer to shoot on a group of creeps rather than on single ones running at the front. however, when creeps approach the end of tower range towers tend to shift focus and target that creep before it can get out of range. at least when the tower calculates that it can still kill that creep. is that right? the problem here is with creeps with the shield ability. if that ability triggers when they reach the end of the tower radius then this shifting of focus wont work any more and these creeps will cause leaking. Id like to see the shift of focus on these creeps with shield by towers changed a bit. it would be useful that the shift of focus on such creeps already happens when the towers calculates that it can kill that units 2 seconds (2 seconds before the last projectile will hit!) before it reaches the end of tower radius.that way this problem could be solved.
  11. is only the tooltip wrong or the actual range of the tower?
  12. tooltip in game (the sword) says 625, but your website says 700. tower build info also sas 700 . which is it?
  13. watch the replay of the current two leaders (it was in the same game), theres some money cheating going on.
  14. thanks. so I take it its important to clear the waves fast in order to get a high score. however, due to the abstract nature of the formula I cannot really estimate how important it is to get ahead in boss rounds compared to finishing a round early (with or without leaking). for instance for insane + chaos + rush, is it possible to say roughly if its better to kill 1-3 boss rounds compared to finishing all rounds asap but then dying at once at boss level 1? the strategy for both is usually different.
  15. cant you add it then manually for each icon?
  16. I would be nice if you could add the amount of gold you get back for selling a tower somewhere when clicking on that tower (or the sell icon of that tower).
  17. anyone? there is no explicit explanation whatsoever in the game which factors influence the score.
  18. you might have the wrong person then.
  19. let me guess, you disabled your own profile before you posting this?
  20. Could anyone please post the game score math formula, how it is calculated? with every factor and its extent. thank you..
  21. 6 player game, one player disconnected when the game started. all other 5 players voted, but the voting screen went away after a while, the clock continues, but no creeps spawn or element can be chosen.
  22. with this build there doesnt seem to be money for it though (at least with normal)
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